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Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st week of homeschooling in pictures...

Okay, and maybe a few words too! Sorry the pics are not the best. They are all iphone pics...couldn't find camera!!

Starting with breakfast! Monkey opted for waffles.

First day as an official 3rd grader! We set her up in a corner of the home office.

The lapbook project - Butterflies <---more on this soon!

Great monthly calendar, that she can update every day and a weekly calendar, so she knows what her daily assignments are.

This is the only "stage" we got to in our tot activities. Then he proceeded to take the whole crate and throw the pieces all over the room. That was soooo much fun picking up! He may still be too small. It was fun though!

I bought foam multi colored squares and circles from target for $1 each and the plastic shot glasses were a set of 4 for $1 at Target too.

The activity is great for hand eye coordination, stacking, pouring, and a bunch of other stuff he made up himself. Simple. but Bean loved it!

It was truly an amazing first week!


  1. wow, homeschooling is not for the lazy like me! i love reading about how others do it though!

  2. I finished my homeschooling up last year. My youngest is going back to public school this year. After 7 of them, I'm tired!
    Good for you , have fun!

  3. Yeah....we sort of accidently fell into it, but I am glad that we did.

  4. I love your calendar that's next on my list


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