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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I think about being a Beaner!

Because i love researching and finding out what people "really think," (I know...I have issues), I decided that I was going to dissect the stereotypes of "my people" (Mexican-American) and post my reaction to each honest reaction!

S-Type 1 - If you are Hispanic or Latino, you are a Mexican.
My reaction- Wouldn't you be sooooo lucky!

S-Type 2- All Hispanics are lazy.
My reaction- many homeless Latinos do you see?

S-Type 3- They all get pregnant in high school and have tons of kids.
My Reaction- Nooooo not true. The tons of kids part? I'm 29 and have 2 kids. OMG!!!!

S-Type 4- Hispanics are temperamental.
My Reaction- Gangsta!

S-Type 5- All Hispanic men work in construction.
My Reaction- Urgh! I hope not! The weirdos that hiss "psst! psst! eh bebe!!" or stare at you inappropriately from the back of the truck in front of you, cannot possibly represent all Hispanic men! haha!! Oh and my dad works for hp and my hubby works in an engineering based field.

S-Type 6- All Hispanic women clean houses.
My Reaction- Ummmm have you SEEN my house??!!

S-Type 7- Hispanic people all use the word "ese"
My Reaction- Who you tryin to get crazy with ese? Don't you know I'm loco??

S-Type 8-All are uneducated.
My reaction- I received the Dean's Scholarship, have a BA in Communication Studies, and graduated with Honors from the National Honor Society Lambda Pi Eta. My close Latino friends have degrees in business, finance, accounting, political science, and biology....damn what a bunch of dumbasses!!

S-Type 9-The woman are hot, spicy, sexy, and will steal your man.
My reaction- Well ahem...what can I say?? It is what it is! wink wink! haha!!

S-Type 10- The men beat their wives
My reaction- Whaaaaat???! Oh hell no! My hubby knows where he can take his ass, if he were to ever even try it....on the contrary...I beat him!

S-Type 11- They all drive large trucks and SUV's.
My reaction- TRUE!! WTF??! I say the same thing myself!! I guess I'm not that cool...I drive a Honda. Booooo!!!!!

S-Type 12- We have big families
My Reaction- SOOOOO!!!!!

Something I know from first hand experience...all jokes aside.
Hispanic families are indeed large, but that stems from an extreme dedication to family pride and loyalty. Most Hispanic families are united in a way that many other cultures could only dream to be. There is an understanding of love and respect for your elders, and we DO NOT wheel our parents off to nursing homes when they become a "burden" to us. That doesn't mean that we don't think about it!



  1. well said and i completely agree!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. lol! I hate being asked if im mexican, but i try not to make it a big deal people are super ignorant.

    But I feel like saying "no i'm puerto rican you dumb ass can't you tell the difference? we dont even have the exact same dialect for every term or word"

    But im sure they see like us like we see asians lol they all look alike, although i've been able to tell the difference most of the time. ;)

  4. We can't be lazy and take people's jobs.

    Great post.

  5. HAHA!!! @Anita- you crack me up! People should not guess, ya know?

    Uknown Mami- HAHAHA!!!! you literally made me laugh out loud!!!

  6. you took the words right out of my mouth! :)

  7. So glad you posted this!

    My husband is Puerto Rican...and when people find out that he's Latin, they automatically assume that he's Mexican. Not that there is anything wrong with Mexicans...but he's not. If people would listen to him speak spanish, you can tell that his accent is completely different from a mexican's accent. Frustrating.

    Yes, my husband comes from a large family, but we only have 2 kids...and we are done.

    Oh, my husband is a software construction for him! his mom doesn't clean houses either...

    If my husband ever laid a hand om me...well, I won't say it on a public blog...but, well, he knows better.


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