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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I think about being a Beaner!

Because i love researching and finding out what people "really think," (I know...I have issues), I decided that I was going to dissect the stereotypes of "my people" (Mexican-American) and post my reaction to each honest reaction!

S-Type 1 - If you are Hispanic or Latino, you are a Mexican.
My reaction- Wouldn't you be sooooo lucky!

S-Type 2- All Hispanics are lazy.
My reaction- many homeless Latinos do you see?

S-Type 3- They all get pregnant in high school and have tons of kids.
My Reaction- Nooooo not true. The tons of kids part? I'm 29 and have 2 kids. OMG!!!!

S-Type 4- Hispanics are temperamental.
My Reaction- Gangsta!

S-Type 5- All Hispanic men work in construction.
My Reaction- Urgh! I hope not! The weirdos that hiss "psst! psst! eh bebe!!" or stare at you inappropriately from the back of the truck in front of you, cannot possibly represent all Hispanic men! haha!! Oh and my dad works for hp and my hubby works in an engineering based field.

S-Type 6- All Hispanic women clean houses.
My Reaction- Ummmm have you SEEN my house??!!

S-Type 7- Hispanic people all use the word "ese"
My Reaction- Who you tryin to get crazy with ese? Don't you know I'm loco??

S-Type 8-All are uneducated.
My reaction- I received the Dean's Scholarship, have a BA in Communication Studies, and graduated with Honors from the National Honor Society Lambda Pi Eta. My close Latino friends have degrees in business, finance, accounting, political science, and biology....damn what a bunch of dumbasses!!

S-Type 9-The woman are hot, spicy, sexy, and will steal your man.
My reaction- Well ahem...what can I say?? It is what it is! wink wink! haha!!

S-Type 10- The men beat their wives
My reaction- Whaaaaat???! Oh hell no! My hubby knows where he can take his ass, if he were to ever even try it....on the contrary...I beat him!

S-Type 11- They all drive large trucks and SUV's.
My reaction- TRUE!! WTF??! I say the same thing myself!! I guess I'm not that cool...I drive a Honda. Booooo!!!!!

S-Type 12- We have big families
My Reaction- SOOOOO!!!!!

Something I know from first hand experience...all jokes aside.
Hispanic families are indeed large, but that stems from an extreme dedication to family pride and loyalty. Most Hispanic families are united in a way that many other cultures could only dream to be. There is an understanding of love and respect for your elders, and we DO NOT wheel our parents off to nursing homes when they become a "burden" to us. That doesn't mean that we don't think about it!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are you a selfish "Twit?"

Are you a selfish Twit? What do I mean by that? Well, there are a handful of categories that you can fall under if you are a twitter participant. While waiting for my 8 year old to get out of school, stuck in my car for 30mins, I started fooling around on Twitter, and thought it would be freaking fun and self amusing to categorize twitter users as "twits!"

Follow along with might be surprised to see where you fall...

1.) Giveaway Twit- This person is ALWAYS posting about something that they are giving away, or some amazing contest a blogger friend is having! Yawn! These get boring even for the stay at home mom! Stop already!!

2.) "Get more Followers by Clicking HERE" Twit- These are usually the twitter users who at some point or another were interested themselves in increasing their twitter following and fell prey to some website that asked for their twitter information. The site then turned around, took over and started sending out "I got more followers here" links to all of your followers!!

3.)RT RT RT Twit- This is the twitter user who only retweets! This is great! I retweet all the time, but please do not retweet 10 posts in a row!! Its annoying! If we wanted to know about all of these people you are retweeting for...we would follow them!

4.) Say What? Twit- The twitter user that no one understands. Posts make no sense...its like we are all sitting in a room staring at each other and scratching our heads.

5.) Sales and Marketing Twit- "Lets take your blog to the next level!" "lose 10 lbs in 10 days!" and "10 ways to improve your readership!"

6.) Quote Twit- This one is self explanatory. I will admit that I quote sometimes...its okay in talking about the Twit that does nothing BUT there a real person there?

7.) Cool Twit- This twit always has something cool to say and some awesome article or blog to share...not so much an annoyance...but a category none the less.

8.) Wikipedia Twit- The Twit who posts nothing but facts and statistics all freaking day!

There you have it, if you are one of the lucky ones to not fall into any of these freaking rock! For the rest of you...time to work on your Twit Skills!


A tale of a second grader on Zoloft

Today is day 6 and even though we experienced a little bit of reluctance to get to school today, and she had some small episodes at lunch...moments of intense breathing, and nausea, most of the day today has been a success.

I had some unlady-like moments with the school administration this morning, but aside from pencil pushing hall monitors yanking my chain, today has been relatively good for Monkey.

Bean is no longer grossing her out, and she does not feel the need to run into her room and slam the door in his face. What a relief...that was the hardest part, seeing her change towards him. He simply adores her, and you could tell he did not understand what the heck was going on while she was running from him and screaming.

Its crazy what irrational fears can do to you. I will never again look at panic the same again. Monkeys social worker shared something really relative with me recently, she compared dealing with a person in the middle of a panic attack to trying to get a cat into the shower. It made perfect sense, and that is exactly how things have been for the past month or so. I actually video taped some of the attacks for her doctor, and may show them to promote awareness of what these serious cases actually entail.

Thank you all for your loving comments and concerns. I knew that even though there are moms that are most likely shaking their heads at my decision to medicate her, there would be even more supportive and open minded moms to offer support.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am a page rank skank!

Sharing a tidbit-

I lost what little page rank google gave me because I changed to a custom domain. I am told it will be back, but I am still sooooooo bummed. Im soooooo lame!


Tuesday random poop or scoop

Am I the only one that wants to scream "F_ ck!!" when someone...ahem...your hubby or mother....says something like "I think he has poo poo" or "somebody has poooo pooo," as if it were something cute??!!

I just sit down on the computer for some much needed blogging R&R and am stopped mid twitter, when the hubby yells, "babe! I think Bean took a dump!" and then tells my son, "go to mommy...go to mommy so she can change you," WTF??!! Am I the only one who took Baby S_it 101? Why is this an area where only my "expertise" are needed. This is sooooo not part of the deal! I find myself wanting to say "man Bean! Why couldn't you have held it for a little longer!" I know, I'm evil.

I guess the thing that really gets me, is PBears total lack of involvement when there is poop involved. Yeah, that adorable baby is not so cute anymore, now that he has a nice steamy present in his diaper is he?

Do you think that because I am his mother that I naturally enjoy changing his diaper as he tries to flip over and smear poop all over my couch? Do you think that I get excited at the thought of my finger slipping past the wipe and getting poop under my nail? Do you really think that I look forward to being out shopping and smelling something that I hope everyone around me wont think is me??!

Well I DON'T!!! This is the dark side of motherhood! The side that NO one warns you about! Well. maybe they do, but you never believe them??!!

I know that some of you are thinking "my husband changes all of juniors diapers!" well arnt you just the luckiest girlie girl I know! Literally! My hubby is always conveniently MIA during these beautiful moments...punk!

Wait...what is that smell??


Since my comment posts were jacked up

I was having problems reponding to comment posts on my own blog, but was able to work it out thanks to Unknown Mami! Gracias Chica!

I was really touched by those of you who expressed interest and concern in my post regarding my child and her starting meds to control her panic attacks and anxiety. My blog is usually truthful and comic, but not necessarily so personal, and I appreciate you making that sharing so much easier. Thank you.

I also wanted to share an award that I received from one of my favorite blogs to read

She was soooooo gracious as to award me with

Here is how this award works...

The rules:

* Click on the above image and paste onto your blog/website
* Answer the below questions
* Pass onto 10 (or 6 like me LOL) bloggers that you Love, go to their blog and let them know they've been given the award.

1. Who is your style icon? Hmmm...I like to think my style is my own.

2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? Socialite book??

3. Favorite party theme? I love "girlie girl" Bachalorette party type themes!!

4. Go to Halloween costume? YES! I have been a queen, hooters girl, military chick, and playboy bunny, in my recent adult sooooo classy!!

5. Extravagance you cannot live without? Is air conditioning an extravagance? Oh wait! Beer!!!

6. Living person you admire? My mom, even though she annoys the s_it out of me sometimes!

7. Greatest fear? I fear losing my children, or having them taken by some predator and not having any idea where they might be. Not knowing if they are hurt, sad, cold, etc....

8. Trait you deplore in yourself? zero tolerance for certain issues.

9. Which talent would you most like to have? I would love to be able to play the drums! and sing in a band! Rock on b_tches!!

10. Greatest Achievement? Graduating from college with honors, and my beautiful family.

Ok, here are the five bloggers I am passing this award on to:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 5 of Zoloft

Monkey is on day 5 of her SUPER LOW dose of Zoloft to control her extreme problems with her Panic Disorder and anxiety. I could be faking myself out, but I swear that I have already seen a reduction of panic attacks. Now, she is still getting them, but when we talked tonight about her getting her things together for school tomorrow, she did not freak out!

Whatever the reason for the reduction of panic attacks, I hope it continues. I keep reminding myself that the empty shell of a what my child once was, will soon begin to refill itself and shine. She has stopped screaming out in the middle of the night and was even able to discuss our "game plan" for tomorrow. I spoke with the social service worker at her school, who has surprised me with her amazing interest in helping Monkey. She is helpful and has even made time to sit and discuss what has been going on with Monkey and her progress. Finally I feel that someone at the school is being an advocate for what my daughter needs.

I feel confident and hopeful for what tomorrow brings, but will also prepare for the worse.


Mean B_tch Monday

For any of you who are just joining me for the first time. Mean B_tch Monday is my free card to share one mean moment for the week without apologizing...I sort of did that yesterday ahead of schedule in the post about my sister, but oh well!

I am pictured here (right) at the age of 18 with my amazing friend who we will call LP.

Today, I will be mean to my younger self....just for kicks.

Dear Miss 18 year old Free2bMommy,

I know that you may "think" you are happy. I know you may even look at women who are moms and think "poor girl, with two kids and stuck at home." I know that your life may seem the moment. But, I am here to tell you that there is much more to life then expensive high heel shoes, overpriced designer purses, and car notes that cost more monthly then your rent!

Here are a few words advise...

1. Please please please stop wearing sooooo much makeup! You don't need it, and in a few years you will be surprised to know that you will actually wear less!

2. Stop with the pants that show your stuff when you squat or bend down. Its not cute, well maybe to some 18 year old loser, but you honestly just look plain trashy...listen to your mom on this one and don't be so surprised when daddy sends you back upstairs to change before that night out with the family.

3. Its not cute or attractive to get totally wasted and then wake up not knowing where your purse is....wait that might still happen for a few years, but it still sucks!

4. Think twice before you drink vodka out of that coffee mug to "look cool," you will live to regret it later.

5. Save yourself while you are ahead and stop dating "you know who." Trust me, it will only lead to heartache in the end, and by heartache, you would be surprised to know that I do not mean his.

6. Be good to LP, your friendship will have rocky moments, but you will remain friends.

7. Stop yelling at your mom, either way, she will continue to remind you of all the things you said many years later.

8. Make sure to call Gibby and let him know how much his friendship has meant to you.

9. When you ask people why they call your future hubby "Demon" and they say "oh you will see," believe them!

10. Do not throw an entire semester of college away, just because you didn't want to get out of bed that morning!!

Hopefully you will stop being such a dumbass and take some of these words to heart....but that would mean that I might not be who I am today...on second thought...carry on!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

A man scared the bejeebies out of me!

All criminals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law....blah blah blah!

I was working on my resin rings in my kitchen at about 9:30 pm this evening. My "work space" is on a counter in the kitchen where my back is to the back door. I opened the door and just left the locked screen door open on account of the beautiful weather and the needed ventilation for my resin. The screen door leads to the back deck which has a swing, outdoor table, chairs, and my sons roller coaster ride.

I kept hearing things behind me outside. It was just like the movies yall! I kept hearing sounds, looking over my shoulder, and the shrugging when I figured it was nothing. The suspense is building right?? I turned around and continued stirring resin while chalking the noise up to old man Captain Underpants who spends lots of time on his second story deck (that overlooks our backyard) in the evening. The next thing I know, I heard something that sounded like it was right behind me. I turned for like the 4th time and there on my porch was (now before I share this I should say that I am only describing who was actually on my porch and not trying to imply or offend) okay so I look and there stood a skinny middle aged black man with a black backpack on grabbing a towel and what looked like some other things off of my porch! I froze for a split second, and then being the polite and dignified southern woman that I am shouted, "excuse me....EXCUSE ME!!" He took one look at me and took off! I yelled to P-Bear that "there was someone on the back deck and he was running out the front gate!" P-Bear took off after this man on foot, while total chaos commenced at my house! Monkey screaming, and Bean crying! Neighbors were running out to see what the shouting was about and porch lights flicked on as my daughters screams of panic were heard up and down the street! Side note: in case you don't know or never read my blog until now, my daughter suffers from an extreme case of Panic Disorder. You can imagine how she dealt with the situation.

I wont share what happened after my husband caught him...he did catch him, because its not my story to share. Maybe one day, Pbear will have his own blog (yeah right!) and he will share what happened during the first 48 minutes following the robbery. I will tell you this much though...I dont think we have to worry about "homeboy" returning ever again! Another side note: "homeboy" is how I refer to all guys who I do not know.

Note: I do not mean to poke fun or make light of tonight's events, but I deal with these types of things in hindsight with comedy. We were lucky that the man only wanted our things and not to pose threat to us.


My comments are jacked up!

I am not sure why, but I cannot comment back on my own posts! Im thinking it has something to do with the switch over to thingy. Anyway! I AM READING THEM and will comment back as soon as I can...literally!

Thanks for the love!


Are you just a little curious?

In case you have NEVER seen a Just Between Friends event! Take a second to check this out and find one near you!

Siblings you want to strangle!

I am one of two...sisters that is. Why didn't my parents stop while they were ahead! hahaha!! My sister who I call Sissy, is a cliche when it comes to the youngest child of a family. I am going to tread lightly with what I share because...pssst....she reads this from time to time...yes she can read! haha!!

So, I call my sister a b_tch, brat, idiot, and overall "issue ridden chick." She calls me b_tch and s-ut. We are soooooo classy! We argue about everything, but mainly we argue about how she treats my parents and how incredibly spoiled she is.

We both were raised pretty spoiled. Momma S_r_a gave us everything we wanted and then some. In elementary school she would dress us while we were still in bed, so that we could get just a few more winks of sleep before school. In high school we shopped often, and if I saw a pair of sandals that I "had to have," I would not only walk out the door with those shoes, but with all the other colors that it came in. So, naturally I understand what it feels like to be spoiled, but I quickly grew out of that to an extent when I entered the "real world."

We argue daily, but about an hour later we are back to normal. Its a twisted existence really...but it works for us. I was mad at her when I started this post...and now we are laughing and talking about Hector...the neighborhood thug! haha!! Just kidding about the last part but you get the point.

I still wish my parents had stopped while they were ahead. JMO.

Free2bMommy - The oldest and best of the _o_i_ family!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What happened to my little girl?

It feels unbelievably strange to not post once or even twice a day, but I have been hit with a wave of panic attacks from Monkey and she seems to be digressing. This issue with my family is most important, so you will have to excuse my absence from the blog world. Sorry in advance for the terrible spelling, usage, and grammer.

Back to Monkey (my 8 year old daughter- if you are tuning in for the first time)

We have fought her anxiety and panic for 2 years now, and have tried just about everything. As some of you know, I did not want to medicate my 8 year old. I believe that medication should be reserved for situations where the disorder is prohibiting the child from daily necessary tasks or if the child becomes a danger to themselves of towards others.

Monkey is not able to attend school and misses often. Her fear keeps her from going to the movies, restaurants, church, and grocery stores. The list keeps getting longer and more isolating. She is in fear at all times about every possible thing that can happen at any given time. She has more fears and worries then many adults. She is afraid in her own house, to be out of our site. and must constantly be yelling "mommy?" to make sure I am near.

Many of my friends and family would find this hard to believe considering the child that she once was. This is a child who on the first day of pre-k walked off and jumped right in to play, only to realize we were leaving when we said "we are leaving now..." she waved and went on playing. This is the same child that has been said to "never meet a stranger," and wants to know the waiters name, so that she can call them by name. At the zoo, when the staff ask "anyone have any questions?" Monkey ALWAYS has a question and then will go on and on with more questions. She is usually the first to volunteer or raise her hand when she hears "anyone want to help?"

What I tell myself. What happened to my child? Nothing. There is nothing "wrong" with her, but she will have to work through this before she can get back to who she really is.

It is with the advise of both her psychologist and psychiatrist that we will begin medication today for her panic attacks and anxiety disorder in order to get her "calm" enough to even begin coping and self controlling techniques. Our goal is for this to be short term. We have no real choice since she is so irrational, un-trusting, and uncontrollable when she has these "episodes" of panic.

Time will only tell and we have at least 2 weeks before we see "progress" Im keeping my fingers...and toes crossed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is my kid going to be one of "those" kids?

I think I was in the 5th grade when I first met Kim. Kim was new to my school. In private school, it is always soooooo awesome to meet new students and find out where they came from. So, you can imagine my surprise when she said that she was "home schooled" before attending school with us.

What?? I had not idea that there was even an option to "home school." I was immediately sort of mad that I had not been given the chance to take part in this "lottery" of the school world. I later developed a weird perception of home schoolers based on what other kids in my class were saying. "My mom said that's weird!" "Kids that home school are slow." "Jimmy told me that kids only home school because they cant make it in regular school"

Of course much later then grade school, I once again changed my perception. I joined a popular mom networking group and started to see tons about moms who home schooled. Well, with the school systems being what they are and kids being what they are, it started to make a little bit more sense.

Now with Monkey having so many problems at school I have started to think about whether or not home schooling would pose more harm then good. I just feel like I'm out on the plank...alone and about to be pushed over!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can you handle Facebook?

I have had my facebook account since college, when it was just a college networking tool, and frankly freaking boring!

I never logged on and a couple of years later, my sister said "I think you should check your FB, all the family is on there." Huh? It was then that I found out that FB had opened its floodgates to the world.

The problem with this is that you have a variety of generations attempting to communicate on a level that translates into something different for everyone. What I mean is that you have younger people...people who have literally been communicating online for their entire lives, and older people who have not. This creates a "lost in translation" effect.

I love that I get to share whatever I want on FB. I do not need your permission, and I do not need to explain or elaborate. Why? Its FB, that's why. I feel that if you don't understand the FB culture, maybe you shouldn't be on there.

The whole idea behind sharing tidbits, thoughts, opinions, JOKES, sarcasm, and so forth on FB is what FB and its success have been built on. For that reason I have created some guidelines for figuring out if you should really be on FB or not.

It is my professional opinion that if you answer yes to one or more of the should cancel your account immediately! haha!

1.) Do you take everything literal on FB?
2.) Do you find yourself "offended" or pissed by what others share on FB?
3.) Are you jealous of your significant other befriending anyone of the opposite sex?
4.) Are you turning around and talking about what others are posting online and sharing it as fact with others?
5.) Are you judging others based on their posts?
6.) Do you find yourself commenting in a confrontational way?
7.) Do you hold any animosity towards a "friend" on FB because of something they posted, even though it had nothing to do with you?
8.) Have any of your relationships suffered off-line in "real world" because of FB?
9.) Do you ever catch yourself shaking your head at comment conversations of others?
10.)Do you save images and share with others because "you cannot believe they are doing that," in the picture.

I hope this helps you to diagnose yourself and whether or not you should be on FB. ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS FOLKS! Don't let something as meaningless as FB take over your life.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Hi its me...

I found myself crying the other night while in bed. I still miss you terribly and sometimes feel abandoned. I know that I don't visit your grave often. The truth is, I believe that you are not really there. I don't feel a connection with going to the cemetery to "talk to you." Do I think you listen? Of course,but I also think that you would listen should I be in the car or in the shower. I hope you are not mad at me for that. I know you use to visit _ _ Y every weekend, so I am sure it was important to you.

I always wonder what my life would have been like had you been alive still today. I hate that you are gone. It still breaks my heart. I hate that my children will never know what an amazingly beautiful, loving, and giving, person you were. They will never hear you call out to us "hello darlings!" or "girls, I brought you a surprise!" It does not seem fair.

The other day we were talking about how much I loved to be with you all the time, and how sister would just stand behind mom and stick her tongue out at you. She is still a brat by the way. I started to fear that I might begin forgetting these stories as I get older, and thought it might be a good idea to start a video diary of stories that I remember as of today. Maybe then, even when I am too old to remember, they will be forever preserved. I will let you know how that turns out.

Until then, bye-bye, I love you, and goodnight.


Mean B_tch Monday

Please read disclaimer- This is my "Mean B_tch Monday" moment, the point is to give me a free pass to share 1 mean moment for the week. I will get it out of my system and then go back to be the "sweetheart" we all know and love! wink! wink! Feel free to have your own "Mean B_tch Monday" moment too!

So, being the night owl that I am...I post often after the kiddos are asleep and my mind it still racing 100mph! I have the most brilliant thoughts in the middle of the night. Don't you? It is the craziest thing!

Anyway, I often times get a chance to read up on all of my favorite blogs and also check out some new ones and see if I can stand having the blogger updates populate my dashboard for all blog eternity.

Sometimes, I can be quite critical of other blogs. Not in a nasty "hate" sort of way...but a "WTF?" scratch my head sort of way. Don't you just love reading blogs of people that you actually know, and their blog portrays them in a TOTALLY different way then you know them to be?! I smile when I find those rare treasures. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about! I see you smiling! When did she become a "sweetheart?"

Now, this is ALL hypothetical, don't go getting all excited!

Is this the same girl who just last year, stole my friends boyfriend and then sent her the video of their beautiful wedding in Fuji a few years later? Is this the same person who pretended to be my friend only to turn around and stick an ice pick in my back while smiling in my face? The same girl who harassed me via email and phone for a week, because she is a crazy psycho? The same girl who keyed "bitch" and "slut" into her ex-boyfriends new girlfriends car just because? I just want to be sure that we are talking about the same girl who literally thinks and has said that all girls are just" jealous" of her and that she doesn't know why, but other girls never like her. Hmmm I wonder why. Maybe it's because your a MEAN GIRL!!! Maybe that would have been a better choice for your blogs name.

Okay...just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same person...

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that people can post whatever they want to post on their blog. I love that! I just cant help but breath an itsy bitsy tiny weeny "Ohhhh Please!!" when I do come across these blogs.

I guess anyone can be "reborn" via blogging! Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

An award so yummy, you will want to eat it!

The fabulous Anita Hamilton of It's a Sweet Thing, awarded me with one of the yummiest awards I have ever seen!

Anita's blog is one of the few blogs where the cartoonish figure on her button actually looks like her! I LUUUV Anita, even though we have never met. She is so helpful and a real community type blogger! Check her out!

Anita at Its a Sweet Thing

Now, I get to share the decadence with some of my favorite blogs that are as yummy as this cupcake! Since I feel like I have already typed about me, too much this week, I will only share one tidbit!

I have a pink brazilet on my wrist that I have had on for over a year!

Here are some blogista's that I think are too yummy for words!


Mean B_tch Monday...coming soon...

We are all pretty grouchy come Monday, agree? Well in celebration of this dreadful day, I have created "Mean B_tch Monday," a post where I get to express one personal free pass "mean moment" for the week.

Hopefully you will join me!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why I sometimes suck at motherhood

I decided to let Monkey sleep with us in the bed early on. I assumed that she would grow out of it, and it was so darn cute having her little warm body near us. We all fit so comfortably, and hubby did not mind either.

Further down the line...with a sore neck and bags under my eyes...

When my son was born, I decided that I would put him in his crib and he would sleep there from the very beginning. I also my naive little noggin, that I would take this opportunity to sleep train my 7 year old. Easy enough. BIG MISTAKE!!! Bean had no problem adjusting, once he was knocked out, he was out for the night. Monkey on the other hand, had some problems. Okay BIG problems!

Monkey would cry uncontrollably and wake up in the middle of the night screaming, resulting in the infant screaming too. P-bear and I would be running around in a daze trying to figure out what was going on! This went on for a few days. One child was keeping the other up. I was willing to wait it out and work through it....and even though he will be mad at me for this...P-bear surrendered one early morning at about 2am, and said "That's it! Take the damn kids and go sleep in our bed! I need some sleep for work tomorrow! F_CK!!!" Okay, so not the best approach. We both were at the end of our ropes for something that was really both of our faults.

That was about a year ago. Both kids now sleep with me in the bed, while hubby takes the couch. I personally hate for him to be on the couch. Monkey is now literally too big to share the bed with. She is an average size 8 year old, but she kicks, hits, and rotates, uncontrollably all night long! Bean is squished in the middle, and is often times waken by his sisters sudden movements in the night.

I have literally "made my bed" and now I must "sleep in it."

Friday, April 16, 2010

They heart me! They really heart me!


I am jumping up and down on my bed right now with a glass of red wine at the foot of it! I received a blog award from the totally adorable Hello Sneakers, Goodbye Heels!

You will know you are there when you see the ridiculously cute baby in pink with mommy!

So, now I have to write ten random things about myself and then share with 10 of my favorite blogs (This part was hard to decide!!!) Some of these I might have to steal from a previous post of mine "Tuesday's things you would have never guessed..."

1.) I do not like blogs that are all about the blogger.

2.) I have been to Spain, Dubai, London, Canada, Belize, and of course Mexico!

3.) I have this issue with judgemental people...they make me sick.

4.) I love strawberry jelly!

5.) "It wont be like this for long," by Darius Rucker makes me cry.

6.) My favorite movie of all time is Halloween, the John Carpenter original.

7.) I was bitten by a Brown Recluse and had to have surgery to remove the dead tissue and save the area.

8.) If you are what you eat, then I am a strawberry Pop Tart.

9.) I collect hard cover used books by Stephen King.

10.) I married my hubby in Vegas surrounded by close family a friends...and then we PARTIED!!

Sending this award down to the following blogs!

Maury and why I have done nothing today!

I have a nice routine that I follow and if that routine is changed...the rest of the day never happens! Sorry hunny!

Talk about unproductive! As if I have any business "doing nothing"."

While I was "doing nothing" I started watching family feud...lame I know...and then before I knew it I was listening to "you are not the father." "oh my goooooooness!!! Whaaaaaa!!!! Thats my baaaaaby!!"

If I could ask the contestants on Maury a handful of is what they would be...

1.) Why on earth would you come on Maury for a paternity test?

2.) Why in Gods name would you swear and say things like "I am 110% positive that this is your son," when you know damn well there is a chance that he might not be?

3.) Why do you repeat the same phrases over and over again, for example, "whatever...whatever...whatever....whatever," or "that is yo baby! That is yo baby! That is yo baby?"

4.) Are you really THAT surprised that "he" comes out talking smack?

5.) Why do you throw yourself on the floor or run off the stage when you cry?

6.) Do you honestly think that just because you think the baby looks like him, it must be his?

7.) Do you think you are smart enough to cheat the polygraph?

8.) Why did you bring your momma with you?

9.) How many times will you return to the show until you just give up?

10.) Do you really think Maury cares?

TGIF Friends!!


Glitter and all that is glam!

Just wanted to share some of my recent resin rings that I made over the last couple of weeks! I just hope the texans dont come get me for swipping their logo!! hahaha!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you very much....loser!

Okay, so I happened to find this post on the lovely Humes Party of 3 blog, one of my personal favs to read, and thought it was too great not to participate in! The content actually originates from The Daily Dribbles!

Fun fun fun!!!

Because i couldn't have said it better myself...

It's Free Therapy Day!! That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's the Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you take out all your frustrations on people/things that peeved you off during the week and thank them in a very sarcastic way, for being who or what they are/doing what they did. I know everyone can use some free therapy, so go ahead and type yours out, grab my button from my sidebar, and then link up with me so that we can all share in each other's therapy.

Here goes...

Thank you to the lady at the Children's Museum who saw her kid squish Bean between a door and a mirror and didn't even acknowledge it. You are awesome and I am sure your child will be a fine adult!

Thank you very much Mr. Bill Collector, for calling and waking up my kids early in the morning, and making sure to call right before 9pm. I love hearing you on my voicemail expressing how urgent it is that you speak to me, and that I call you back immediately...right. I only wish I had such a highly respectable career.

A special thanks to the old man who lives behind us on his second floor duplex, for continuing to grace Monkey and I with his moobs, pasty white skin, and pajama pants. Keep the peep shows coming Captain Underpants!

Thank you very much spammers, for sending me and all of my contacts in my address book such a delightful link to a Viagra site. I know that all of my twenty something friends will thank me for it later...much later. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much to my air conditioner, for always going above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what a wonderful summer this will be. You are soooo thoughtful!

Thank you to myself for royally screwing up my hubbys day yesterday.

Thank you Michaels craft store for selling me defective resin hardener that resulted in what looks like permanently stuck pieces inside of some of my favorite molds and pushed me behind schedule an entire day as a result. You rock!

Thank you very much customer service departments across the nation, for doing such an amazing job at finding people to work for you that no one understands. I love asking "what?" every 3 seconds, only to have it repeated again the exact same way. Love it!

Last but not least...thank you Bean for throwing...with excessive force I should add, the picture frame across the room resulting in it breaking. Also thank you for head butting me in the bridge of the nose, talk about fun times!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Telling it like it is - Tuesday

Is "meaness" a word? Whatever, for the purpose of this post it will be. Do people really want to hear the truth? Because, the truth might sound a little like this...

"You know what? You do look skanky in that skirt"

"The reason that my child is late today is because....there really is no reason, we just overslept."

"Sometimes you come across a little rude and pretentious."

"Do you actually thinks that he like you even though he has not called in two weeks?"

"You are not that cool"

"You give yourself waaaaay too much credit"

"Its kinda not okay that you are 30 years old and still living at home."

"I really prefer not to hang out with people like you."

"Dude, im just saying what everyone else is already thinking."

"Please stop embarassing yourself by getting drunk and calling him!"

"It's nothing personal, we are just better then you." <--ripped this one off of King Julian from Madagascar!
"Stop having kids, you cannot afford the ones that you have!"
"You really are beautiful and it makes me feel insecure."
"Your kid gets on my nerves"
"I don't really think your baby is cute...he sort of reminds me of a little troll."
"I did you a favor by sleeping with your girlfriend, now you know she is a hoe."
Whoooo! That was fun! Have a "truth" you want to share? Lets hear it! Free2bMommy

Who are these people?

It was reported that at least 40,000 users were scammed recently on Facebook by a gift card scam! The scam promised to "give" you an Ikea gift card for $1000, all you have to do it fill out a "little" information.

Now, here is my question. Who in their right mind would beleive that Ikea or any other company for that matter, would give away such unlimited resources, and do so on Facebook?
Come on you 40,000 users!! Who are these people??!! If I ever see anything that says "free" on the internet, I am ALWAYS skeptical. In a James Earl Jones Voice-"Nothing in life is free, and if it is, you can guarantee that there is a catch," is what my dad use to tell me as a kid. Seems pretty obvious right?

Obviously not! Now these 40,000 users have no Ikea giftcard, but they do have a BRAND NEW virus or malware customized for their computer! YAY!

Good for you!!

Note: sorry if you were one of the 40,000 users but I am sure that you will now agree, it was a dumb decision. The picture above was just too hilarious not to include.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Tuesday's things you would have never guessed...

I have been to Dubai, Spain, Belize, and London.

My right thumb is longer then my left by at least an inch!

I was bitten by a brown recluse and had to have surgury to remove the dead infected tissue. Yummy!

My hubby calls my toes "cheetos."

I missed graduating Cum Laude by 1 point.

I was nominated "class party animal" at my high school prom. (not proud of)

I was voted "biggest party animal" by my sorority. (really not proud of!)

I felt smart, until I took the GRE.

My heart has only truly been broken twice.

People that get on power trips are pathetic. Okay that was mean.

At camp when I was like 12, the girls in my cabin stuffed leaves in my sleeping bag just for kicks. Stupid bitc_es. I'm not bitter!

I have been stalked and harassed by a handful of different girls in my lifetime.

I am always mis-judged

I do not think that "revenge is sweet." and believe that just because you can ruin someones reputation, does not mean that you should.

Going country on your @$$!

Don't you love my "title?" Im sooooo Klassy!

Yes I would go with you...shhhh...don't tell P-Bear! hahaha!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are you a judgemental mom snob?

Are you?

I know that technically we all form judgments upon seeing someone. "I like that dress." "Why on earth would you wear that?" and "That guy looks like a jerk!"

I am talking about the judgements that place ourselves above others in the whole "I would never..." scheme.

Do you read some of these blogs and think "she looks selfish and naive," or "why in the hell is she such an over sharing attention whore?" These are the things that we may not want to admit or ever even verbalize, but what I have noticed lately is the way that mothers are judging other mothers. A classic example of this is on a popular mom network that has tons of discussion groups, post, contests, etc. I have never read anything so heated and attacking as some of those posts!! It is craaaazy!! You know the type of train wreak you can't help but watch and bring popcorn to?

Now, not all the moms on that site are like that, but the ones that there are, make me want to pull there little butts through the computer and choke some sense into them. Who cares what decisions some parents make for their children as long as the kids are not in danger or harm? Who cares why you decide to breastfeed and why all formula fed babies are destined for long sits in the corner with the dunce cap on? Do I care that you don't vax your kids? I guess it's interested to hear why, but do I care why you think that I am evil for the fact that I do? Nope! I don't want to hear your ignorant comments about how you think circumcision is the best because he needs to be like his daddy, and all boys that have foreskin intact are dirty little things that will eventually repulse women. These are just a few of the many heated topics on this site. It sounds really stupid when put like that right?

My point is that we all make educated decisions based on the information we receive. You make a choice and you stand by it, but who really cares why others make the choices that they make, and what purpose does it serve to judge and look down on others for not agreeing with you? Shame.

We are all women, who love our children and want to protect them and help them to become bright, respectable, and successful young adults. The goal is the same, so who really cares the path each person takes to get there? Something to think about...

Don't be a judgemental snob.

Lub ya!

Shut yo mouth Sunday!

I am "shutting my blogging mouth" today and taking the day off...yes I know i'm posting get the picture! haha!!

I know I have used this pic before, but I love it!

Enjoy your sunday and I look forward to catching up on some recap reading tomorrow.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Im a wannabe blinger!

Here are some pieces that I am working on for a multitude of orders and events. Just wanted to share!! All are custom orginal pieces hand made using a 3 stage resin curing process. The rings and accessories that feature candy, are made with real candy sprinkles!

I have such "grandma hands!!" Urgh!

Free2bMommy -AKA- Resin Chica

Friday, April 9, 2010

Did I seriously walk Bean in his jogging stroller to pick up Monkey?

When I was still in the busy working world, I would often find myself, well...screwing everything up. I had this saying in reference to my forgetfulness that "if there is too much going on up there...something is going to start to fall out." This of course was my rational for having absolutely zero time management skills. Did I just say "time management skills?" Urgh!

My job was amazing and I got it right out of college, but it was hectic and demanding. Not the type of job for a mother of two small children. I would relish the thought of getting to get out of work early enough to actually pick up Monkey from school. So lame right? I would make a mad dash from the office to the school while checking the iphone to make sure there were no "new message." I know....negligent driver!

I remember getting to the school out of breath, sweaty, and dressed in my stuffy work clothes and high heels. I would always just make it in time, and it use to make me sick to see the SAHM moms who were always casually walking on the sidewalk, chatting it up with the some other SAHM while pushing the stroller with one hand and sipping a diet soda with the other. They were soooooo freaking annoying and perfect that I wanted to scream! I hate them! I hate them! I hate them! Wait, all I have to do is remind myself that I am a successful career woman and look damn good in these heels! Okay, so maybe it was a short term fix but it helped me sleep at night.

Today, I did it. I totally sold out! I decided to walk the couple of blocks we live from the school to pick up Monkey. I tossed Bean in the jogging stroller and took off. I was not even in a hurry, and it was then that it dawned on me! Really? Was this me? Oh well! I guess the flip flop was on the other foot now, and damnit, I'm not changing it back!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The birth story I never shared...

'I realized that I never really officially shared the story of Beans birth. It was not without its own drama...please excuse the bad grammer and typos, I did not want to read over it too many times and make to many "thought out" changes.

Here he comes!!

"Push, 2...3...4...5...6.." urgh! I was feeling no real pain since the epidural started working and loved the feeling of not really knowing if I was "pushing," because I was pretty numb from the waist down. Since my hubby has quite the sense of humor, and this can start to really get on my nerves after a while, I recuited the assistance of my mom to help me yet again get through the labor.

After pushing for what seemed like forever, I noticed the nurse start to act strange. She was trying not to show it, but I could tell by her sudden serious nature, that something was up. She informed me that although I was fully dialated and pushing Bean was not making his way down. Apparently Bean was not ready for his entrance into this world and was protesting by wedging himself in a strange angle preventing him from even crowning in the birth canal.

This was a normal low risk pregnancy, you know the sort where, the doctor could give a crap less about your "aches and pains," the OBGYN who usually thinks your a pain in the ass considering all the women with "real high risk issues," and almost rolls their eyes when you complain about something that you think is "not normal."

The doctor and nurse began to get increasingly concerned and decided that they would move the baby to the necessary position themselves. They started to massage and knead my belly while literally tryng to move him. Caaaareepy!!

Stop! It was right here when I started to get nervous and panic started to kick in. Hello! Your talking about a panic and anxiety basket case as it is, pile the possible fear for your unborn child on top of that, and disaster awaits. They started to position me in strange ways, and instructed me to start pushing again. Shortly later Bean made it clear that this was not the way for him. I imagined him saying something like, "WTF lady!" His heart rate began to dip and the doctor and nurse suggested an emergency unplanned c-section. WHAT??!!

I can honestly say that I have not felt fear like that in a long time, and felt as though I would pass out. Was my baby going to die and they were just not wanting to tell me? Why do I feel like noone is paying attention to me? Rush...rush...rush...I felt like a piece of meat while the surgeons pricked and poked at me. They had those weird masks on, and were carring on as though I was not there! How could they be soooo casual over such an important moment for me??!! WHAAAAA!!! P-bear tried to make his escape by saying he was going to wait outside...not so fast but I admire the attempt to run like hell!!

I cannot believe I am sharing such fugly pics of myself...oh well...labor is not a beauty pageant. Gorgeous? No. Puggy and puffy? Yes. Worth it? You bet!

To be continued...


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hand Crack

My lame moment for the week...

Since we are all on our overkill antibacterial kicks, I am sure you have noticed the extremely rough and dry skin resulting from the antibacterial lotions and soaps. This became super apparent to me when I went to hold Monkeys hand and it was rough as sand paper! Monkeys dry hands are a combo of antibacterial overkill and too much chlorine in my parents pool. Anyway, not to be "Bandwagon Betty," but I love Burts Bees products! I bought the Hand Salve and my hands are literally junkies now! I love the stuff and can't wait to get out of the shower and rub it on my hands right before bed. I bought the canister for about $10, and was reluctant at first, but this stuff lasts forever and it works soooooo great! Monkeys hands have improved almost 100% after only using it for a couple of weeks and not even every day.
Not sure why it says "a farmer's friend" I don't get it...

Just thought I would share a lame moment with you. I promise to not let it happen again...this week.


Stay humble darnit!

This is a great post and it hits on many of the things that I believe too!

Great read for newbies or fairly me! Not to shaby for the vet blogger too! You might learn something son!

Check it out!

Bloggin 101 by Tamstyles


And you thought "Mean Girls" went away after high school?

I actually missed a couple of days without blogging! Shocker! I know! To tell you the truth I was actually dealing with some pretty serious drama.

Once upon a time I was an extreme partier, random dater, drinker, and overall "I don't give a s_it." Translate that however you want, but I was young and tried to live my life the way that made ME happy first, and everyone else second. When I was a teenager and early twenties, I really did not care what people said about me. It did not really bother me for people to say things like "she parties too much," or "I heard she..." To me this always translated as people who had nothing better to do then be wrapped up in my life. So wrapped up in my life that I would actually hear things about myself that I had not idea I "did or said."

I left all of that behind be, as many of us do when we become "grownups" a few years ago and have not felt the need to look back. I try to be a great mom, and a respectable wife. I love my husband and children. There is a great saying that I got from a Tyler Perry movie called the 80:20 rule. It means that a marriage will only be able to satisfy 80% of all your needs in life. The alternative....whatever that may be....can only satisfy 20%. Would you give up 80% for 20%? order to keep things vague and not share too much considering that there were many parties hurt in what happened over the weekend, I am going to attempt to have you "read between the lines," while protecting those involved.

Basically, I received this horrible and hateful message on Facebook (the devil) from an anonymous fake user name on Easter Sunday. The email said some hateful personal things that were not exactly completely most rumors often are. I click on this person to see what this is all about and I am blind sighted by this full page of details regarding someone and their issues with fidelity. It accompanied a list of intimate details about a handful of woman who dated this person in the past and their relationships with him. It also had links to these woman and their full names and fb/myspace accounts. This person was urging people to forward the link to tell as many people as possible about what these people were all about. Do people not care about the safety of these people when passing on this link?

Most of the woman had not even spoken to this guy in years, and were taken back by this anonymous facebookers allegations regarding them and this person.

In a nut shell this FB person had a change of heart a couple of days later and removed the page. Not without putting into question the reputation of the people listed first though. I appreciate this person for doing the right thing, but I just don't understand what would posses someone to do things so hurtful to people that they don't even know and have never met. Its one thing to put your own skeletons out for all to see, but what give anyone the right to put others out on display? This person would have had to become a friend of mine on fb in order to access to some of the info that they knew and were sharing. I went in and deleted almost 300 contacts...paranoia will do that to you.

I cried and prayed for the 2-3 days that this went on. Asking what I did to deserve this. I prayed and said things like "I am a decent person and am trying to do right by my family, why would someone want to do this to another person." Regardless of the truth of any of the information on this page about all of the people is still wrong to great lengths to do something like that.

I am sharing this because it helps me to deal with the ordeal and believe me, what i am sharing is just the tip of the iceberg and I am still very much hurt by this.

Please be careful what information you share online and who you friend on these social networks. There are people who may be harboring anger for something that happened way back when and just waiting for the chance to hurt you.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

PR Friendly

Free2bMommy is a fairly new blog, but we are growing at an amazing rate. We have all types of readers, including many latina bloggers and readers.

If you are interested in sending me your product for review and twitter exposure. Please contact me at and I would love to work with you.

My blog will be undergoing a large redesign over the summer. The blog will be more user and PR/product/service friendly.

I have a special place in my heart for crafts and fellow crafters, so if you would like me to write about your craft project or etsy items, please contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Does anybody even read this sh_t?

I honestly cannot remember the reason that I started blogging (stop and scratch head). All I know is that now, although I feel corny to admit it, blogging serves as an outlet for me to express my thoughts and opinions without borders. I have never had a hard time "telling it like it is." but blogging let's me do it even better.

I write about what I want and when I want. It is the only place where I feel that I can accurately put my thoughts into "words." Have you ever wanted to say something or express a particular thought, yet were not able to put that thought into words that make any kind of sense? I usually sound like I am babbling, but I swear there is some devoted meaning to my thoughts. (dude that was insightful)

Sometimes though I will admit that I get caught up in the whole...who exactly is reading this? Even though we all blog for a variety of reasons, we don't really mind people reading it right? Well I can assume that is right, because if we cared about any kind of "privacy" regarding our blogs, they would be completely private, or we would find the old school "journal or diary" to express these thoughts.

I just wish that I had been able to blog my entire life. Maybe then I would have been able to let people hear things from the "horses mouth" rather then have them speculate tons of random issues. I know that this may seem random in itself and that's okay. It's okay because I do not write for an audience, I write for myself...and if you enjoy reading...well that is just an added bonus for me. Thanks!


I turn my back for a second and look where Bean ends up...

Note: We found Bean had made it all the way from the floor to here in less then 1 minute!! When we "found" him I sent Monkey to sit next to him in case he fell and I took pictures from a safe distance. I just had too!!