The 411

This is my random life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no real purpose other then to share. So glad to have you on board for the ride, got your seat belt on??!

About me

Hey yall!

I am Dee, but I enjoy envoking Free2bmommy. I started this blog to have a place to document my transition from working as a full time staff person as a Community Manager for the American Cancer Society to a full time stay at home mom/work at home mom. I am married to my best friend who we will call P-Bear, and have two beautiful children that I affectionately call Monkey (age 8) ---ADHD President and Bean AKA T-Rex (age 2). I have Generalized Anxiety I tend to be a little bit on edge most of the time.  I am proudly a Native Texan by the grace of God! The stars at night, are big and bright...clap clap clap clap...deep in the heart of TEXAS!

I come from a loud, sarcastic, anxious, and animated family. The type of family that others have said "if your family was a reality show...I would totally watch it!" People either love us or they talk about us. Ya gotta luv um!

My "former self" has also inspired me to create this blog. Do I talk about that person often? No, but I believe that the experiences that we live to tell about, are what mold and make us the person we become. I like to think that every person that we encounter, good or bad, has a very special and integral role in shaping the experiences that make us who we finally end up being. Someone we can be proud of.

I use to be a little "wild," and made poor choices in friends, guys, and just about everything else. My stuborness lead me to "have to learn the hard way," for just about everything. Do I regret those experiences? I use to, but now I would say no, I love who I have become, and frankly would not be the same person had those experiences not happened.  I'm sure I will or have already shared some...and believe me...they are for a good read!

So why Free2bMommy?
While checking out other blogs by moms, I found that even though I enjoyed reading the blogs that I found, there was still something missing. I do not fit what you might be visioning as a WAHM (work at home mom), so just stop right there.

 In one sentence, I am an anxiety ridden wife, mom, college graduate, small business owner, work at home mom, etsy ethusiast, that just so happens to be Latina. I am like 5th generation Mexican-American, and actually attended private school my entire life up until college. Okay so maybe that was two sentences, but you get the picture.  Did I mention I love pink?!

I am a big goofball, so come and be a big goofball with me!

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