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This is my random life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no real purpose other then to share. So glad to have you on board for the ride, got your seat belt on??!

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Who is "Monkey?"

Why do we call her Monkey? Here is how it went down...

I was laid out on the hospital bed after giving birth to my first child. My husband paced the floor with our beautiful creation that almost disappeared in his arms. I turned to look toward my new baby and her proud daddy. I was only able to see the top of her head from where he was standing. "She looks like a baby monkey!" I said. Now just to be clear, the type of monkey I was referring to is the cute Curious George type. She looked soooooo cute in his arms and it made her look soooooo tiny. She had a full head of black hair, that was tapered to her head with no random strands out of place. Just like a baby monkey! Later she owned her name by being overly daring and jumping 2 feet from the sofa chair to the sofa at the age of about 2! Now she still climbs, swings, and does tons of other daring tricks. That is how Monkey became Monkey. Monkey is my little problem child, and I say that with love. She has a severe panick attack disorder and ADHD, and is medicated for both. Got a problem with that? I would love to discuss it with you.
Who is "Bean?"

I will start by saying, it's not because we are Mexican-American...I know what you were thinking! Bean is my son who is one year old. His story is a little bit shorter and more random. When we went to get his first ultrasound, he looked like a tiny kidney bean. So before we knew what gender he would be, I referred to him as Bean or Peanut. He lived up to that name as an infant who would always arch his back and stick his booty out when picked up, making the shape of yet again, the kidney bean. I dropped the kidney and whaa laaa! Bean was born!

Bubba AKA Tyrannosaurus Lex

"The Storm is comin"

His Bio is coming soon...