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Friday, July 30, 2010

Winner of EcoUsable Prize set!

Winner of the EcoUsable Prize Set!!
Congrats #53


Thanks to everyone who stops to take a minute to enter the giveaways!

A Friday ADHD Moment

Its Friday and that means that my mind has attempted to absorb a weeks worth of details, all of which I have forgotten at this point. So, lately I have been using Friday to share my random ADHD meaningless fragments of thought. Hey, they make sense to me!

Apparently a certain credit card company is not too happy with me calling them stalkers and telling their collection people to "get a real job!" They sent me some not so nice paperwork that would appear that they mean business. Whatever.

Went to the dentist today, only to find out that I need $1000 worth of work...that is my portion only! I grind my teeth. I know many of you most likely grind too, but do you grind your teeth so bad that they start falling apart? Didn't think so. I'm such a freak.

I could cry with the amount of stress I am in deciding what to do with my we stay in a home that we pay a crap load to live in and have NO space, or do we sell and find something much larger for less money somewhere else? I hate having to make decisions that I don't want to make.

My son creeps me case you didn't read my last post. He hit me last night like 10 times when I was trying to get him to go to sleep early and because I said "no" to the midnight Oreo just last night. I think he was pissed about the post. Maybe one of his playground buddies sold me out.

Prescription costs can drive you into needing more pills and drinking. Its a freaking pharmaceutical conspiracy!

My mom is impossible.

The Boost my mom gave me for "natural energy" made my belly hurt like, "alien tearing out of my stomach in a diner", hurt! <---I know she secretly wants someone to "whack me." HAHAHA!! Someone watched Goodfellas last night!! hahaha!!

I have said this once and I will say it again. I hate gossip, just call me and ask me. SHIT!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anything but freaking ordinary- makings of a little psycho?!

Yes he is 22 months old and still has his "chuppy" and what biotches?! Say something, I dare you! I am pretty gangster. har har har snort!

Urgh! My head is killing me, and I really want to take my tot, place him in a box, and send him to the Antarctica! He is our "screamer." AHHHH! Take me out of my misery!!! He screams sooooo loud!!! Why is he screaming? Well because I am getting after him for slapping me in the face! He has become this little monster!! He hits, punches, backhands, bites, and pinches. Where in the world did he learn this from? He is not even in school! I am going to keep an eye out and make sure I don't catch him torturing little animals or playing with matches.

The weird thing is how creepy he is about it sometimes. He comes up all sweet looking so you let him get close thinking he might give you a besito (little kiss) then he swings his head back and head butts you!!

Don't get me wrong he is also really sweet and loving. His mean side I will call T-Rex and his sweet side I will call Bean. When Bean is around, he love you and hugs you. He gives you kisses and comes up to you and hugs you, just for no reason at all. When T-Rex is around, all hell breaks loose!

It seems that yet again, the word "no" does not seem to be working in my family. Now I will go cry in the corner in the fetal position rocking back and forth until I can make sense of all this madness!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mexican Hunting...what would you do?

Okay, so I saw this episode of "What would you do?" on TV last night. You know the show with the creepy guy who sets up all the scenarios to see how people would react, and then we all just end up feeling shitty or pissed off about humanity?

The guy who the story is originally about was an Equadorian man in New Jersey who was beat to death for being ASSumed as Mexican. The practice is called "Mexican Hunting/hopping." It is the hate crime act of seeking out Mexicans to beat brutally. Why? Start honky hillbilly voice here---> For being Mescan and if they are Mescan or look Mescan, they must be illegal right?

Maybe here in Houston you can ASSume that most brown people that you see are Mexican or of Mexican decent. That is plain old geographics and you would have to be an idiot to not know that Texas is one of the most highly Latino populated states. Specifically Mexicans.

These high schoolers decided to go Mexican Hunting and found the Ecuadorian man. They brutally kicked his ass, while screaming out racial slurs. What type of people spawn these losers?

I have a message for you "Mexican Hunters"

I have something for you to hunt...HUNT THIS! Bitches! Ariba ariba! haha! (sorry momma)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some really cool stuff for you to check out!

I was honored to be given the opportunity to review Jet Set Babies!!

Who like packing for a trip? If you are like me, you do not look forward to all the things that you are going to pack for your baby. You never know what they might need and frankly, it just uses up more space in your baggage!

Jet Set Babies will take the frustration out of getting everything you need for your babys trip!

Because they said it best...
"When it comes to traveling with a baby or young child, we have thought of everything – no matter what part of the globe you are visiting. Whether your trip is to the beach, a hotel with a pool, camping in the woods or taking to the ski slopes, we offer specialized packages to meet all of your baby’s needs for a long weekend, or a full week. From diapers and baby food to booster seats and portable beds, we ship and track your package to make sure it’s waiting for you when you reach your destination – anywhere in the world.

So, order all your baby travel supplies from Jet Set Babies and say goodbye to jam-packed luggage and excessive airline baggage fees and enjoy the relaxing convenience of finding everything your baby needs, waiting for you at your destination. Guess what? Home Delivery is also available!

Since my kiddos were going to be spending a week at their meemaw and peepaw's house, I chose the "Week at the Pool" package. My parents have a swimming pool, and even though my mom has some things for my son, there were lots of things that they were still going to need for his "mini vaca"

What I think:
I really like that they have different brands and varieties to chose from when placing your order. When you go to order the diapers for instance, you get to choose between a few brands and of course the size. There were even options for the suncreen brand, Take and Toss items, and wipes! I loved that you are given the option to do "add ons" consisting of product extras! I chose the Burt's Baby Travel Kit and love it! I actually had fun shopping online with Jet Set Babies and I think that you will too! <----seriously!

Here is what my son received!
Two jumbo package of diapers in your choice of brand and size
Two tubs of wipes in your choice of brand
Disposable changing pads
Disposable diaper sacks
Beach Ball
2 Squirting toys
Tube or can of sunscreen - I picked the Coppertone 50 Spray
Package of swimmers
Choice of The First Years 6 - 7 oz. disposable spill proof cups, 4 - 10 oz. disposable cups, or 4 - disposable straw cups
Choice of utensils including The First Years set of Take & Toss Spoon/Fork
The First Years Take & Toss Bowls w/lids (6 count)
Pampers Bibsters (32 count)
Wet Ones Singles (24 count)
Choice of baby bath/shampoo
Munchkin Bath Tub (baby not included) (tub not intended for use as a pool toy)

You will really have to check it out yourself to see how awesome the service is!
They have an great blog to check out to!

Guess what? Jet Set Babies has agreed to offer a 15% off your purchase with the code: free2bmommy and the free shipping on orders $75 and up!
Thank you to Jet Set Babies for being awesome enough to let us review an awesome service! We were given no monetary compensation for this review. Everything in this review is 100% true based on my personal experience.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is following for a follow really following?

Picture borrowed from:

FIRST- Thank you to everyone who took the time to check out my blog and follow it, actually thanks to anyone who actually reads regularly or when they are bored at work and have nothing better to do. Hey, I'll take it! haha!

I have been on the fence lately about participating in these "follow me" posts that it seems many are doing to gain that a word? I have done a few myself and have found some great blogs by it, but after a while, I started feeling straight up dirty for it. (don't you roll your eyes at me girl!"

Here is what I mean, "I am your like newest follower, like follow me back too okay?" Its kinda embarassingly juvenile. Sorry. No, actually you know that I'm not. Stop acting offended, I have lots of blogista friends who participate in these regularly, and it doent make me stalk them any less, its just the way I see it.

I have to ask myself what is more important? Having lots of "followers" or having real people who actually choose to read and appreciate my blog? I know, break out the Kumbaya and hand holding right?! Biotches!

Of course, naturally when I made the decision to slow down on the "Following on Steroids" I noticed a dramatic halt of new followers. Depressing as it is, at least now I am truley excited when I get a new followers. Why? I know that they found Free2bMommy somehow and decided to follow regardless of whether or not, I would follow them. I know, I know, if I dont like them, dont participate, right? Well, I dont want to say that either, because maybe one day when Im feeling downy dumps and start to think my blog needs validation or I need an ego boost, I may decide to jump back on board.

I just don't want people to follow me, because they feel that they have to. WTF is that about? I have seen however some pretty awesome posts that are sort of like these "Freakazoid Follow Posts," only there are no "rules" and it is just a chance to get out into the blog community and check out new blogs and meet new bloggers. <---this makes sense.

So once again, I have torn up and questioned a truly popular practice among "Mommy Blogs," but someone had to say it right? As Danielle from the Real Housewives of NJ put it, "Someones got to be the villain, and I am okay with it being me."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday - The little moron Jesse Slaughter

Hitting y'all up early this time around!!! You love it!

Yeah, you know the drill about MBM, and if you don't (Loser) you can get smart HERE!

Jesse Slaughter is a screen name BTW.

Have you heard about Jesse Slaughter AKA - the 11 year old who got in waaaaaay too deep on YouTube for being a little moron? Well, the truth is, it's not her fault that she got on YouTube and talked smack. Frankly, I too would have jumped on YouTube (if they had YouTube in the nineties) if my parents were hillbillies and didn't care what I did. Personally, after watching the video, I thought it was almost comical. Sorry. Seriously though, death threats? Come on losers from the deep woods of Alabama! Stop being country weirdos! Sorry if you are from was the first psycho state I could think of and when I asked PBear what the first country, back woods, ignorant state he could think of...he said Alabama or Arkansas. hahahaha!! Stop acting offended!

Ahem...anyway, this 11 year old was getting all sorts of hateful mail and people calling her house and threatening to do horrific things to her and her family. Seriously? Someone should really go out to their Alabama barn and grab a big ol pitch fork to hit your ass in the face with! Maybe that would knock some sense into you! She is 11 for freaking sake! Harassing a kid? Who just does that you sick f_cks!

Who cares if she said she would "stick a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie with it!" That's just normal 11 year old behavior right? No? Okay. Well at any rate, there is a follow up video which may have been removed already, but in the follow up video her deliverance toothless dad is in the background yelling something about "backtrackin" somebody. Hmmm...don't know what that's all about. Calm down old man.

Note to parents with kids vlogging or making random video crap: make sure that little Tommy is not in his room threatening strangers and saying how "jealous" everyone is of him for being "prettier and having more fans" then his fellow YouTubers. People (CooCoo's) tend to sort of get pissed about those sorts of things. The real world is out there, and those loonies will eat Tommy up and spit him back out before he even knows what happened! Just ask Jesse Slaughter.

WTF do you think?

Fun on Sunday Freaks!

Because I freaking felt like being skankylicious today! I heart Boobies, Babies, and a Blog, and only she would create a linky with two conkers staring at you!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

PBear scaring the crap out of Bean!!

Just for the sake of sharing! hahaha!!

I guess I will share my girl crush - ijustine!

I heart ijustine on youtube! I watch all her videos regularly and she makes me freaking hurt myself laughing!! har har! Most of the people on youtube just annoy the shit out of me, and you may find her really annoying, but I think she rocks! No offense to blond hair white peeps: Usually blonde girls like her get on my freaking nerves, but for some reason she is goofy and ballsey beyond hair color! Nothing like a blond with b@lls!

Check her out!

Is anyone else freaked out by this? Big Brother?

You know the BlogFrog little widget that allows you to see your recent fellow blogfrog visitors on your blog? Yeah, it sort of freaks me out. Now how am I going to stalk you more then once a day without you knowing? Urgh! You should really think about that! Now, when I visit, I feel like I have to leave some sort of comment or else you might think "WTF! That little blogging b_tch, visited my blog and didnt even bother to participate!" Cant have that! If you notice that this happens, it is most likely because I was not so compelled to comment on anything that you shared, although I am more then sure I loved it! Maybe.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Review and Giveaway! Reusable Produce Bags!

Today I want to share an Etsy seller and her cute yet practical products with you!

Johnson Family Zoo -

Some Q&A on John Family Zoo

Q. Where did the name Johnson Family Zoo come from?
A. My last name is Johnson, and we've had lots of animals over the years due to my daughter's love of animals. She's an only child, many people have thought I have several kids because of the name! I talk about this in my profile (here: because I am questioned about the name often!)

Q. How did you find Etsy?
A. I found Etsy quite by accident! I am vegan, and had done a google search on Vegan sites. I located "Veganetsy" which is a team of vegan crafters offering items free of animal products (no leather, fur, etc). I'm now on ETSY & part of the Veganetsy team. I've bought & sold on ebay for years, and wish I'd found Etsy it its beginnings because it's right up my alley as a buyer & seller!

Q. Do you buy often on Etsy, and if so, what are some of the sellers you heart.
A. I have only been a member of Etsy for 3 months. I'd LOVE to buy all the wonderful handmade crafts I've seen, but this girl is on a budget! The items I've purchased so far have been crafting supplies- I've been a very good girl! One Etsy shop I love is BerkleyIllustration. The artist has whimsical, quirky and fun pictures. Most are animals, but there are some abominal snowpeople in there as well! I plan to surprise my daughter with a few pics for her birthday!

Q. If you could share one thing about your work on Etsy, what would it be?
A. All of my work is handmade by me & only of quality I would make for myself or for family and friends. To stick with my vegan beliefs & support my love of animals, I don't use animal products in my work (I do have a pet model here & there though!) Also, 10% of my sales are donated to FUR: Friends of Unwanted Rabbits- a non-profit rabbit rescue. (I guess that was more than one thing!)

The creations from this Etsy artist range from Reusable Produce Bags (my favorite) to super cute earrings and bracelets! You can also find a range of kitchen accesories and child items!

I was lucky enough to test on the the products out for myself! I was able to pick a set of The Reusable Produce Bags.

I have never seen or heard of these before, but I fell in love with them instantly! I had a couple of people take double takes at the farmers market when I went to place the bought produce into the bags. "What an amazing idea," shared one of the shoppers. The item was not just eco-friendly, but also really trendy and cute! Its really important for me to use items that I feel reflect my personality and style. The pattern that I chose did just that.

I will have my own pictures from a visit to the Farmers Market posted soon!

Here are the specifics on the Reusable Produce Bags!

Details: 4 produce bags with band fabric: cotton printdrawstrings: cordingbags measure:about 13 X 15 inches (very roomy). includes matching storage bag.... storage bag fabric: cotton printdrawstrings: cordingstorage bag measures... about 5 X 8 inches (stores 4 bags perfectly!)

Notes:-Although durable, each bag is SO lighweight, it will only add 1 or 2 cents to your total purchase, if any at all!-My grocery store gives me a 'bag credit' for using reusable shopping bags AND produce bags! Does your store too? -Set of bags is ready to ship!

Want to own a set of these Reusable Produce Bags?

Mandatory: please visit the Johnson Family Zoo on Etsy and let me know which pattern you like the most! (2 entries)

Follow Free2bMommy blog (3 entries)

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Winner will be drawn on 8/3/2010

Fat Kids? Whos fault is it?

I was talking to my husband the other day about the recent headlines regarding banning the drive-thru.

I think that this is the stupidest thing that I have ever seen. Have we really reached a point of no self control? Sure, the issue of controlling traffic seems to the one of the reasons for the ban but what sort of sense does that make?

I am offended that people feel it is necessary to have to get rid of the drive thu in order to keep me from visiting and eating fast food to control my weight. I can control my weight all by myself thank you very much. I control my children's weight as well, thank you very much. I understand responsibility of the fast food industry in revealing true calorie amounts and opting to add additional healthier options to the menu, but removing something entirely to deter usage, is stupid and barbaric. Lets just take the chocolate away from the dog so that he will not eat it. The dog is too stupid to realize that the candy is not good for him. Makes sense...for a dog!!

I let my kids eat happy meals on occasion and I myself get down on a quarter pounder with cheese no onions and fries, every now and then. Okay sometimes once every couple of weeks. That is my choice and its delish! Could I go every day? Sure. Do I go everyday? No. Get my point?

So, who's fault is it that we have come to love phrases like "I love you like a fat kids loves cake?" haha! Love that one! I was saying, our kids are going to eat whatever WE allow them to eat. My son eats play dough and crayons for gods sake! It is entirely our responsibility as parents to make sure that we do not place certain food items in their reach on a regular basis. I will never say that a kid should never eat chips, candy, or cake, to me that is ridiculous. I will say that its important to moderate the availability of these items until they are able to make educated decisions for themselves.

This post is interactive, so please contribute you thoughts. Let me know what you think!

Now, I am hoping off my soap box and heading to the kitchen for some Cocoa Pebbles! Peace!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reviews and Giveaways coming soon!

Soak it up friends! This is a celebration week of 300 followers! Check back for the details!

Reviews and Giveaways!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random stolen insanity

Here is the article online for better viewing

I stole this from one of I my favorite blogs I Could be Fake and think that if you dont steal it from me or at least read it, you are crazy!

Wild Texas Wear Winners!

First winner- gets to choose first on which item they would like!

Ember #3!!!

2nd winner!

Kady L. #39!!!

Congrats to the winners!

300 Followers biotches!

Whatup friends?! So, lame as it is, I am super excited to have finally reached the 300 mark on followers! I mentioned that when I reached 300 followers, I would have a week of announcing giveaways!! YAY!!! I know you are really excited, so please save your applause.

Todays giveaway, is one that you most likely have seen being given away on tons of blogs!


I really wanted to try it out for myself, so I entered the giveaway on one of my fav bloggers blog, Jennifer over at Life with the Lebedas! She finds the most awesome stuff to review and giveaway! I won a SodaStream System on her blog and had the most hilarious experience with it! First of all Soda Stream is a really cool product that turns ordinary tap water into soda!

I decided that since my kitchen is ridiculously small, I would spread out and assemble the Soda Stream in my living room on my large coffee table. <---first bad idea! I actually had no problems assembling the thing, its pretty easy. So, once everything was ready to go, I screwed the bottle of chilled water in and pumped the thingy 3 times! Fun! Then it makes this spaceship like sound when you go to remove the bottle, and unscrew it. Fancy! I received a full bottle of the Orange Mango, so I figured I would start with that flavor. The ONE instruction that I did not read was that after filling the cap with syrup, you are to pour the syrup SLOWLY into the carbonated water. HA! So, I am sitting on the floor indian style, and as my husband enters the living room I dump the contents into the bottle. Soon...and I do mean soon, after that the soda starts to rise, so I place my hands over the lid in hopes to prevent the explosion! Too late!! Its started squirting from under my hands and there was orange mango soda flying everywhere!! The couch, table, floor, and myself, were covered in sticky soda, and all I could do was laugh my ass off!! PBear shook his head and said "what the hell are you doing babe?" He has come to expect these sorts of shananigans from me.

Anyway, after that we poured ourselves some soda and loved it! My daughter and I made just about every flavor to sample! My husband and I are big sparkling water drinkers, so of course this is what we use it the most for. I did not like all the flavors. My favorites were Orange, Orange Mango, and the Mountain Mist (which tasted more to me like Sprite then the Lemon Lime.) My aunt who is a diabetic liked the Diet Petes Choice. SodaStream Summary Review: Pros: Inexpensive Reduces plastic waste No Lugging Bottles No Storing Bottles Eco-Friendly No batteries or electricity Reduces energy used to manufacture bottles and cans Reduces gas and pollution from shipping packaged beverages Eliminates pollution from batteries Cons: Load buzzing sound when carbonating water.
Want to win a Soda Stream System of your own?! ($99 value)

Great video by another review to see what the SodaStream is all about!

Mandatory: please visit the SodaStream and let me know the flavor your would like to try, that is not listed above. (2 entries)

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Winner will be drawn on 8/3/2010

I received no monetary compensation for this review and all stated is 100% true based on my individual experience with this product.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Taking a moment to brag for the hubby

Just wanted to share a great pic of my hubby on his most recent fishing trip. Whoooo hooooo!!!! He is not the bragging type, but this catch is worth sharing! Not everyone looks this hot while fishing, even while holding a gross fish! I love you papa bear!

On another note: I am starting the celebration of 300 followers tomorrow! Make sure to check in and see what stuff I will be giving away!! So, get all excited and set your cell phone reminders! I know you are that freaking excited!!! Right?! No? Okay.

Mean B_tch Monday- friends who are really not your friends

In case you are a total loser (kidding!) and you have never visited my blog before, or just follow with no intention to ever read, Mean B_tch Monday is the one day of the week that I give myself a free pass to post about something that is not so nice, and get it out of my system! At least for 6 days or so. Check out the "only on Free2bMommy" tab above for more info!

You know those things that are in your head that you are not suppose to say out loud? The things that everyone is thinking, but no one has the guts to say? Well I don't give a _uck! I am sharing these tidbits and you can live the rest of the week in agony, wondering if I am talking about you and wondering if everyone else can guess.

Why do you brag soooooo much on your FB updates? Its annoying, and you should know that it is the people that brag that usually don't have shit. Plus on that same note: if you are having such a badass time, why are you on FB?

Stop making the blogging world into a mini high school bully fest. Its stupid, childish, and you just look like a bitter bitch.

You have issues, and no guy is going to make them go away. Become a better person for yourself, and not for someone else.

Your life is a train wreck, but it secretly makes me feel better about my own train wreck.

Stop being so obvious. Didn't your mom teach you that the more you act like things bother you the more jealous you look? Just walk away!

There is such a thing as TMI. Learn it.

I cannot believe that you sold your best friend out, for a promotion at work. So wrong! I don't think you can ever recover from that.

Your husband give me the creeps...I am leaning towards a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder or roids. Please ruuuuuun!!!

After a while, of calling and inviting you places and you never come, I will stop inviting.

Thanks for forgetting you are my friend, just because we don't see each other everyday. You are a true piece of work.

Until next week friends!

Friday, July 16, 2010

300 followers- a Friday ADHD moment

Just because...

Pics from my camera that was lost for a week! These you might recognize from my Wild Texas Review Giveaway (STILL OPEN) I feel so incredibly goofy taking pics of myself (Don't you be rolling your eyes at me), but I was being a good sport. Still, I could not bring myself to post the smiling "posed" pics...I figured I would share the "not so good" moments of my "shoot" <--- yeah right!

You too could look this bitchin' in this Texas T! har har...BTW my hair is wet in the pic, not crunchy from too much mousse and hairspray. I'm not THAT kind of Latina.

Happy Friday Free2bmommies! Sooooo, I have been sort of MIA since my dad was in the hospital. To make a really long story short, he went in for a routine doctors visit and ended up in the hospital having surgery on his intestine. Yummy huh? No but in all seriousness, he was really sick. He is still in the hospital following the operation, and is to be released (fingers crossed) Sunday! Daddy has 8 lives left now.

I have been chugging along here in the 200 field of followers for a while now. I know more read and just don't follow (we have had this convo before), because I find myself in situations were, people cannot remember if I told them something or if they read it on my blog. Anyway, I have decided to do a giveaway a day starting on Tuesday (Monday = Mean B_tch Monday) if I reach 300 followers over the weekend. Cool stuff for readers, and a shameless way to catch up on reviews and giveaways that have been backing up. <---good problem to have right? Let me tell you! I have saved some pretty awesome prizes for last! I will be slowing down after this week of giveaways, because my Just Between Friends event will be rearing it's head in Sept. and trust me, my events are demanding. I love it though! I will still be sharing my random self absorbed drama, but without the review and giveaway hoopla. Okay since I know you may have already zoned out (losers!) I am going to end this misery.

because you could use some friends...haha! Friday Social Parade!

Smart and Trendy Moms

All the cool kids are doing it! Join us and find some really awesome blogs!

New Friend Fridays

Win an EcoUsable Couples Pack! Review and Giveaway!

I was super excited to review EcoUsable products! Okay, I know that I am not always the most eco-friendly person, but I try to help where I can. If the eco-friendly item is realistically usable and I like the company, I am more the willing to check out how I can do my part.

About EcoUsable:
EcoUsable, Inc. invents, produces, and markets, reusable eco-friendly products that are fashionable (my favorite) and affordable (also a favorite) for everyone. They are a premier online source for eco-shopping, offering a great variety of items to help reduce the carbon footprint for future generations!

How could you not love a company like that?

My favorite, and the item that makes EcoUsable Inc. especially interesting and different.
EcoUsable® presents the world's first Environmentally Safe Stainless Filtered Water Bottle. I received the Ech2o – Metallic Green

The Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration System is an entire water filtration plant within a portable bottle. The patented Ionic-Absorption Micro-Filtration reduces up to 99.99% of the following zones of contamination:
• Aesthetics: unpleasant taste, odor, clarity, chlorine, sand, sediment and Radon 222.
• Biological: Pathogens such as cryptosporidium, giardia & other cysts and spores.
• Chemicals: toxic chemicals, detergents, pesticides and other harmful industrial and agricultural wastes.
• Dissolved Solids: heavy metals such as aluminum, asbestos, copper, lead, mercury and others.

• World's first stainless steel filtered water bottle
• removes up to 99.99% of pollutants as you drink
• drink from tap water, streams, rivers, lakes and pools
• emergency preparedness survival bottle
• no inner lining, clean tasting
For more features CLICK HERE!

My thoughts: I loved everything about this bottle. I loved how easy it was to use and liked the non slip base. It has a high quality feel to it. It is well made and does what it says. Fun bottle and was a fun conversation piece! I was impressed by the simple yet effectiveness of the bottle. I also received a shoulder strap that I thought was very useful, even though I sort of felt like a camper. haha!

Aqua 10 oz

My thoughts:
Super cute! I have never seen a tiny water bottle like this one! I used it to store water while out on errands with my 21 month old. I have a backpack style diaper bag and I just clipped the bottle onto the bag and was good to go. He loved it and wanted to hold it himself. I think that it would have been even better with the sports bottle top, for little ones though.

Purple 16oz

My thoughts:
When my daughter saw this one, she said she wanted to be the one to “test” it out. The 16 oz. was perfect for my 8 year old to use. She has this huge issue with having to have a water bottle on her at all times, so this was perfect for her to try. She really enjoyed using it and felt proud about being more eco-friendly.

Want to win an EcoUsable prize set?

You can win a pair of EcoUsable water bottles for yourself and a significant other, family member, or friend! The first water bottle is a 33 oz. super cute and girlie “doodle” design, and the second is the Big Dipper 25oz water bottle in charcoal. What makes the Big Dipper bottle even more awesome is that it is the only bottle aside from the ech2o that you can use the water filter accessory with! You will also receive the black sports cap for use on either bottle! (Retail value of $45!)

How to enter - Making it easy!

Mandatory: please visit the EcoUsable website and let me know a cool feature of the ech2o, that is not listed above. (2 entries)
Follow Free2bMommy blog (3 entries)
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Easylunchboxes giveaway winner!

Congrats to the winner of the Easylunchboxes giveaway!

Emily Robison #52

Yes, I had to actually count down since I have no numbers! Gotta get that changed!

There are more reviews and giveaways that are coming down the pipe within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

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Sorry I have been MIA. We have had a small family emergency and I will not be in blog land for a couple of days. I thought I would share this piece again for new followers!


So, I now have an official button for my blog, but what many of you don't know is that I wanted the button to be as much for you as it is for me. Ya see, Free2bMommy is not just me. My name is Dee. Free2bMommy is a very specific type of woman and mother, and I wanted to share what it means, in case you might want to grab the button too, you can get the html on my page. (please don't post the button unless you are confident in your decision to)

Thanks for all of the support many of you have given me. I have grown into this blog because of the comments and words of support from all of you. I have always felt comfortable sharing how I feel and what I think, but have often been misunderstood for it. Here on my blog, I know that my readers "get me," and that is amazingly powerful.

Here is what it REALLY means to be "Free2bMommy"
Free2bMommies are moms who are savvy in balancing love, culture, family, friends, work, and life, while looking damn good doing it. We DO NOT fit a "mold" and we DO NOT want to. We love our children and we DO NOT need anyone to tell us how to raise them...unless we ask. We DO NOT apologize for who we are, or how we feel. If you like us, awesome! If you don't, we really don't care. -- If this sounds like you, grab the button and wear it on your blog proudly!


Thanks again!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday- beef you are annoying

Mean B_tch Monday is the one day of the week that you get to share one nasty post for the entire week, then you can go back to being the amazingly sweet blogger we all know you really are. <-Wink! Check out my archive for past posts.
Feel free to have your own Mean B_tch Monday too! Just make sure to link the image back to Free2bMommy. Please do not be inspired enough to do something similar to Mean B_tch Monday only naming it something else. Its insulting and bloggy robbery.

I was thinking all day today (Sunday) on a topic for Mean B_tch Monday and I just kept hitting blocks. What kept popping into my head was something I saw this morning on This Week. It was a clip that I missed from last week of the governor of Arizona - Brewer and her babblings. So I started to think that a post of my beefs would be fun!

Beef: What I think about the Arizona 1070 law is irrelevant for this post. My beef lies with Jan Brewer stating her opinion as fact. What decade are we in? If I could speak to is what I would say...

Hi Jan! You're a freaking idiot.

Beef: People who read my blog but don't follow. WTF is that all about? At least when you are a follower or subscriber, I know you are reading, otherwise it just feels like creepy lurking. Kind of like that feeling you get when you are changing and you just know there is someone in your closet watching and waiting to slice you up, only to open your closet with a kitchen knife and discover that there is no one there and you are just a moron? Yeah, it sort of feels like that.

Beef: Offering extra entries on your giveaways for "voting for you on top mommy blogs." I won't lie, I have done it a couple of times, and then felt super dirty for it. I understand your motivation, but it's sort of lame. Please don't take offense. Some of my favorite bloggers do this. It just seems like cyber mommy bribery.

Beef: multi-tweeters that post like 10 tweets in a row. WTF? First of all, how do you manage to type that fast, and secondly, why?

Beef: Lady staring at me as I open the container of fruit at the grocery store for my hungry tot. Look lady, I am sorry if you are bothered by me needing to keep my kid busy while I shop. Its either the fruit or a screaming kid. Its not like I am going to let him finish it and then place the empty container back on the shelf. I am planning on paying for it, so just keep walking with your fugly self.

Beef: DMV workers all over the nation, would it kill you to ever do a little more then just your job description? Would it kill you to offer up a smile and some information instead of just staring at me like I am an idiot? You are the one that works for the DMV, not me! I would like to work for the DMV, but apparently there is a lazy b_tch requirement that I am not quit sure I qualify for.

Beef: Barney. I hate that I have to endure that purple nuisance because my child thinks that he is the coolest thing since the invention of the paci! Ok, Barney, I will tolerate you for now, but make no mistake about it, I don't trust you and I am watching your bouncy goofy ass.

Until next Monday friends!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why my story of how I met your father kinda sucks

So, this is a late Saturday night post. Yes, I am in bed already with my tot and the hubby is on the sofa watching movies. I am sooooo freaking cool! Dont be jealous, you too one day can be as intriguingly exciting. I totally type like I talk, and I throw grammar shit out the window on this sucker. I try to spell correctly and not look like a complete dumbass, but we all have our moments.

My daughter loves to ask me a question that I always dread, due to the omissions necessary to make a nice story. She asks, "Mommy, can you tell me about the day you and daddy met?" URGH!! I always tell her a super short, lets move on to the next subject, version of the truth.

Here is how it would go if I told her the truth...I hate to think the rents might read this.

I was 19 years old and in my prime party time! Nothing else mattered to me at the time, and I used every excuse in the book to go out and party rather then study my sophomore year of college. The night began with me sliding into a size 4 black mini skirt from Express, a kinda low cut red shirt also from Express, and black high heeled shoes when the chunky heel overshadowed the stiletto. I went to a local club that I am too embarrassed to reveal, and was introduced to your father through a friend. We got drunk and became best friends for the night. He was the most hilarious and alive person, I had met in a loooong time. My ride, decided to spend the night with her boyfriend (future hubby's real BFF and best man) and I was stuck like chuck, being that it was already waaaaaay too late for me to sashay my way into my house. "You can come and sleep over too." she said, uh yeah, like I'm going to do that. Future hubby said, "you can come and stay at my house if you want and I can take you home in the morning." I honestly did hesitate for a while, and then figured it was better then the alternative, having my dad catch me swaying back and forth while trying to walk up the stairs to my room. EmbarrASSing and he would have been pissed. He might still get pissed if he reads this and sees what antics I was up to when I was suppose to be spending the night with a friend. I was technically spending the night with a friend, just a new friend. I agreed to stay with future hubby and went back to his house where both of his parents happened to be out of town...maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I mean, after all he could have been the Mexican Bundy for all I knew, but he was a nice funny guy and was not sleezy about me staying over or needing a place to stay. He gave me something to wear, and then we spent the rest of the evening watching Grease and finding out that we were born on the exact same day down to the year! I asked him when his birthday was (not sure why) and he said "December 8th" and I said "thats my birthday!" He then said a phrase that would later live in infamy "shut the f_ck up! For real?!" haha!! We then took out our id's to verify the date. Yup, the exact same. Who knew that we would still be celebrating together almost 10 years later. All together now "Awwwwwww!!"

We finally knocked out, on the same bed, but no hanky panky. In the morning I had to get dressed in the outfit I wore to the club, and wouldn't you know it, the parents that were suppose to be out of town, were outside with friends under the carport hanging out. I secretly dreaded having to walk out dressed the way I was, so obviously there from the night before. I knew what they were going to think, and I hated it. Talk about the "walk of shame." I gave an embarrassed "hola" and then jumped in the car to head home. Future hubby dropped me off at home, and I jumped into bed and slept until 1 or 2pm. Those were the freaking days! Anyway, we went out of course after that, and the rest is history.

The story I tell Monkey is that we met at a party through a mutual friend. Period.

Did I really just share that?

Friday, July 9, 2010

More then guacamole

I never realized how many Mexican products I regularly buy until recently. Don't ask me what prompted me to realize this. I always want to try foods or snacks from different ethnicity's, but I am always afraid to just grab something and look like a complete idiot. To who? I don't know, just go with it.

I am going to save you from this humiliation and I am going to suggest some items that Mexicans and Mexican-Americans think are yummy! Think of how popular you are going to be! (assuming you are not Mexican or Mexican American.)

Here are some of my favorite Hecho en Mexico (made in Mexico) items that you don't have to be afraid to pick up in the "Mexican" "Latin" or "ethnic foods" aisle of your supermarket. If where you live, they don't have an ethnic section at the grocery store,I am afraid of you, and you should consider moving. harhar! No but seriously! Creepy! Houston is sooooo diverse that just about every local grocery store carries many of the popular ethnic products.

Let me know what you think if you do try any out.

Pics from:

Topo Chico! This drink is my absolute top favorite when it comes to mineral water/club soda/seltzer. I am a fanatic! I have tried many types of mineral water, and this tops all with its super carbonation kick! I usually add lemon and a sprinkle of salt over ice. My freaking mouth is watering!

On that same note (salt and lemon) these are peanuts covered with a lemon and salt mix. They are a dry snack, but after a while you will still be licking your fingers! Now why does that sound nasty?

Jarritos are the King of Mexican sodas, in my opinion! They are all yummy, but Tutifruti (fruit punch) is my favorite! The Mandarin (Mandarin Orange) and Fresa (Strawberry) flavors are good too.

If you like jalapenos, these are a family favorite. Watch out, they kick back! Gurggle...

Most cookies by Gamesa are yummy, but these are the yummiest to me! I am a choco chip lover! They come in a box with packages of 4 and I always open the silver package and actually believe that I will only eat 2 and save the other 2 for later. Riiiiiight. I am such a fat kid!

I LOVE GANSITOS!!! These are my personal weakness. They should have horns! Gansitos are twinkie like but the cake inside is more cake like, and are covered with strawberry jam and cream. Then as if that was not rich enough, they are dipped in a chocolate shell with chocolate sprinkles. These are the things that I have to sneak into the shopping cart, so P-Bear wont make fun of me! Watch out though, they replenish these regularly. It is best to get them soon after they have been put out for the best result. The longer they have been out on the shelf the harder the cake filling is. I personally, eat them either way!

Finally Barritas Fresa (strawberry) are cookies that resemble cookies you may have seen with the shortbread type cookie and the strawberry strip down the middle, but these are super delish! The cookie part is super crumbly but it's still a crowd pleaser.