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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another one just for fun!

Bean getting to it at the tot spot! Lub my little brown sugar!

Bean at the tot spot

Throwing the ball at himself?? Oh well, as long as he enjoyed himself.


Baby boy Bean at the tot spot!

I took time off from work to take Bean to the Tot Spot located inside of the Children's Museum of Houston. In case you have never been there, I highly recommend you take your kiddos. The museum is amazing equipped with an actual "community" with pretend banks, grocery stores, restaurants and more, for your kids to play with. I specifically went for the Tot Spot which is a specific area for babies and toddlers. If you are not from Houston and are visiting, I cannot stress enough how glad you will be if you visit this awesome example of a childrens museum done right. For just $7 children and adults get admission into the museum and there is even a super accessible and convenient parking garage for about $6 for a couple of hours. Kids under 1 get in free! Thursday nights is a special family night and there is FREE admission for the evening. Check the site for specifics.


What is up with people who hate their jobs?

Look, it's really no ones fault that certain individuals work where they do. I am a firm believer in "if you are not happy, move on" Not immediately of course. I think its important to have a plan and know where you might be happy at. Action people are those that see something that they do not like and do something about it. Everything that I do, I do because I want to. So next time you are working as a bartender, waiter, bank teller, principal, construction worker, fundraiser, accountant, etc., you will remember that if you are not happy where you is not any ones fault but your own. Be about change and the rest will follow.


Free2bmommy Punk rock diaper bag!

I love this! BUY IT!! You know you want to do some serious internet shopping!



Free2bmommy and family!

I come from a LARGE family, so the cousins are plentiful! I luv um! The other girlie is my lil sister! Just wanted to share!


Rock Band on Wii

Can I not be totally obsessed with this? LOVE IT!! Of course I am on the vocals!! What you didnt know that Im americas next idol?! No not really, but its awesome anyway. My sister plays the guitar, hubby on the drums (unsuccessfully) and me on the mic. "WE GOT THE BEAT, WE GOT THE BEAT, WE GOT THE BEAT, YEAH WE GOT IT! Even my 1 year old gets in on the action! He is our dancer!

get to sleep kid!

Free2bmommy decided to check out an article in Parents Magazine that focused on sleep patterns and techniques of children and for Bean, he falls in the 12-16 mos. category. Which said the following "As a toddler focuses on developing speech and physical skills, he is less clingy with Mom and Dad. This is another good time to sleep-train" Hmmmm....lets see if this rings true.

For sleep tips on ages 0-21 months, check out the Parents Magazine Website.

Friday, January 29, 2010


In a recent article I was reading in Women's Health Magazine, I can across their list of the 10 best and worst cities for Women. Check it out and see where your bitty city ranked.

1.) San Jose, CA
San Jose was chosen based on facts such as them having the second-lowest depression rate in the nation and the the average woman living in San Jose working out at least TWICE a week! Workouts equal endorphins that help relieve depression.

2.) Madison, WI
3.) Seattle, WA
4.) Aurora, CO
5.) Minneapolis, MN
6.) Fargo, ND
7.) San Francisco, CA
8.) Lincoln, NE
9.) Salt Lake City, UT
10.) Colorado Springs, CO

Worst (hey not according to me)
1.) New Orleans, LA
2.) Baltimore, MD
3.) Jacksonville, FL
4.) Oklahoma City, OK
5.) Toledo, OH
6.) St. Louis, MO
7.) Detroit, MI
8.) Memphis, MI
9.) Birmingham, AL
10.) Philadelphia, PA

Check out Women's Health Magazine for more details and how they came up with their list.

Valentines Day early "footsie finds"

I am in love with these really cute metallic mary janes! Check out the link for the entire line! Now if I could only find a pair in my size...

View the entire "Sweet Shoes" line here

my girlie "must have"

"love this" is an understatement. I am totally aggravated that I don't have a little girl small enough for this adorable 2 piece rockette set! Check it!

some stuff I love!

Now I found the cutest kicks for your little rocker at home! Check it! Available at one of my personal favorites

The diva's little moment

So Monkey (my 8 year old) said to me "Mommy, you know how you wanted another baby some time in the future?" I confirmed that I had indeed said at some point that I wanted 3 children following the birth of my son Bean (15mos). Well Monkey suggested that I go to an adoption agency next time when I was ready to have the baby. When I asked her why, she said "that way we can be sure to get a girl this time". Witty, cunning, and rational, that is our Monkey.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why should a mommy have to choose?

Somebodies gotta be the "sexy one"

my first time...

Can we do it all? I would really like to think so. Are we strong enough to juggle a job (home or office), toddlers, and crybaby husbands? The answer is yes! The excitement of getting it "all done" is what keeps us going, right? Check out some awesome ways to take care of yourself in the process.