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Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 weeks WAHM and counting...

Will I miss the my "safe" job? Sure, I will miss the uncomfortable business casual, office politics, pointless never ending meetings, pseudo conversation, and bully female bosses. Can you hear the sarcasm? Although these things are not rare in most offices, I personally could not envision a permanence working with these toxic elements. In other words, I am over it. WAHM bound! In reality, I need to remind myself that I am not quitting the "safe" job to be a stay at home mom (not that there is anything wrong with that), but rather I am leaving one job for another that just happens to office out of my home. I am going to have the best of both words, and it is something that I have given myself. It is then that I can sleep at night....zzzzzz.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Look what was for dinner last night...

I made chicken flautas with beans...okay the beans were from the can, but I added some mexican cheese to smooth the texture. The chicken flautas were 100% made by me. I cut some avocado slices for the plate with a dallop of sour cream. Yummy! Hubby loved it and so did the kiddos! WAHM did good!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Win a custom header by the frilly coconut!!

Check out the details on this awesome opportunity to take your blog to the next level! Her work is awesome!! Check out the site for more details!

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The Frilly Coconut

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get the "girl" on your butt!

Here I go again with my love for the punk style baby clothes! I love these pants...I wonder if they come in my size? In case you need the translation "muchacha" is a friendly way to say young girl in spanish. Check them out at!

Latina mommy troubles...

When I started this blog a few months ago, it was initially with the purpose to represent motherhood and what that meant in my life. The truth is that being a Mexican-American mommy is only a drop of what makes me....well me. My original thought for the name of the blog was "Brown Sugar Mommy," and I had hoped to shed light on Latino families and link with other Latina bloggers. This "blog project" was also to help me transition through a rough time between working full time and balancing a small business along with being a mommy and my new life as a WAHM and leaving my full time secure "safe" job. It has become an animal of its own and it makes me want to pour everything into it and make it the best I can. I changed my original name because I wanted for my blog to not only interest Latina mommies, not even just moms, but people. I was scared then that if I named it "Brown Sugar Momma" I would lose readers who might think that was "all the blog was about." I stand behind my choice of Free2bMommy, because it really encompasses who I am, but I sometimes wonder if I would have been better off with my first choice. Just thought I would share some honesty with you.

The cute socks ya gotta have!

Check them out here!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let me wrizite for you!


A lil bit about me...

I will be working from home starting March 12. I own the West Houston Just Between Friends, but want to further foster my other passion for blogging. I am going to be freelancing as a ghost blogger specializing in small businesses. I would love to continue to build my portfolio.

I can also keep your social network accounts up to date and circulating links back to your website. Seems easy enough, but I know first hand how in the business world we get little time to sit at the computer and create content the masses actually care about. HA! Now I will actually have the time to help you. Contact me at if you are interested. Okay enough about me...back to the blog.

What the chip man??

I have decided to nick name my Bean "T-Rex", because he was basically born with a mouth full of teeth. He stares at me with those little eyes as I sit and munch on pringles, so I give in and give him a couple...big mistake. He took them in his hand and crunched them into tiny pieces! Nothing more fun then trying to find every little piece of broken pringles on the floor. A little time passed and he came around again crying and looking like he really wanted a chip this time. Dummy me, gave him another one. What does he do? Right. He crunches it in his hand and proceeds to spread these crumbs all over the couch! Don't bother...I already know when I get up to look in the mirror the word "SUCKER" will be there.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Men would never last...

I love to watch my PBear try to manage my chaotic kids. They are insane! Bean is walking around in his red elmo onesie while Monkey is alternating between asking questions that there are no answers to with complaining about something that Bean is doing! I think that we woman can do things that surpass any natural physical strength. That strength that we possess is the power to unselfishly love our rugrats no matter what. We do not put conditions on our kids. They can piss us off one minute and we look at their little smile a few minutes later and we forget why we were mad. Today, I was compelled to share one of my "momma moments". Okay, I'm done now.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

WAHM tips from the experts

Check out this helpful article on tips for working at home with kids. I found it SUPER informative since I soon will be a WAHM myself.

You can never say I am a "Blog Hog" :)

Just had to share

Try pulling this out at your next BBQ!! for $25

Friday, February 19, 2010

Is it bitchy to...

It is 4pm in Houston Texas on a Friday. Anyone who has ever visited Houston knows how utterly helpless the traffic is on any given day much less a Friday. You honestly can not get out early enough to beat the traffic. So, today while on my way home from the Dr. I get stuck in the all to predictable slow traffic merging to enter another freeway. I am trying to remain calm and positive thinking that before I know it, I will be free moving. That is when I notice as I near the merge, that there are tons of cars that are bypassing the long line just to cut in last minute with hopes that some idiot "do gooder" will not see their evil plot for what it really is! How crappy is that? What makes these individuals think that their arrival to wherever they are going, is any more important then the next person? When did we stop being embarrassed by laziness and lack of courtesy? I have to say that I did not let anyone cut me off. I really did not care if they were able to get somebody ahead of me to let them in, I was making a point damnit! I even gestured a couple of times for them to "get to the end of the line." My only hope is that the next time they try to pull a stunt like that, they will think twice and actually be embarrassed to cut people. Who am I kidding?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dallas moms list favorite consignment stores for kids' items | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Life/Travel

Don't we all just love a bargain? Especially on kids stuff. How long do these kiddos actually wear certain things and play with certain toys? Many times the items are still new when your child has already outgrown it. Frustrating I know.

Of couse Just Between Friends is my favorite kids consignment event. They are the original maternity and children's consignment event, and the most trusted. Just Between Friends happened to make the top favorites list. Check it out!

Dallas moms list favorite consignment stores for kids' items News for Dallas, Texas Dallas Morning News Life/Travel

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Fab fav of the day!

Denim Bella Fuchsia Tote
Find it at
Love this! Super cute....non corny way to display how proud you are to be a mommy.
Check it out!

How Does Sex Affect Pregnancy? |

I love this site! I just want to share so much that they post! Lub it!

How Does Sex Affect Pregnancy? |

10 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband |

Love this article! Not that I am trying to imply anything...but it is good to know.

10 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband |

the hole that is eating your resume!!

Job seeking mommas! Check this out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My top favorite non lame cheap activities to do with kids

Sometimes I look up cheap things to do with my kiddos, and see tons of suggested lists. Most of the time I come across suggestions that would make my kids look at me like I was crazy! It is because of this that I have compiled a list of my top 10 cheap things to do with you kids. Some are specific to Houston, but if you ever visit the Houston area, you will know where to take the kids without breaking the vacation piggy bank.

Remember all 10 are my top no particular order.

1.) Visit a kids Museum. This needs to be a museum that is geared toward kids and what they actually want to do. The Houston Children's Museum offers specials on Thurs. night for free admission to everyone! If you prefer to attend on a non chaotic day, a regular day will cost you only $7 per person and $5 for parking if you choose to use their parking garage.

2.) Check out the park! Not a lame park ether! If you are in Houston, Discovery Green is an awesome spot to walk around and let the kids tumble down the hilly grass or check out the free activities that are often offered at Discovery Park. They host free events such as family yoga, puppet shows, movie nights, and art festivals, plus many more! Check out the calendar HERE!

3.) Rent a DVD and have a movie night complete with popcorn and other junk you usually don't allow them to eat. Let them pick the movie!

4.) Take your kids to a used book store. I take my daughter to the nearby Half Priced Books store, and at $1, $2, and $3, a piece for kids books, we both walk out with tons of books. I always set a budget for myself of about $15. $15 gets you a lot of kids books! You might want to jump it to $20 if you think you might find some books for yourself too.

5.) Play loud music and dance around! This sounds simple enough, but think about how often you do this? That is what makes it special for your kids. Mine love to do this, especially to the Kids Bop CD's!! (you can find these on itunes for as little as $1!)

6.) Pimp up your old t-shirts to make them new again! Okay maybe you wont actually wear them...but its fun! Get ideas for t-shirt pimpin' here!

7.) Remember the Library? If you have small children, check out the libraries calendar of events and they will most likely have "story times" for your kids to listen in on.

8.) Splash it up! You can of course visit a pool, but with smaller kids there are some really neat options. Buy a sprinkler types attachment or toy for your water hose and let your kids run in circles under the spray! ( I suggest the Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler by Little Tikes for only 14.99) I know I am taking it back old school...but someone had to.

9.) Finger paint or sidewalk chalk it! These possibilities are endless!! For the clean freak mom...I would suggest the Crayola Color Wonder Finger paint that is clear until it is on the special paper.

10.) Try a craft. I know this one sounds obvious, but it hardly ever fails. That is of course as long as you let your kids help in deciding what the craft will be. Here is a place to start!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The mommy shark tank

With the end of my full time job nearing, I am reminded of the "mommy shark tank" and my complete lack of ability to swim in it. You know, the same moms that actually have time to take their kids to Gymboree and play groups on a regular basis. The moms who get to wake up in a good mood because they have not been up all night worrying about how they are going to complete that budget proposal in time to leave early enough and make it just in time to see their 8 year old take the lead in the school play! Whew! I am tired just typing it! These are the moms that actually get to casually drop off their older kids at school wearing work out clothes, and carrying their morning coffee mug, while pushing an expensive jogging stroller. Oh, you know the ones, and if you don''s most likely you.

In contrast, I am the type of mom who is always stressed. I forget permission slips, get confused as to when teacher conferences are, allow just enough time to get up and out the door, and thinks poptarts for breakfast are...not that bad.

When Monkey started school, I got the first glimpse of how much I was not going to be able to "swim." I started to dread birthday parties, school events, and any other activity that involved me having to be in the same room with these moms. My attempts to start conversations with these moms proved to be pointless, and would often lead to an awkward silence. I finally X'ed these activities all together and would make either my mom or my "everybody loves Juan" husband go in my place.

I actually created my blog name in light of these interactions. Free2bMommy. People often ask me where I came up with it. It represents to me all the moms who do not fit into a specific mold, and are not afraid to express creative differences, admit imperfections, and questionable style choices. haha!

Who are we if we are not ourselves? It sucks but its true. We are constantly trying to conform to the mommy norm in order to not feel so damn awkward in situations with other parents. Who cares? You may be thinking to yourself "well I don't ever do that." Think again. We are all guilty of it...even me.

wine and pottery!

If you live in the Houston Heights area and are looking for something to do this Friday that wont put a big dent in your purse, check this out! I have been here on a couple of occasions and it is really awesome and tons of fun! Just thought I would share!

Young at Art
Paint Your Own Pottery Studio
244 West 19th Street
Wed-Sat 10-6pm, Sun. 12-5pm

Ladies Night Out (men are welcome...adults only) is this Friday, February 19from 6-9pm at Young at Art, Paint Your Own Pottery Studio. No fees - you pay only the price of the piece you paint. Bring some wine, grab a friend or date, come on inside and paint till late. Don't forget that we now offer fused glass and Paint Me Wearable Art ( paint it-we press it!) Call 713-862-0900 or e-mail us at to reserve your table today!

Mother's Day, Father's Day and Summer camp information coming soon.

How a bad boss can equal good management skills

When you are managed by a "bad boss" you are often inclined to notice the areas where they could improve or how "you would do it." I think that this is a very healthy way of learning. How? Let's use the case of "Anna." Anna works for a female boss who is both condescending and demanding of respect, yet never takes the time to get to know Anna in order to earn that Respect. Think of the last person you respected that treated you like dirt?

One key element to management is the ability to not assign anything to your staff that you yourself would not be willing to do. How many in management actually do this? It is often masked behind what they perceive to be "delegation." Anna, being in the early stages of her career learns first hand what works and what does not work in dealing with staff from simple observation.

Some of the best bosses I personally ever had, were bosses who had at one point or another had done my exact job. Is it a coincidence that these bosses were just natural leaders? Maybe. Most likely their skills were fostered by observation as the "Anna" early in their career.

FINAL NOTE: Something to think about when you want to strangle your boss with her fancy scarf...use it as a learning experience and take note. In the future, you may actually be thanking her.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What is the big deal about your blog?

I have spent a considerable amount of time checking out blogs similar to mine that generate tons of views and publicity. What makes a good blog? What makes one interesting? Why are some that create ridiculous brain dead content more popular then others? I am fascinated by this. I love to do searches for the "top blogs" to see what makes a "top blog" with hopes of some inspiration or ideas to incorporate into my own material. The thing is, lots of what I see is not that engaging. This is not to say that they are not decent reading material, but I have seen several instances where some really great, informative, and entertaining blogs go completely ignored. What gives? One common aspect I have seen is TONS of ads running up and down the page, along with tons or subtopics listed at the top of the page that take me all over the world wide web! No I don't want to buy bright pink tutu's and biodegradable diapers!! URGH!! Enough with the clickable ads. Let's promise to stay true to content and not be blind sighted by dough.

Chocolate: Safe or Scary? - ParentDish

You be the judge...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Screw the roses! Bring on the orchids!

My gift from my hubby and kiddos for an early Valentines surprise! Sorry so blurry...took it with my iphone (we all know how great those pics turn out)

On this Valentines weekend I could not help but see the large masses of red roses flying out of grocery stores, online sites, and street corners. I do not hide my disgust for red roses, especially when given on Valentines day. If you get red roses, you MUST be loved. Right? My view is simple. A rose is the most common, cliche, and ordinary flower you could ever find! There is nothing original about it. Why would you want to show your love how you feel for them by giving them such a mediocre flower? It makes no sense to me. The orchid on the other hand is timeless, classy, and delicate. So which would you prefer? Common, cliche, and ordinary? Timeless, classy, and delicate? Just a little something to taint your thoughts when you receive your flowers this year. You have to admit, that I present a very valid argurment. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Frienemy? Really?

My eight year old Monkey was talking to me during one of our trips from meemaws to our home, and she mentioned that there was this one girl in her class that was "sometimes nice but sometimes mean." As I listened I became confused as to whether or not Monkey actually knows what a "real" friend is. I mentioned to her that I was confused because if this girl is sometimes her friend and sometimes not, why was she still considered a friend? She responded by saying, "well mommy we are more like frienemies." I can only imagine how I looked and was relieved that Monkey was in the back seat and could not see my stunned expression. Frienemies at 8 years old. Really??!!

So once I got on my "frienemies kick" I was curious to see if the term was actually defined somewhere online. Turns out it appears in sources such as Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary (ok so not the MOST reliable sources but a start.) The Urban Dictionary gave the most clear definition.

Seems pretty clear cut to me, and apparently I was under the impression that 8 year old's would have no reason to use the term. I guess I was wrong. I wonder who my frienemies are??

Here is what it said!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

When does the exercise part begin??! Groan!

We all know that there are many ways to get in shape. Do we ever really want to hear that on top of being fabulous and a super mom, we also are expected to have killer abs? Okay so maybe that is an exaggeration, but the basic premise of making time to establish a healthy exercise regimen is no joke. A friend of mine told me about this awesome exercise routine that she said I would enjoy so much, I would not even realize that I was sweating my butt off! Literally! I said "now you sound like an infomercial." I have nothing to gain by sharing this information with you, but I really think it is something that many moms like myself can get into.

It's called Zumba. Zumba, according to the website is "a program that fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. Our goal is simple: We want you to want to work out, to love working out, to get hooked. Zumba® Fanatics achieve long-term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!"

One of the things that I love about Zumba was how no matter what you skill or talent level is, you feel comfortable during the entire routine. You can slow down or speed up depending on how you feel. The most important thing is that it is FUN! A word I rarely use in the same sentence as exercise.

The website is the BEST source of information! Here are some of the options that the website offers.

So come one and "ditch the workout!" So worth checking out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What to give...what to give...

What are you getting your loved ones for V-Day? Here is a list of my favorite things. Click on the gifts for where to buy info.

Valentines day topics

Valentine's day is loved and hated by many people all over the world. What is your take? Many people view it as just another "holiday" created by Hallmark as a scheme to make more money. Others view it as a chance to profess your feelings for the people in your life that you love. We can agree that both opinions are at total opposite ends of the spectrum. After viewing the many different links and topics online regarding this nearing day, I decided to find out where Valentines Day even came from? Who invented it? Who is Valentine? What's up with the cupid? You might be surprised to hear that blood, death, and prison, played a large part in this story.

Here is a great article that sums up Valentines Day and it's origins. Of course it came from the History Channel website.

Check it out here

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fab find of the day!

Okay so maybe it's technically the end of the day...why did I not see this while I was expecting??!!


Can anyone explain to me why people feel the need to disrespect other people in order to feel validated? Today I was reminded as to how ridiculous people in authoritative positions can be. I made the conscious decision to leave my job...even in this recession. I have never been more sure about any other decision in my life. Now I can focus on what really matters, and maybe get a piece of myself back in the process. Somehow we tend to lose ourselves when we are working for someone else. Are we really ourselves while attempting to conform to the office norm? When you take a second to step back and really look at who you have become at work, do you like what you see? Have you sacrificed who you are in order to stay in the good graces of your "superiors"? You cannot pay me enough. Not sure if you ever could...well maybe.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Keeping your tots engaged while you...whatever...

I usually do not do product reviews, but I love this book. It is a book made to look like a small tote. If your kids are like mine, they love to dig in bags and take things out. My little one loves this so much that he actually goes through other peoples bags and purses too! This book was originally a filler gift for Christmas, and it ended up being one of the favorites! It is a little hard to get open but once you get it "broken it" you will love it. Each page of the book has all sorts of real like items that you would find in a purse or tote. Complete with cell phone, photo album, bottled water, and laptop, to name a few of the fun items depicted in the book. You will really just have to check it out yourself, but I highly recommend it. Check it out at here!

My fav of the day

Is it just me or do most onsies all look the same? Here are some alternatives to the ordinary that I found online! Check it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Freelance jobs that work for mommy!

If you are like me, I had heard the term "freelance" and "freelancer" many times throughout my life. I had no idea really what it meant but was always given the impression that is was someone who roamed around and did work where they could. That sounds pretty pathetic right? I thought so too. I now know my initial thought regarding freelance work was wrong.

Freelance according to Encarta® World English Dictionary is somebody working for different companies: a self-employed person working, or available to work, for a number of employers, and usually hired for a limited period.

So what does this mean to you?

Here are some jobs that freelance people do, and many you may find surprisingly interesting.

  • Author
  • Blogger
  • Doula
  • Computer consulting
  • Coaching
  • Errand services
  • Graphic design
  • Event planning
  • Interior decorating
  • Travel Agent
  • Tutor
  • Virtual assistant
  • Researcher
  • Wedding planner
  • Repair services
The possibilities really are endless. Check out these great sites and explore how the system works. Basically if you are interested in freelance work, a great tip is to start thinking about skills and experience that you already possess. You can take a look at your talents and see where you can apply them to work independently and even from home!

You can also check out this "Monster list of freelancing job sites" listed by