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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday - The lady with the furry boots and shorts

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Okay look, I know that when you got dressed this morning...or this afternoon, you probably looked through an extensive amount of cheap forever 21 clothing to find the "right" outfit, and yes while I will admit that you have a super cute body, the look is just not working for you hun.

First of all, this is Houston. Secondly, you look stupid, and thirdly, this is Houston. We are lucky if we get to pull out our sweaters in December...much less September!

People from up North or West that are new to Houston think that they can pull of the same looks and it be okay...but down just look like a broke down busted Britney Spears...pre comeback.

Shawty had them Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur....shawty got low low low low low low!

Your blond hair makes me want to pull it as I stand behind you in line at Walgreens. I have this amazing daydream where I actually have the nerve to say to you "Seriously? What are you wearing Barbie? Would Ken approve?" What would posses you to wear a brown halter, white shirts (after labor day) although more and more people say its "okay," and brown "last of the Mohican's" style furry boots? If Bean could talk, he would say "What the f_ck bia?"

Yes, yes, I know, I am being a b_tch, but honestly, I don't know you, but do you honestly think that anyone on this earth would take your dumbass seriously in that? Maybe that is the point and if that is indeed the case, you may be smarter then I thought.

Now...back to my song...she hit the flo, next thing you know, shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, looooow!!

Until next time, friends!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday 6 - FMK

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If you dont understand what is going on shouldnt be reading!! hahahaha!! Click Sat. 6 for the 411.

1. F-Dane Cook, M-George, K-Fred Durst. <---and no one would even notice he was gone!
2. F-Megan Fox, M-Jessica Simpson, K-Angelina. <---no apologies
3. F-Charlie Hunnam, M-Alexander Skarsgard, K-Kyle Busch.
4. F-Scarlet, Jennifer Love-Jo, K- Anna. <---not cute
5. F-Nicki, <---she just seemed the skank of the 3! M-Selma, K-Gwen <----overrated.
6. F- T.I. <---cant talk about it! Whooo! M-Dax, K-Marilyn Manson <--dont think he would care!

Don't hate me cause you aint me!

Why does everyone all of a sudden think that they have what it takes to be an "edgy" "anti-mommy blog" blogger?! <---I just made that up. har har!

You just cant say your usual crap and throw a cuss word in here and there to be a "bad girl" Dig it?

Here are my rules and/or suggestions to doing it the right way. Pay attention freaks!

1. You should NEVER apologize or act on post remorse! It is what it with it!

2. Learn to use the profanity with grace and street cred suckas! TAKE SOME TIPS FROM CB! You know how some things just sound hilarious coming out of some peoples mouth? Blogging is sort of like that too.

3. Take what your fellow "blog frenemies" say with a grain of BS salt. I hear your sarcasm calling...and I love it!

4. Who gives a shit about making sense?! Do I care that your eye brows are all crunched up and my posts sometimes leave you scratching your head? Nope.

5. I blog for me, selfish as it might sound, and have always said that if people enjoy reading and interacting with me in the bloggy world then that's a bonus...if they don't like reading and do not heart me then they can suck it. A tootsie roll tootsie pop that is...and let me know how many licks it really does take.

This moment of random honesty was brought to you by Dee @ Free2bMommy

YES, YES, YES....I know, I'm sooooo inappropriate! You know you love it! I sure as hell do.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My life and the contents

The picture above has no relevance...but im weird and random like that.

So, I'm pretty sure that I have some rare disease that no one has ever heard of before and I am even more sure that I have like 3 months to live or something! Anxiety will do that to you!

My days recently have been stressful for lack of a less cliche word to use. I have been fighting off a strong migraine headache for 5 days! Yes I know they are not suppose to last that long.Today it finally subsided, but the after pains and soreness, are still lingering. I saw the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor yesterday, and he took this weird looking skinny scope and ran it down my nose into my throat, while I watched on in horror though these high tech glasses. I will not lie, I almost panicked a couple of times.

Paranoid, creepy, girl, party of 1, your table is ready.

Now, I will be seeing a neurologist, and I am sure the diagnosis will be as I predicted. I'm a goner. They are not even able to see me until the end of October, and by then it will be too late!!! Whaaaa!!!

Stop laughing!

You know what bugs me the most? Aside from feeling so sick, and wanting to ship my kids to China just so I could have some peace and quiet, I really missed blogging.

It really is therapeutic to "write" it all out. No matter how gross or disturbing it might be. Have you ever been so sick that you literally wanted to run and cry in your room all alone? No? I felt like that this past week. With pbear working so much I felt helpless. Monkey helped out a lot and luckily she works very well on her own or else we all would have been in trouble.

Lastly- since I will be turning 30 this year...yes you read that right, I have been really connecting back to the times of my life that were the most innocent and carefree, and those would be the good old 80's. Here are a couple of the songs that make me think of being a kid (under 10) every time I hear them. Its sort of sad to get older, and I don't mean the aging part, but the fact that you will never relive those moments in your life that have past, ever again.

John Waite - Missing You
Uploaded by sayit. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Madonna - Borderline
Uploaded by trashfan. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

Not your mothers review! Just in time for Halloween! Playful Threads Giveaway!

I was lucky enough to get to review an awesome website that caters to those who are bringing sexy back! is an amazing website where you can find all sorts of fun items for all sorts of occasions.

I spent an incredible amount of time online checking out all the different things that they have! Okay, so many of us hate to buy lingerie. It’s usually over priced and we never find pieces that actually fit and flatter people of the “normal” size. Some woman are just more comfortable in their own skin then others, and there is nothing really wrong or weird about that. What I liked about this website is that they categorize their items in a way that you can sort and shop for things that you might actually consider wearing. For instance, lets say you are not really comfortable in teddies, or the bra and thong combos, well there are other great options under the Mini Dress and the Chemises and Robes menus, that may make you feel more confident and comfortable.

What I found to be super interesting and for sure a plus…literally…is that they have many of their items in plus sizes. Now, I'm not talking about a small section of like 10 items, I am talking about a large selection! While looking at the larger selection, you will find many items will state, “available in plus size.” I was impressed with the concern of the company to attempt to reach all the female customers, and not just a few.

The pricing was very reasonable! I truly believe that there was something for everyone’s price range. Again, it impressed me that the company was involved in being accessible to all women.

Here are more fun pics of just a sample of some of my favorite items! I love the Halloween selection! Get your costume online! Use the Free2bMommy Free Shipping code: FREEAV!

Want to win a $30 gift certificate to buy your own goodies?!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

I will be back soon! I promise!

I will be back soon! I am still suffering from a sinus headache, that I swear turned into a migraine 3 days ago! This is day 5 and I plan on seeing an ear, nose, and throat doc, ASAP.

Just had to share something that I shared on my fb with family and friends!

Nissan messed up when they failed to knock on my door and get the real "devil in disguise" to star in this video! The hubs and I crack up laughing everytime we see this commercial!! We are both thinking the same thing!! BEAN!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sinus pain from hell!

Picture Credits
Picture Credits

Am I the only one on the Gulf Coast that experienced severe sinus pain and migraine from the weather pressure yesterday (Hermine) ?

Q: Are there any links between sinus pressure headaches and barometric pressure?

A: Changes in the air pressure, caused either by the weather or by your going up or down in an airplane can cause sinus or ear pain.

Fortunately, for most people, most of the time, pressure changes causes only minor discomfort.

If your sinuses are stopped up by a cold or allergies, air can become trapped in them. If the air pressure decreases, the difference between the higher-pressure air trapped inside and the lower pressure outside causes an outward pressure, which can cause pain. Going up in an airplane or a fast elevator in a high building causes the pressure around you to decrease. The opposite happens when you come down.

Changes in the weather also causes the air pressure to change. The pressure decreases as a storm is moving in, increases as a storm moves away. (Related:
Understanding air pressure)

The relations between air pressure and health is quite complicated and many scientific questions remain.

You can learn more by going to a story on
weather-related pain.
(Answered by Jack Williams, weather editor, March 30, 2005)

I felt like I was dying yesterday and thought I might pass out from the pain! My face hurt so incredibly bad. It started with minor pressure on both sides of the bridge of my nose and a little behind the eyes, then as the day progressed it elevated to a migraine complete with vision and hearing sensitivity.

I used my neti pot about 3 times yesterday resulting in only temporary relief. Finally when I could not longer take it and was literally in tears crying on the bed in the dark, did I take 2 aleve (anti inflammatory meds) and I went to the kitchen and turned on the faucet as hot as I could, then placed a wash towel under the water and pressed it to my face over my forehead, eyes, and nose.

I then prayed for relief.

The pain finally subsided right before I had to get the kids to bed, and we were all able to sleep peacefully.

I woke up this morning feeling almost 100%. Thank you God.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MBM was cancelled due to me sucking!

Sorry, for missing Mean B_tch Monday yesterday. I spent all day in the car on the way home from a weekend trip up to Dallas. When I got home, I was pooped, to put it nicely!

I had some great ideas too, after an eventful weekend, believe me!

I was at my cousins wedding this weekend and we had an amazing time! I cant wait to share some pics of my crazy I need their permission to do that?!! hahha!!

The pic waaaay above is one that my sisters boyfriend took of us prior to the wedding!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Friday ADHD might be wondering...

Picture: x0ostangchica811

You may be wondering or criticizing how I can post about homeschool and my kids in one post, then turn around and post "Mean B_tch Monday" in the next. Well the answer is is possible to love your children unconditionally and be willing to sacrifice everything for them, all while remaining a person with a personality and attitude all of your own.

That's a nutshell. Not really, but it sounded cool.

My kids don't read my blog, and that is the point. Its my time to really be me, and damn it, I LOVE ME! All my thoughts and opinions are not always rated G? See where I'm going here?

Bean seriously hit me in the eye with scissors and he put his chewed gum under the lamp shade! Time out time....wait, how does that work again?

The man at the homeschool store looks really scary and mean, but he is soooo incredibly nice and helpful. The store still creeps me out though, its really small and books are up to the ceiling! Dee needs her personal space...wait, why am I talking about myself in the third person?

I ate 1 slice of margarita pizza and my breath smelled for the rest of the day...there were actual chunks of garlic in it! Tasted good at the time...

Whatever you do this weekend, just remember to be safe, and if you cant seem to be safe for yourself, do it for all the other people out there, who like to play it safe.

The Diary of a Wimpy Lapbook...not really!

The lapbook is an amazing tool, that I just didn't get until we did one ourselves. Monkey looooved it and I never realized how many different components come into play while making the book. You have a lot of Science <--the subject we chose to do our lapbook on, writing, reading, research, art, computer skills, and story telling.

The lapbook to me is difficult to describe for me. Basically it is a tool that you can use in conjunction with your current study topics, in any subject. We were covering the chapter in the REAL Science for Kids - Level 1 that is on the butterfly. We read and learned about the butterfly and then she was able to put all the different components that she learned into a book with different areas. She was soooo incredibly empowered by this!

If you have noooooo idea what the heck I'm talking about...check out this website! Lots of sites have information about lapbooking, but this site is one of my favorites for newbies.

The basics on making the larger part of the book.

Here is the site where I downloads a couple template pieces. Since this was going to be both of our first lapbook, I wanted to give her a little direction. She is advanced in science, so her favorite part was all of the research and the drawings with labels.

The first 2 pictures are what she started with...

These pics are of her final lapbook. You can see where she used the topics and ran with them. She included butterfly picture cards, some of her favorite facts, life cycle diagrams and more!

All of the little details that she put into it.

We are going to try to do one every couple of weeks and tie it into either a social science or science topic. I really did underestimate the value of this tool!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st week of homeschooling in pictures...

Okay, and maybe a few words too! Sorry the pics are not the best. They are all iphone pics...couldn't find camera!!

Starting with breakfast! Monkey opted for waffles.

First day as an official 3rd grader! We set her up in a corner of the home office.

The lapbook project - Butterflies <---more on this soon!

Great monthly calendar, that she can update every day and a weekly calendar, so she knows what her daily assignments are.

This is the only "stage" we got to in our tot activities. Then he proceeded to take the whole crate and throw the pieces all over the room. That was soooo much fun picking up! He may still be too small. It was fun though!

I bought foam multi colored squares and circles from target for $1 each and the plastic shot glasses were a set of 4 for $1 at Target too.

The activity is great for hand eye coordination, stacking, pouring, and a bunch of other stuff he made up himself. Simple. but Bean loved it!

It was truly an amazing first week!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Right on the Walls Winner!!!

Soooooo, I am a lil late with this announcement...stop shaking your head at me!

The winner, is someone who I was beyond excited to have win! Someone who participates in all of my giveaways, and has been a follower since the beginning. She is one of my favorite bloggers and always has great stuff to share and I love how she relates to my crazy life and even crazier kids!
The winner is #18

Thank you to everyone who participated, many of you participate all the time, and I really appreciate the support!

Thank you to Right on the Walls for being so generous to Free2bMommy! I am a shopper for life!


Smelly Towel Review! Yuck!

Have you ever washed a large load of towels that perhaps sat a little too long in the hamper or in that pile on the bathroom floor? Urgh! It doesn't take much for the damp towels to start smelling! Have you ever washed those towels and realized that they still have a mildew smell?

Smelly Towel Cleaner was created by the makers of Smelly Washer to specifically remove that musty, mildew smell from towels and clothing. The product is all natural and super safe to use!Just a teaspoon added to a full load of musty towels or laundry makes them smell like new again!

Use just a half teaspoon of Smelly Towel Cleaner as a detergent booster to enhance colors and keep that fresh smell!

My experience: I always thought I was just not putting enough detergent in, but I did notice a difference after using the Smelly Towel Cleaner. Now, it was not an Earth shattering difference, and I am not even sure I would use it regularly, but I have a hubby that loves to go fishing and bring back wet stinky clothes and towels, and kids who swim regularly and love to throw the towels on the floor, and when those times arise, I will reach for the Smelly Towel Cleaner.

Check out their site for more information and info on how to buy Smelly Towel Cleaner!

I received no monetary compensation for this review. The opinions stated in this review are 100% true based on my experience with the item.

Constructive Eating Review and Giveaway!

I was given the chance to review and giveaway a product from Constructive Eating! Sounds interesting right? It is…for kids that is!

Constructive Eating's bulldozer pusher, fork lift fork, and front loader spoon are designed with function and play value in mind. Textured, easy grip handles and detailing allow little hands to hold on tight. Even the youngest child will animate these construction machines with their true to life color, scale and shaping.

What I loved:
It all boils down to the fact that Bean loved it and had fun while using it! He would point at the utensils wanting to play with them even when we were not eating! The plate and utensils are easy to wash and store. The bright colors are great and lots of fun! If you are like me, and your tot is easily distracted, then this is a great way to keep them involved.
Check out Bean!

Want one for your kiddo?

Please post one comment per entry with your email!

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I received no monetary compensation for this review. The opinion expressed in this review are 100% true based on my individual experience with the item.

Homeschooling and blogging...hmmmmm.

Picture: Big Heart by moemoechi

Hello friends! I know you are boarderline pschiatric ward right about now without me updating me blog yesterday! Its going to be okay...breath. Here take one of my happy pills...better? Okay!

I am homeschooling on day 3 and let me tell you...I LOVE IT! I already feel so much more connected to monkey...crazy what you miss when they are at school.

I will update later today with great pics of what we are working on!

I promise to get back on track with my regular blog posts and reading of all of my favs...just be patient and I will heart you forever!

Oh and I have some great product reviews coming up from Contructive Eating, Smelly Washer, and WITH GIVEAWAYS!!!