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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The birthday girl who makes me crazy annoyed!

Today is the one day that I will pretend that my little sister does not annoy the s_it out of me. In case you missed the history of our love/hate relationship feel free catch up to speed. So why the change of heart? You may have guessed it! Yes, because 26 years ago today my needy annoying little sister was born. For that reason, I have decided to do a "nice" post in honor of her, with hopes that maybe she will read it and not get mad at me the way she gets when she reads all the other crap that I write about her.
Dear Sissy,

Since you never want to listen to anything I say, and you always think that I am picking on you, I thought it might be better to post some things that I remember about our life as siblings and the things that make me appreciate you as my sister.

  • Do you remember when we were small and I put it in your head that it would be cool to cover ourselves in cherry chapstick because it smelled sooooo incredibly yummy?!
  • Do you remember when we shared a room and you were so incredibly scared to go potty alone, that you would wake me up to go with you? Do you remember the time that I would not get up and you couldnt hold it?! hahaha!! Sorry about that one.
  • Remember when we spent those couple of summers at home heating up microwave pizzas and watching MTV when they still showed actual videos? Remember the bee girl from the Blind Melon No Rain video?
  • Remember Halloween 2009? HAHA!! Dont worry, I wont post about that night, but it was one for the books!
  • Sorry that I was jealous of your cool "E" pencil so I broke it and threw it under the couch when we were small. I always felt bad about that and it was the first thing I said during my first confession.(we are/were Catholic)
  • Club Bronco?
  • "Swim away!"
  • "Bang Bang"
  • "Hey right guys?"
  • Remember when we cried together when dad ran over our dog on accident?
  • Remember all the times that we were so incredibly hyper active and we would get in trouble together by mom and dad when all along we were ADD and they just didnt know it! Classic!

There are too many stories and memories to write, but hopefully there will be many more.

I hope you have an amazing birthday and know that I love you very much. Wish I had more "old" pics but, those pics were before the online picture system was perfected...maybe I will scan some at another time.


  1. Happy Birthday to your sis, funny ass post,and I'm totally feelin that bathroom pic I think I have a few

  2. hehehe...cute post!
    Happy Birthday Erica.

    And Danielle for putting up with her little sister, kudos!


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