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Monday, June 14, 2010

Free2bMommy Wednesday (early this week) Vlog Party! (this could be the excuse you have been waiting for!)


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Welcome to the Wednesday (early this week!) Free2bMommy Vlog Party! If you have been looking for a reason to try Vlogging just for fun, this is it!
In the future this will begin on Tuesday night to give you a chance to link up for Wednesday, this week, I wanted to test the waters and give you a jump start!

Here is how to join in on the fun!
You have an entire week to create your vlog and link up!

1.) Must follow Host Vlog to participate

2.) View host Vlog (below), and create your own, answering the 3 weekly questions listed below.

3.) Post your Vlog on your blog and link up (please make sure to link up your Vlog post and not just your blog)

4.) View other Vlogs on the link up and follow fellow Vlog party attendants!

5.) Have fun!

This weeks party requirements/questions:
1.) Name a fellow blogger and what you think makes their blog fun to read.
2.) What is one tip you would give to a new blogger?
3.) Describe a time when you were really scared
or Name something you said or did that you wish that you could take back.
Press Play!


  1. Oh, I don't think I even understand what vlogging is... but I'm sure you'll do it magnificently :).

  2. HAHA! It's video blogging. I would love to see you do one, it would be fun!


  3. I totally agree blog for yourself. If blogging wasn't fun I wouldn't do this. Ya know?!?!

  4. @Kristin- Yes, I sometimes blog stuff that I think about later and start to think maybe I should not have blogged that particular thought, but then what would be the real point of blogging right?


  5. I'd love to try to join this. I'm so scared to put myself on camera. I'll try it though... lol. Where is yours? I can't find the video? Or it's not up til tomorrow? I'm so confused... lol

  6. nvm I see the video in my google reader now but I still dont see it on your blog. weird.

  7. EXCITING!!!!! I cant wait!. I will be logging up as soon as I clean up =)

  8. I am not sure why my videos are so funky on blogger, I have had tons of probs getting them to work correctly! Hopefully, I will get better at it!

    Looking forward to seeing some "frist timers!" come on! No one is looking! haha!!


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