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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My thoughts on being perfectly plastic

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I know that everyone reading has thought about altering themselves in one way or another at some point in their lives. I personally considered myself perfect as a teenager and always said that there was really nothing that I would change about myself, except maybe to be a little taller. I'm a shrimp. Two children and a whole lot of tiny silver lines later, here I am actually disecting all of the things that I hate, and would love to "fix."

Hmmmm....what would I do?

Tummy Tuck <----my NUMBER ONE CHOICE Average cost= $500-$800
The ripples on my tummy that sort of remind me of a deflated balloon have got to go! No amount of situps or crunches can reverse that one!

Liposuction- <----most likely needed with the tummy tuck. Average cost= $2,500-$8,000
Is it just me or does this seem like it would be the cheapest? Geeze! Just get a vacuum and suck that stuff out! Har har snort!

Breast Augmentation? Average cost= $5,000-$7,000
I have no real "problem" in this area, but after two kids and hopefully one more, I would not mind some type of work to keep them from sagging to the floor.

I believe that just about everything else can be fixed with a little I dare say it? Exercise!

There are however many procedures that I would not do. I would never do anything to completely change the way that I look facially. God (or whoever your personal creator is) made you a specific way, and you should respect that. <---my opinion. Plus who wants to look perfect? Then we would all be perfect and that just sucks!

So if my tallies are correct at the most I could be looking at a little under $20,000 worth of work, not taking into account all the jacked up stuff the doctor will point out during the consultation that will make me feel like Shrek.

HAHAHAHA!!! Maybe I should concentrate on feeding and clothing my family. I guess! haha!

What are your thoughts on the plastic procedures?


  1. My thoughts? Well, maybe I should just post before and after pics?

    I wonder if I even have any before?

    Little story here, well since you asked us for our thoughts. When I was a teenager I had this really awesome swimsuit. I put it on and was going out to the pool when my dad stopped me. He asked me "Do you know why I don't have a rifle rack?" Uh, no... "Because I don't have any rifles to put in one."

    Ok, burn....

    That stayed with me and when I was 26 or 27 I had augmentation done. Then in 2007 I had it done again, with a lift this time.

    About a month before my Dad died in '07 he had been drinking, like he had since my mom died the year before, and he was pretty plastered. He asked me if I ever regretted it. It took me all of a 1/2 second to say "Never." I didn't tell him that his comment all those years before had really affected me.

    So I guess the short of it is that I love it and would do it again, wait, I already did!

  2. I totally agree after having kids we need a little more than just a new hair cut you know plastic surgens have this package known as the mommy makeover and it's exactly the procedures you named tummy tuck lipo boobs if be happy with a boob lift lol

  3. I totally agree after having kids we need a little more than just a new hair cut you know plastic surgens have this package known as the mommy makeover and it's exactly the procedures you named tummy tuck lipo boobs if be happy with a boob lift lol

  4. @Bipolar Diva-Thanks for sharing! It took me a second to get the rifle comment, but you are right...burn. Sucks, the way things that people who are close to us say affect our lives and choices.

    @Ruby- OMG! They have "Mommy Makeover" procedures! Wow!

  5. I'm pro plastic if it makes you feel better about yourself. As long as you don't pull a Frankenstein, Heidi Montag look than I think it's fine in moderation. I always thought about getting breast implants, but am too afraid to actually go through with it. The thought of going under the knife makes me panic, but I'm sure after a bunch of babies I'll be more inclined face my fears.

  6. @JoJo- HAHA!! Frankenstein, Heidi, whats the difference!! haha!

    I hear the worst part is the soreness and pain of the site after the procedure. Sort of like recovering from a c-section I guess.


  7. I'm with Jojo. Personally I think I would like to take care of a minor issue I have on my face but that's about it! I think natural beauty is more special than plastic beauty!

  8. When you make your appt make one for me as well. I would also like the works..lmao

  9. Will do! Appointments for all!! On me!! hahaha!! yeah...right! Dont worry if I win the lotto, I will contact yall to have one procedure of your choice done!! haha!!


  10. I wouldnt have anything done. Joan Rivers, Heidi Montag, and the list goes on and on! ewww shudder!

    While there are things that I'd like changed, boobs same size, nose a little smaller( I get it from my mom) and I look like her, and I dont want to change that!

    I accept who I am, and with exercise, YUP i said, (but dont hold me to it just yet) I can make some changes in the inner thigh area! lol


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