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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I feel helpless

Right now, I am going through some issues with my mortgage company, and I feel like just giving up. We are not in any way in danger of foreclosure, but since I quit my job the monthly payment is difficult and making things sort of tight around our house. The hubby has to work even harder to make sure we have everything that we need, and it makes me feel awful.

The guilt is killing me, and I am considering going back to work part time, so that I can do my part. My heart hurts thinking that I will not be able to be with my son the way that I would like, and I hate the thought of having to find someone to baby sit for me.

What do I do? My head hurts when I go to bed at night thinking about all of the things that we need to do to get our family where we had envisioned that we would be.

The mortgage company just swings me around back and forth and it makes my head spin. I am sure that the idea is just that. I feel more stressed without my full time job then I felt before I quit. What is that all about??!! Okay so before it was the management and volunteers that stressed me out, now the mortgage company makes me want to crawl into bed, pull the cover over my head and never come out.

Sorry for the typos ahead of time, my head is throbbing at the moment.


  1. Money troubles suck. We got through a lot of stress, trying to figure out how to cut corners. For us, with 3 kids, daycare/babysitter would cost more than I would make, so I still stay home. But, I feel guilty and like I should be helping.

    I hope you can work something out.

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. Oh I hate that girl! It's the same for me as it is for Shell. I wouldn't make any money going back to work because it would all go to daycare.

    Is there anything you can do from home? Avon's only $10 to get into & it sells really easy since they have a little bit of everything. My favorite would be Scentsy. It's easy and it sells itself! You don't have to do the parties. You can do what they call basket parties & then you don't have to talk but I have a feeling you'd be good at the parties. Just a thought!

    Hmm, I soo i think you could get paid to blog!! Personal opinion! ;)
    I'll be praying it all works out!

  3. Oh sweetie! That was the major factor in me going back to work. I hated that things were so tight. Now granted the majority of my check goes to daycare it does give me some leway on how I spend the rest. You are a strong person and I know you will get through this. I owe you a phone call tonight also. Love ya!

  4. I'm so sorry, how stressful. Is there a financial consultant/advocate type person that could help deal with the mortgage company? In the meantime, remember that you are an amazing, strong, accomplished, intelligent, hilarious (sense of humor is key) woman, and you will get through this!


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