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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Holy Crap, my life has changed!

So while I was suppose to be cleaning the house I instead found myself watching some random episode on Netflix about some prison inmates that foster abandoned dogs. Really, great....but for some reason I started to think to myself "you know self...I really did enjoy my random vents on my old blog." I had worked so hard to engage the community I was interested in and desperately seeked a way to relate. The whole reason I started the blog was to find a way to escape from what I considered to be a plain existance as a new homeschooling mom forced to leave the "professional" world and lead a falsely perceived uneventful life that needed purpose. You see, being a mother was not enough for me at that age. I felt like a failure if I wasted all my education and hard work by just staying home with my 1 and shortly after 2 kids. Although I would never have admitted it then...I will admit that now. Hindsight is always 20/20. What I missed was a general maturity that you gain in your 30's...I realize that now.

Fast forward and I am living on my own with my 3 kids and "the warden" is no more. Well sort of...

BUT I will those details for future posts.

Thank you world for the prison inmate and dog show....