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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smelly Towel Review! Yuck!

Have you ever washed a large load of towels that perhaps sat a little too long in the hamper or in that pile on the bathroom floor? Urgh! It doesn't take much for the damp towels to start smelling! Have you ever washed those towels and realized that they still have a mildew smell?

Smelly Towel Cleaner was created by the makers of Smelly Washer to specifically remove that musty, mildew smell from towels and clothing. The product is all natural and super safe to use!Just a teaspoon added to a full load of musty towels or laundry makes them smell like new again!

Use just a half teaspoon of Smelly Towel Cleaner as a detergent booster to enhance colors and keep that fresh smell!

My experience: I always thought I was just not putting enough detergent in, but I did notice a difference after using the Smelly Towel Cleaner. Now, it was not an Earth shattering difference, and I am not even sure I would use it regularly, but I have a hubby that loves to go fishing and bring back wet stinky clothes and towels, and kids who swim regularly and love to throw the towels on the floor, and when those times arise, I will reach for the Smelly Towel Cleaner.

Check out their site for more information and info on how to buy Smelly Towel Cleaner!

I received no monetary compensation for this review. The opinions stated in this review are 100% true based on my experience with the item.


  1. I need some of that! Don't forget when someone accidently leaves the clothes in the washer overnight. LOL Happens at our house alot. :)

  2. Dee, thanks for sharing this. I really need some. LOL You know the weather here at the island is very humid and hampers do get a musty odor. I guess it would be helpful.

    Un saludo : )

  3. WOW do I need this! How about when the kids leave a super wet piled up towel on the counter!! UGH Thanks!


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