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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Because im a post w_ore!

Things in my house have been interesting lately to say the least. We are doing major rearranging and getting rid of tons of stuff we just don't have room for anymore. An extra kid will do that to ya. Monkey is hell on wheels. She talks back, yells, slams doors, and is sneaky. Sometimes while talking to her, I wonder if she understands what I am saying at all! This is the behavior from a child with major panic attach disorder and is medicated to control attacks. I feel like I have traded out one evil for another. I find myself telling her things like "will you shut up already?!" and "Do you freaking understand what the f_ck I am saying??!!" I know that I should not cuss while talking to her, but sometimes I feel that is the only way she knows I am serious. The hubby and I will tell her nicely many times, then once we are at the end of our rope, we resort to harsher language although never directed at her, just within the convo.

What are your parenting styles? What is your discipline style for your children around this age?


Well we have to be doing a better job at parenting than these fools! These parents are harsh! I really wanted to reach in the screen and choke these people!!

Toddlers are geniuses! I have decided to take advise from them.

This video explains what I will say next time I get nasty emails from "readers!"

This one is just freaking hilarious! One of my favorite youtube videos of all time!! Smart freaking kid! Thats right little girl, preemptive strike!

...and lastly, how I feel right now about my family! hahaha!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why my tuesday was shitty!

My blog page went into slowmow last night. I tried everything to fix the freaking problem until I finally had to end up changing the layout. So here we are. I have severely screwed with the past 3 posts, trying to figure out what I did wrong. I even had to delete my tuesday post. Whaaaaaa!!!! :(

I could not deal with the chance of another slow day tomorrow! It was bad!! So, you will notice that my sidebars are missing lots of my "things i love" buttons, and my Blogista Luv page is blank. Not to worry, I am going to spend the rest of the week adding the things that were messed up in the process of changing the layout and trouble shooting.

Okay, hopefully my blogger depression will lift and I will be back to my usual self. Sorry for the turtle speed!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday - Breast feeding creepy?

For those of you that don't know...MBM is the one day that I get to have 1 mean moment for the week, and get it out of my system, then I go back to being the loving blogista we all know and love. Wink! Please feel free to have your own MBM moment too. It feels great!

This weeks Mean B_tch Monday moment might piss you off, but you know what? You knew what you were getting into when you joined me for this Monday ritual...I still luuuub you though!


Obviously, this was going to start a ridiculous bottle vs. breast debate, and rehash stupid crap that has been repeated over and over. Urgh! Annoyed party of 1, your table is ready!

The article was titled "I formula fed. So what?" Sorry, but I love the title.

"I wanted my body back. (And some wine) ... I also wanted to give my boobs at least a chance to stay on my chest rather than dangling around my stomach" said Blundell.

Okay, I am not against breastfeeding and have done both bottle and breast. So Whoa Nelly!!

Whoooooo!!!! First, of all this broad has some b_lls, to say honestly what I am sure other (not all) women would like to say too. She is being crucified for "defaming" breastfeeding and blah, blah, blah. Back to the fuel fed drama! She expresses many times to the desexualization that breastfeeding made her feel, and how it was just plain "weird" for the "objects" of many passion filled episodes, to now be viewed as innocent and necessary for survival of a beautiful baby. All in all SHE felt awkward! So what?!

So, just because the magazine is titled Mother & Baby, it should not include viewpoints on the other side of the fence from breastfeeding radicals? Come on.

Soooo.....what are peeps saying??

"There was no respect at all shown to women who chose to breastfeed, just insinuations that they are "weird" and "creepy" for doing what is natural. This woman wouldn't breastfeed because she wants to "get tipsy". You have a newborn baby! Can't you act with a little self control and not "get tipsy" for a while? What a selfish, unnatural, childish woman. I feel sorry for her child(ren). She certainly shouldn't be deputy editor or a mother and baby magazine. How about stating your preferences without trashing others? I hope she loses her job."

Can you not judge? Where in the article did is say that moms who breastfeed are weird, creepy, freaks? I think it was one part of the entire article that spoke of "getting tipsey," you are just the judgemental freakazoid mom, who makes other "unnatural" moms hide their experiences and opinions for fear of mommy backlash. WHY should she not be editor of the magazine? You should feel sorry for your own kids for having a closed minded jerk of a mother.

"Theres nothing creepy about breast feeding a baby - but theres something very creepy about the author's views! I dont have children but I believe breastfeeding is a matter of personal choice, and no one should preach to anyone else about it. That said, I do find it odd that this mother has prioritised the sexual function of her breasts over the needs of her baby. Because formula milk cannot possibly match the real thing. I do wonder if this woman should have chosen to have children, she doesn't sound very maternal! "

Okay...why are you commenting??!! Moron.

"God created you a woman and I wonder why? One reason is that if you have a child you can feed your child naturally as God intended. Creepy? Shame on you. What utter utter rubbish!!!

Speaking of rubbish...did God text that message down to you and then tell you to criticize and JUDGE this woman? Wow, what does he say about anyone other then himself passing judgement??

Personally, I have to say that I agree with the "creepy" feeling. As a new mom, the first time I placed my daughter to my breast, it was and had been up to that point unnatural for me. I didnt make it a regular habit of placing babies to my boobs between studying and bar hoping. Who are others to judge what is considered "natural" behavior? Is that not up to the person in most cases? I also felt a little weird about pulling my blouse up (even with a cover up,) in a room with both my dad and my husband in it. Pumping? I tried to breast feed Bean, and succeeded for a couple of months, but thanks mostly to pumping. Even then, I found myself feeling like a cow with a suction cup attached to my breast, and the embarrassing "sound" caused by the machine. Bzzzzzzmmmp bzzzzzmmmp bzzzzmmmp. I also suffered from jabbing pain and was engorged most of the time. Comfortable? F_ck no! Wonderful for me? Never. I did it because I felt so much guilt from giving up with my daughter, and I had been made to feel like, if I did not breast feed, I would appear to be selfish and not care about my son. This is just my opinion. I don't knock you for having yours, and I don't think that it is acceptable to attack this woman for expressing what HER individual experience was.

To the Judgemental Freakazoid Mom,

Get over it, and go back to your mommy world discussion boards, where you spend all day talking shit and arguing with us "unnatural" moms. Its getting old. Do what works for your kid, and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Is that not the bottom line? I have said it once and I will say it again, as long as the end product is a healthy, happy, loved, and nurtured child, why waste time debating? In a perfect world right?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Viva Mexico! and a bunch of other random babblings

Once we added Bean to our family, our home became really crowded, really quick. What had worked for three was suddenly super tight for all four of us, and I couldn't take him back. Believe me, I tried. So, now that the hubs and I feel mutually as though the house is closing in on us, I have decided to clean up shop or house, and empty the closets as well as all the kitchen cabinets. I have already taken out 5 trash bags of clothing, and I have not even started on pbears stuff. It's like one of those things that you start, and then you regret it. Like the time I decided that I would paint my kitchen red, and about halfway through, I found myself looking at pbear with my "i failed" face, resulting in him repainting the whole thing white.

Anyway, today being Saturday, I felt that it would be a perfect day to clean. Lame, I know! The bedroom is on that halfway stage, where I already pulled crap out and have started to bag it, but now what? I actually took "before" pics in hopes that I can share "after" pics. I am sooooo freaking excited right?! I know you will check back to see my progress every day and share words of encouragement, because I am just that interesting. <---insert sarcasm and dorky laugh here.

Have an awesome Weekend and I will see you Monday for Mean B_tch Monday!

Please make sure to help me not look like a loser and participate in my only takes a microsecond to post a comment that says "hey im a follower" or "I follow you on twitter." It would really stroke my ego, and we can all use a little stroking once in a while. Right? That's what I thought.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Friday ADHD post

Since I am ADHD all day on Fridays (Squirrel!) ahem I may be adding other parts to this post below my Blog Hop Friday! Just to keep you on the edge of your seats! No? Okay.

This is my first time particpating in this blog hop. I have done a couple this week, and have followed but not been followed back :( Do I stink?

Wish I had room for the entire post, so just click on the image above for the full instructions on how to get on the Blog Hop Friday link up!

ADHD moment...

I just spent like an hour creating the award part of this post and then it just disappeared...I am soooooo freaking pi_sed!!!!! For that reason, I will not be redoing the entire was a really looooong one.

I went through every old post since I last past on awards and filtered out the awards and who awarded them to be and who I wanted to hand them on to. Now...they are gone!!! I will go back again at a later date to find out again who gave me which awards for my Blogista Luv and Award page, but for the purpose of this post, I will pass on one. Don't hate me, I am not an award snob, just an idiota! I will never again procrastinate on this.

This award was fresh on my mind because I had never seen it before, but I love it! Thank you Jennifer over at Life with the Lebedas!

The Rules:
•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words.
•Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

Some things I am not sure how I feel about...

Bean eats carrots....with ranch....not too sure how I feel about that.

Monkey cleans her shoving everything into the closet...not sure how I feel about that.

Bean has a rash that will not go away under the lobe of his ear and in the night it bleeds all over his pillow...not sure how I feel about that.

I use disposable diapers when we should be cutting back on expenses...not too sure how I feel about that.

I am now hosting SOME giveaways and reviews mixed in the regular haha's...not too sure how I feel about that.

Sometimes when I am really busy with work at home...Monkey jumps on her DSi for hours...not too sure how I feel about that.

Now on to a totally unrelated post...


I was totally against these "restraining" devices until I had my own almost 2 year old boy!! I only plan on using it in the event that we went to a crowded large place, like a carnaval or amusement park. We have yet to use it.

What's your opinion on it?

Just pretend you don't hear Beans name at the beginning shhhh...don't tell pbear!

All Terrain Natural Kids Product Review/Giveaway!

You all know, I do not always do reviews and giveaways, but if the product is worth sharing, I do.

I was lucky enough to be contacted to review my choice of All Terrain – Natural Remedies for Outdoor Enthusiasts! I had my pick of products that were all kid and family friendly, so you know I was psyched! I have to admit that I am usually not a stickler for using only all natural products, but I cannot deny the benefits of them, and I know many of my readers prefer all natural products.

All Terrain makes natural products for those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, and just in time for summer, they have announced the expansion of its Kid’s Care Product Line rounding out its advanced line for the young adventurer.

The new additions include: KidSport™ SunSprays, Kids All Weather Cream™, Kids Skin Soother Gel™, Kids Eczeam Cream™, Kids Itch and Rash Cream™, Kids Soothing Soap™, Kids Wonder Wash™, and KidSanz™ Sanitizer. Staying true to the All Terrain belief that nature provides the best protection – the expanded kid’s line is all natural and free from harsh chemicals that can be harmful to young skin.

I chose 3 that I thought would be the easiest for me to review with my kids!

Kids Wonder Wash – Peppermint
Gentle, all-purpose soap that’s pH neutral, biodegradable and concentrated for value
Peppermint or Fragrance-Free

What I loved about this product:
The smell is amazing – I chose the peppermint and used it on my son and daughter during their baths. What I found the most amazing was how great Beans hair was after. I also like that you could use it as a body soap and shampoo. The concentration of the wash is great!

What I would change about this product:
I wish it was “tear-free.” I was worried about using it on Bean (21 mos) in case it was to get in his eyes.

Kid’s Herbal Armor Spray (4oz) – Prevents insect bites
100% DEET-FREE; only natural ingredients used. Clinically proven to be 100% effective for over two hours, 95.8% effective for three hours and 77.1% effective for four hours. Unique formula w/five natural essential oils.

Things I loved about this product:
I have to be honest and let you know that I used the product on myself one night while out by the pool, before I sprayed it on my kids. I was most interested about this product since it was all natural, but that is also what made me a skeptic. Houston has killer mosquitoes, and they were out that first night. The spray worked, and I did not need to re-spray all night. My kids used it over the weekend and had similar results!

Things I would change about this product:
It has a distinct quite strong citronella smell, I am not a fan of citronella, people around me were like "I smell citronella."

KidSport SPF 30 (3oz) – Sunscreen for kids
Specially formulated for kid, and uses Z-Cote® which offers the broadest UVA/UVB spectrum protection available. No Slip/Dry Grip, No Eye Sting, Water and Sweat Resistant.

Things I loved about this product:
Easy application, and not slippery once dry. It seemed to be water and sweat resistant, but we were not out all day, only out back in the yard for a few hours.

Things that I would change:
Nothing. The product functioned like many other sunscreens, only this one is all natural!

Want to win an all Terrain Product of your choice?
Please post comment for each entry

(Must do for 1st entry) You must be a follower of Free2bMommy

Extra Entries

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Winner will be selected via on July 6th

Free2bMommy was not paid for this review. We received the product to review, and ALL opinions expressed in the review are 100% true based on my experience thus far with this product.

Giveaways...friends...and followers

Welcome to week three of "Thursday Friends & Giveaways Cafe" hosted by Menopausal Mom and Tammy of Tammy's Two Cents. This is a place for not only Blog Hopping but with a SECOND link where everyone can post their current Giveaways ($25 Value & Up ONLY).

Don't be a loser like me a not see the $25 value only rule! duuurrr.

Today, each link has a code that you can copy and paste onto your own blog so you can follow along with the hops on your own page. There are two separate links, one for the "friends" and one for the "Giveaways". So link up with one, two or both!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scartini- The name just sounds yummy!

I know you were thinking you were coming for a drink from Free2bMommy...shame on you! ha!

Scartini was awesome enough to send me a full size bottle of Scartini!

What is Scartini?

Scartini is perfect for healing scrapes, cuts, surgical incisions (C-section scar), burns, stretch marks, acne scars, sun damage and wrinkles!

Hollywood stars including Malin Ackerman, Kristen Bell, Kendra Wilkinson, America Ferrera, Kourtney Kardashian, Heidi Klum, and Amy Ryan are lining up to give their skin a sip of the Scartini. Use this product, and you will be rich and famous too! Ha! Just kidding! Just trying to keep your attention!

Scartini comes in a 7.5ml bottle with a roller ball applicator, concentrated formula, that absorbs quickly, and a light fruit fragrance. $29.99

It is also a very natural product with 10% active ingredient of centella asiatica extract, which is a very high percentage compared to active ingredients in any other products on the market.

Scartini was created by former contestant on The Apprentice (Season 3) with Donald Trump, Erin Elmore, and Dr. Shareef Jandali, Chief Plastic Surgery Resident at the University of Pennsylvania. Cool huh?!

The cocktail: Centella Asiatica and Lynchi Fruit Extract.

For the details of the science and wonders of these secret ingredients CLICK HERE!

It just so happens that I have a couple of recent scars that I just started using the product on, I will tell you how it turns out. So far, so good.

Want to buy one of your own?

If you order through the scartini website, pay through Paypal, and then email Scartini at with the password "scar999", then you will be refunded 15% of the cost of Scartini! Great deal!

I was not paid to review this product. I was sent a product to review from Scartini, and everything within the review is based on my experience and opinion of the product.

What I meant to say is...yay for dorky mom stuff!

Grab the button, write out your WIMTS post and link up by clicking the above icon.Thank you to Not Your Average Teen!

What I said: I love play dates!
What I meant: I would rather sort my shoes.

What I said: Monkey, please clean your room.
What I meant: If you dont clean your room, I am going to pack up your stuff and place it on the corner.

What I said: Oh you want a bandaid too Bean?
What I mean: Crap, wasting bandaids again on "fake" booboos!!

What I said: Monkey please sit right.
What I meant: Please stop showing the goods for all the world to see!

What I said: I like you and really enjoy reading your blog
What I meant: I think your blog rocks and I actually think its worth my time to read it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I might just slap a bleeeeeep! Dont be mad at me! JMO!

A little late, but you know I had to share my two cents!

I will let you be the judge on this one. My cousin (HPD) officer and I were having a heartfelt discussion this past weekend on the issue regarding the video below. Of course in true police fashion (I love you Angela) she was totally open on her opinion of not having a problem with the punch. Her reasoning was that if she was resisting arrest, and or attacking the officer, he has the right to defend himself in a situation where he felt threatened.

Fair enough...I would have to agree on this particular one, I mean, come on! How ghetto do you have to be, to get gangsta on a cop when he tries to issue a citation for jay walking?! Seriously? To me the lady was acting wild and uncontrollable, and I did indeed see the need for them to be subdued in one way or another. Sucks that is had to be the friend who was punched, but she should have listend to her man, and stayed out of it.

There I said it, sorry but it's the way I feel. My feelings are not for any racial reasons...before you go reasons are based on the fact that if it were my husband or father and he was being attacked in such a way, I would have wanted him to take control of the situation. He was losing grounds and control of the situation, as you can clearly see as more and more people start coming up to "get involved." Was a punch necessary, I don't know, but it appeared nothing else was working. She still kept mouthing off until the very end.

If you act like an idiot, you should be treated like one JMO.

One more thing...yes dude, he was freaking serious! hahaha!!

What do you think? Maybe I will be lucky enough to get my cousin to chime in.

On another note: Dont forget to check out the awesome giveaways and linking up by clicking below!

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Giveaway Linkup Wednesday

Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Dipper Giveaway! - Loved it!

When I saw this product, I just knew I had to get my hands on it to review with my son! I seriously received it just a few days ago, and my son has already used it 5 times!

The inventor of the Baby Dipper is Barbara Schantz (President and CEO) and the mother of two sets of twins! The twins were behind her motivation to create the baby dipper! For more info on Barbara and her beautiful family, or how she came up with the idea for Baby Dipper CLICK HERE!

Video demo by Barbara

Cool things about the Baby Dipper!

It is BPA Free, lead free, and phthalate free!

No slip base <----my favorite feature! The bowls shape is contoured and guides food to spoon easier.

The spoon sit perfectly into the bowl, so as to not flip out!

What I loved about it:

Parents can use their free hand to clean or entertain baby,
or to keep baby’s hands out of the bowl while feeding baby.

Toddlers can see through the transparent sides of the bowl and concentrate
on getting the food onto their spoons and into their mouths.

All users of the Baby Dipper feeding set avoid the frustrations
of chasing the food around the bowl and the bowl around the table.

The stay put base, that really works!

Thing I did not like:

I honestly have no complaints, it is easy to use and easy to wash. That is all that matters to me!

Other notes: I believe that it is designed for the point of the bowl to face the person spooning the food, and it works awesome like that, but I switched it around to see how he managed either way, and it is easy to see how the slope is so essential. I did feed him some of the fruit myself (not able to take pictures), and loved the slope design for spooning ease. We have used it other times and have had the same success! I really love it!

The proof is in the pictures

Above pic- He is trying to push the bowl, with no success.

Above pic- So, he is not the cleanest, but he enjoyed his fruit while I washed dishes.

Below pic- Later in the day, we picked up McDonalds and my son ran to the dish rack to point at his Baby Dipper, I grabbed it and handed it to him and he proceeded to place his nuggets and fries into it! He was really excited about using it, and I could tell, he was feeling proud!

Want one of your own?
Check out the ways to gain entries below! It's easy!
Make sure to comment per entry!

You must be a follower of Free2bMommy (1 entry)

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Signing up for the Baby Dipper newsletter and/
or the Baby Dipper blog (3 entries)
Winner will be chosen using on July 5th!

Also, please note that previous winners of Baby Dipper bowls (in giveaways sponsored by Baby Dipper, LLC) are not eligible to win again. Free2bMommy was not paid for this review. We received the product to review, and ALL opinions expressed in the review are 100% true based on my experience with the product.

Make sure to check out their Facebook page for more great information about the Baby Dipper!

Special thank you to Barbara and the Baby Dipper for making this review and giveaway possible!

Time for random ramblings!

We had french fries and pizza for dinner tonight! Sooooo healthy and super classy! Oh well, momma just needed a break from the kitchen. Well actually they were oven fries and pizza, but you get the point.

Bean had waaaaay too much tot juice today. Have you ever been so incredibly busy, that you agree to juice boxes every time your toddler brings one to you? Crickets?? Okay, Okay maybe I am the only one.

Please make sure to enter my baby dipper giveaway! Please don't let me look like a weirdo to Baby Dipper by not having many entries! <---insert tears and snot inducing sobs here!

For my 80's mommas! Some of my favorite 80's song/videos! Enjoy!! Share some of your favorites too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mean B!tch Monday! - Joran Van Der Sloot


Please read disclaimer- This is my "Mean B_tch Monday" moment, the point is to give myself a free pass to share 1 mean moment for the week. I will get it out of my system and then go back to be the "sweetheart" we all know and love! wink! wink! Feel free to have your own "Mean B_tch Monday" moment too!

This weeks Mean B_tch Monday moment -

Dear Joran Van Der Sloot,

Why are you such a f_cking prick? Dude, seriously? Not that I am advocating murder, but you got off scott free, for murdering Natalie Halloway (or at least disposing of her) and then you decide it might be smart to kill another girl? WTF is wrong with you? I was grossed out and nauseous when you walked away the first time, with a grin on your smug face, and now, while I am still grossed out, I almost feel sorry for you. How pathetic of an existence must one have to do the heinous things you are accused of? Sociopath table for one.

I think that your father would be pissed for putting it all on the line to get you off for the Halloway disappearance only to have you turn around and get yourself into a similar predicament 5 years later . I honestly, laughed with the world when I heard of you getting into trouble again, telling my husband, "yeah, and daddy is not around to save him this time." I am not your maker, so I really have no place to judge, but sometimes one cannot help themselves. I have confidence that you will reap what you sow.

When I run out of creative juices...

Getting to know YOU
I love to check out blogs for inspiration from time to time, and this was a cute way to "share" this Sunday! Enjoy!

The questions..

1. While at the beach, pool, etc..Do you cover up your assets or show them off?
I don't show off my ASSets. Especially now that I have those tiny little lines on my belly....yeah I don't think so, but I do rock badass one pieces!

2. Road trips or Plane trips?
I don't care as long as I am going somewhere. I actually tend to lean toward road trips though.

3. I can't stand it when...?
People are jealous of others or judgemental in such a way as to drive them to want to hurt people. Here is a piece of advise for "those" people. Get a freaking life! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

4. Have you ever gone topless at the beach?
Hell yeah!! All the time!! Ummmm....did you read #1?

5. How many blog carnivals do you do a week?
Not every week, I like to give people a chance to find my blog on their own and decide if they can stand reading my crap.

6. My favorite thing about the weekend is...?
Getting wasted and jumping into swimming pools with my clothes on!

7. Pancakes or waffles?
My daddy's pancakes! Even though after just one, I feel like a cow.

8. Water Park or Amusement Park?
Amusement! I love roller coaster rides and paying too much for soggy french fries!

Note to my dad- even though you never read, I wanted to wish you a Happy Fathers Day! I love you!

Hubby- I love you and think that regardless of all the times I want to tear your head off, you are an amazing father....I know you do the best that you can, and that's what matters.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Because im a post wh_re!

You know the drill, same story, different day. I'm gangsta! haha! Just kidding!

Anyway, since as the title implies "I am a post wh_re!" For those of you who are new here, this is the title I give to my random crap, that is not really relevant to anything...try to keep up.

Everyone likes a good scary story or movie. Okay, so maybe I am the only weirdo who actually likes to feel creeped out, and maybe I am the only person in the world who will watch The Exorcist and Amityville Horror (the original) all by myself at night. Anyway, here are three of my favorite creepy videos.

I have to warn you, they are scary, I do not suggest watching if you scare easily. My intention is not to creep people out. Just to share.

First one is a little long, so I jump to about 2 minutes in.

Who might that have been? La Llorona is a story that many Hispanic families tell their children to scare them into behaving...weird, I know.

This last a common compilation from youtube of alleged "ghostly activity."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sponge Bob goes cross cultural! Ha! too

So, who doesnt like Sponge Bob right? Okay, don't answer that.

I love him when I have the tolerance for his annoying voice!
I personally love Patrick the most!

Picture Source: Animation Central

Anyway, P-Bear and I have this joke about all things American translated into Spanish, and how freaking hilarious the translation ends up sounding! My mother and father in law only speak Spanish, and one day while visiting we overheard the theme song for Spongebob, and saw Monkey glued to the TV. She was watching the show in Spanish and it even translated the song!! Hilarious! Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself below! haha!

¿Estan listos chicos?
¡si capitan, estamos listos!
¡No los escucho!
¡Si capitán, estamos listos!
Vive en una piña debajo del mar
Bob Esponja
su cuerpo absorbe y sin estallar
Bob Esponja
el mejor amigo que podrías desear
Bob Esponja
y como aun pez le es fácil flotar
Bob Esponja
Bob Esponja
Bob Esponja
Bob Esponja
Bob Esponja!

I feel helpless

Right now, I am going through some issues with my mortgage company, and I feel like just giving up. We are not in any way in danger of foreclosure, but since I quit my job the monthly payment is difficult and making things sort of tight around our house. The hubby has to work even harder to make sure we have everything that we need, and it makes me feel awful.

The guilt is killing me, and I am considering going back to work part time, so that I can do my part. My heart hurts thinking that I will not be able to be with my son the way that I would like, and I hate the thought of having to find someone to baby sit for me.

What do I do? My head hurts when I go to bed at night thinking about all of the things that we need to do to get our family where we had envisioned that we would be.

The mortgage company just swings me around back and forth and it makes my head spin. I am sure that the idea is just that. I feel more stressed without my full time job then I felt before I quit. What is that all about??!! Okay so before it was the management and volunteers that stressed me out, now the mortgage company makes me want to crawl into bed, pull the cover over my head and never come out.

Sorry for the typos ahead of time, my head is throbbing at the moment.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Guest Post- Traveling While Pregnant!

I am excited to announce my family guest blogger this week, my cousin Angela!

Enjoy and share some comment love!

Traveling while pregnant

Family Guest Blogger: Angela

Let me start off by saying that I feel very blessed to be expecting our second child. It’s been a long road for us, and our beautiful 5 year old Isabela is over the moon to be a big sister.

We planned our yearly vacation for May. This year we were gonna hit Fort Lauderdale Florida. We took Isabela with us, especially this time, because she specifically requested a beach so she could collect shells.

I found out I was pregnant with #2 about six weeks before our trip. I knew this vacation would be similar to the one we took six years ago. That trip was to Disney World, and I had just found out I was pregnant with Isabela. What was gonna be a trip of riding crazy rides and savoring adult beverages turned into virgin drinks, checking the “don’t ride this if pregnant” warnings, and early nights.

I knew margaritas and Blue Moon beer were out in Fort Lauderdale, and I could deal with that. I also knew that naps and early bed times were going to be the norm for the week. Again, I was okay with this (actually I was more than okay with this; I actually was looking forward to it). What irked me was hearing:

“Honey, can you bring me a beer?”

Um, yeah.

Women already make the sacrifice of body, mind and hormones during pregnancy. Why don’t men have to stay away from adult beverages too? Okay, maybe not the whole nine months, but at least in front of their wives. Is that asking too much? Or at the very least, don’t ask me to bring you one when I go up to the room to pee for the tenth time in the last two hours.

On the plus side, I began to add up the number of calories I was saving by not drinking and realized that meant I could have dessert with every dinner . . . and an extra helping of pasta. While I can’t vouch for the margaritas in Fort Lauderdale, I can tell you where to find the best pesto pasta on the A1A, Beach Front Avenue.

Monday Mingle (Late)

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Lady Gaga makes me want to do not so nice things!

I know that I am getting up there when it has taken me so incredibly long to see the most recent POS that GAGA has put out there, but I just saw the video for Alejandro...

Ummm...WTF? Call it what you want, but I am often super open about freedom of expression and to each their own bla...bla...bla, but I have to tell you I am not a fan of this video. I actually have to be honest and say that I have never really been a fan, and I honestly feel like she is just a knockoff Madonna wannabe, that does anything for some sort of "wow" factor.

Spare me the "its a free country" and "but it's art" crap too. My issue is with the fact that there are certain things that artists are not able to mock, yet Gaga gets to p_ss on christianity in her videos without any backlash? Pop culture as a whole has taken a turn for the worst, and freaking lame.

I can honestly say that a couple of times while watching the video, my face actually crunched up and I threw up in my mouth a little. Personally, I understand and see the value in artist and their individual style of expression, however I was actually grossed out while watching her shimmy in her nude panties and bra on her beyond pasty white glue skin(sorry super white folks) but she just looked dirty to me.

I feel a little dirtier and dummer<---see what I mean, having watched this video. Thank you Lady CACA.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Free2bMommy Wednesday (early this week) Vlog Party! (this could be the excuse you have been waiting for!)


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Welcome to the Wednesday (early this week!) Free2bMommy Vlog Party! If you have been looking for a reason to try Vlogging just for fun, this is it!
In the future this will begin on Tuesday night to give you a chance to link up for Wednesday, this week, I wanted to test the waters and give you a jump start!

Here is how to join in on the fun!
You have an entire week to create your vlog and link up!

1.) Must follow Host Vlog to participate

2.) View host Vlog (below), and create your own, answering the 3 weekly questions listed below.

3.) Post your Vlog on your blog and link up (please make sure to link up your Vlog post and not just your blog)

4.) View other Vlogs on the link up and follow fellow Vlog party attendants!

5.) Have fun!

This weeks party requirements/questions:
1.) Name a fellow blogger and what you think makes their blog fun to read.
2.) What is one tip you would give to a new blogger?
3.) Describe a time when you were really scared
or Name something you said or did that you wish that you could take back.
Press Play!

Free2bMommy Vlog Party tech difficulties!!

Hello friends!!

As many of you know, I have been planning a Free2bMommy Vlog Party for a while now! I am up and ready to get started, only I cannot figure out how to get the html scroll box for under my Free2bMommy Vlog Party button, so that others can use it on their posts.

Can someone please help???!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't be a and greet with me!

I heart Southern Reflections and am showing support by participating in her Meet and Greet Monday! Check it out by clicking the image above and linking up! Just another reason to meet and follow all sorts of random blogs for no apparent reason! haha!! Just kidding! Its tons of fun, and I have found some of my favororite blogs by linking up for blog hops!

Get on or off the freaking fence yo!

Since I am super late to know everything, I just found "Picket Fence Blogs" another awesome site that ranks blogs based on incoming traffic from button clicks! Super excited about this one! The site is clear and uncluttered, so you are able to get the info that you actually came for without being lost in the advertisement translation.

Anyway, check it out and get a link started for your blog, also feel free to help me get out of the last place in my catagory due to my newbie status, and click the icon below.

Lub ya and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My sick grandpa and the fragil life we live

My grandpa (dads dad) had a stroke a couple of days ago and another one last night. He will be having a pacemaker placed in his chest tomorrow morning and I spent most of my afternoon with him today.

I do not get to see him as much as I should, but knew that I needed to be there for him so as to make sure he spent as little amount of time as necessary alone while in the hospital. The hospital can be a lonely place. The nurses are okay, but there is nothing like family there to help you get the things you need.

Out of respect for my father I will not go into great detail as to the family history and drama that have plagued that side of the family, but I will just say that it is not the easiest thing I have had to deal with. I know that none of that should matter when someone you love is ill, but I would be lying if I said that I did not hope and pray the entire time I was there that I would not be there when certain other individuals decided to visit. I was lucky and was able to spend time with him without any unwanted guests or feelings clouding what was truly important, and that was/is my grandfather and his health.

He is in excellent spirits, but I know that it is difficult for him to accept help, and assistance when he is use to doing everything for himself. I can see the shame and embarrassment in the fact that he is unable to get up and walk alone, or that his vision is slightly off making his hand/eye coordination off as well. To hear him apologize with tears in his eyes for him needing us to come to the hospital to help him "like a baby," broke my heart. I told him "Grandpa, don't you worry about none of that right now, we (my sister and I) are here because we care and we want to help."

His old school ways and dialogue are freaking hilarious! Hearing him say, "just keep that bolilla (Spanish slang for white lady) nurse away from me, she don't care about me! The black lady and the ones that are like our people are okay, but not her!" made me laugh so hard, I almost peed! He went on to make comments about the government and how they do not want for people like us to be rich with nice cars, and how they really just want old poor people to hurry up and die so that they don't have to pay medicare for them anymore! What an interesting and gentle old man he is and I love him.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I love Friday!

I work up this morning after a night of not really being able to sleep. I am afraid that I had a day when I let others influence how I feel. I had a moment of weakness and am all better now.

I really do love blogging and sharing, but I know that not everyone is going to agree with or even like the way that I write. That is okay, and that is the shear beauty of the blog world, and one that I respect and love.

Hey, we all have moments of seriousness and "not so nice" moments, "unlady like" some might say, but venting and blogging about them helps me to feel sooooo much better and prevent me from carrying over frustrations into "real life."

I appreciate all of the readers/followers of this blog and I love following back and reading all of your awesome stuff!

Have a kick ass weekend and do not let anyone make you feel any less then what you truly are.

Because it is my blog and I will say whatever I want - now TGIF PEEPS!

I know that what I say/blog sounds b_tchy sometimes, but you know what? You will NEVER not know how I feel about something or someone. I will NEVER hide or talk mess about you behind your back and I will NEVER wish ill things to happen to you.

I think that it is indeed a rare gem to be able to upset people when you do not even intend or know you are doing it. One in which I have apparently perfected. I received a nice email from a "reader" recently and I wanted to address some of the points made with a brief statement.

Please, go away and stop reading my blog if your little feathers get ruffled so easily. It sickens me that you keep putting yourself through the torture of reading my blog. There are freaking thousands of mommy blogs out there, find one that reads like the mother goose existence you pretend to live in.

Thank you and please do not come again. Hugs and Kisses!

Because mommys like hot s_it too!

Inspiration for you beautiful Free2bMommy readers!

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