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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Diary of a Wimpy Lapbook...not really!

The lapbook is an amazing tool, that I just didn't get until we did one ourselves. Monkey looooved it and I never realized how many different components come into play while making the book. You have a lot of Science <--the subject we chose to do our lapbook on, writing, reading, research, art, computer skills, and story telling.

The lapbook to me is difficult to describe for me. Basically it is a tool that you can use in conjunction with your current study topics, in any subject. We were covering the chapter in the REAL Science for Kids - Level 1 that is on the butterfly. We read and learned about the butterfly and then she was able to put all the different components that she learned into a book with different areas. She was soooo incredibly empowered by this!

If you have noooooo idea what the heck I'm talking about...check out this website! Lots of sites have information about lapbooking, but this site is one of my favorites for newbies.

The basics on making the larger part of the book.

Here is the site where I downloads a couple template pieces. Since this was going to be both of our first lapbook, I wanted to give her a little direction. She is advanced in science, so her favorite part was all of the research and the drawings with labels.

The first 2 pictures are what she started with...

These pics are of her final lapbook. You can see where she used the topics and ran with them. She included butterfly picture cards, some of her favorite facts, life cycle diagrams and more!

All of the little details that she put into it.

We are going to try to do one every couple of weeks and tie it into either a social science or science topic. I really did underestimate the value of this tool!


  1. That's a really good idea. Kind of like a mini scrapbook of this youve learnt, only neater, lol. I am looking forward to when my youngling is a bit bigger and we can make things like this together.

    I'm sure I will find it more fun than he will. For now we will have to stick to hand and foot prints for the grandparents.

    Take care
    Kate Collings
    xx - always welcoming new followers xx

  2. It was tons of fun! I actually look forward to her next project!


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