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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not your mothers review! Just in time for Halloween! Playful Threads Giveaway!

I was lucky enough to get to review an awesome website that caters to those who are bringing sexy back! is an amazing website where you can find all sorts of fun items for all sorts of occasions.

I spent an incredible amount of time online checking out all the different things that they have! Okay, so many of us hate to buy lingerie. It’s usually over priced and we never find pieces that actually fit and flatter people of the “normal” size. Some woman are just more comfortable in their own skin then others, and there is nothing really wrong or weird about that. What I liked about this website is that they categorize their items in a way that you can sort and shop for things that you might actually consider wearing. For instance, lets say you are not really comfortable in teddies, or the bra and thong combos, well there are other great options under the Mini Dress and the Chemises and Robes menus, that may make you feel more confident and comfortable.

What I found to be super interesting and for sure a plus…literally…is that they have many of their items in plus sizes. Now, I'm not talking about a small section of like 10 items, I am talking about a large selection! While looking at the larger selection, you will find many items will state, “available in plus size.” I was impressed with the concern of the company to attempt to reach all the female customers, and not just a few.

The pricing was very reasonable! I truly believe that there was something for everyone’s price range. Again, it impressed me that the company was involved in being accessible to all women.

Here are more fun pics of just a sample of some of my favorite items! I love the Halloween selection! Get your costume online! Use the Free2bMommy Free Shipping code: FREEAV!

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