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Friday, April 16, 2010

Maury and why I have done nothing today!

I have a nice routine that I follow and if that routine is changed...the rest of the day never happens! Sorry hunny!

Talk about unproductive! As if I have any business "doing nothing"."

While I was "doing nothing" I started watching family feud...lame I know...and then before I knew it I was listening to "you are not the father." "oh my goooooooness!!! Whaaaaaa!!!! Thats my baaaaaby!!"

If I could ask the contestants on Maury a handful of is what they would be...

1.) Why on earth would you come on Maury for a paternity test?

2.) Why in Gods name would you swear and say things like "I am 110% positive that this is your son," when you know damn well there is a chance that he might not be?

3.) Why do you repeat the same phrases over and over again, for example, "whatever...whatever...whatever....whatever," or "that is yo baby! That is yo baby! That is yo baby?"

4.) Are you really THAT surprised that "he" comes out talking smack?

5.) Why do you throw yourself on the floor or run off the stage when you cry?

6.) Do you honestly think that just because you think the baby looks like him, it must be his?

7.) Do you think you are smart enough to cheat the polygraph?

8.) Why did you bring your momma with you?

9.) How many times will you return to the show until you just give up?

10.) Do you really think Maury cares?

TGIF Friends!!


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