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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fat Kids? Whos fault is it?

I was talking to my husband the other day about the recent headlines regarding banning the drive-thru.

I think that this is the stupidest thing that I have ever seen. Have we really reached a point of no self control? Sure, the issue of controlling traffic seems to the one of the reasons for the ban but what sort of sense does that make?

I am offended that people feel it is necessary to have to get rid of the drive thu in order to keep me from visiting and eating fast food to control my weight. I can control my weight all by myself thank you very much. I control my children's weight as well, thank you very much. I understand responsibility of the fast food industry in revealing true calorie amounts and opting to add additional healthier options to the menu, but removing something entirely to deter usage, is stupid and barbaric. Lets just take the chocolate away from the dog so that he will not eat it. The dog is too stupid to realize that the candy is not good for him. Makes sense...for a dog!!

I let my kids eat happy meals on occasion and I myself get down on a quarter pounder with cheese no onions and fries, every now and then. Okay sometimes once every couple of weeks. That is my choice and its delish! Could I go every day? Sure. Do I go everyday? No. Get my point?

So, who's fault is it that we have come to love phrases like "I love you like a fat kids loves cake?" haha! Love that one! I was saying, our kids are going to eat whatever WE allow them to eat. My son eats play dough and crayons for gods sake! It is entirely our responsibility as parents to make sure that we do not place certain food items in their reach on a regular basis. I will never say that a kid should never eat chips, candy, or cake, to me that is ridiculous. I will say that its important to moderate the availability of these items until they are able to make educated decisions for themselves.

This post is interactive, so please contribute you thoughts. Let me know what you think!

Now, I am hoping off my soap box and heading to the kitchen for some Cocoa Pebbles! Peace!


  1. OMG you are SO funny! AND so right!

  2. I really don't think doing away with drive-thru's is going to help people cut down on fast food. In FL we used to have drive-thru liquor stores. They did away with the drive-thru part and people still buy just as much liquor! :)
    Great post - you are too funny!

  3. Love the post, it's def the parents fault (less the kid has a weight gain issue or somethin) but yea def the parents fault. I'd be pissed if they took away the drive thru

  4. Hey! Sorry I've been such a bad bloggy friend! I'm out of town and have been all week so when I get on it's just been for a few seconds to post and thats it but i'll be back this week to read your blog!! Have a good weekend!

  5. Nice blog! I'm continually amazed when I find women who are funny.


    Sort of.

    That being said, I say pair (pear?) any crap eating with enough exercise and you're fine. But if you have a WoW fiend for a kid, make sure you limit his mountain dew intake to under 100oz. A day. Ask my brother...


  6. I don't think getting rid of the drive thru will keep kids from being fat. Hello they aren't the ones driving into the drive thru, the parents are! I think that restaurants should have to put nutritional values on packaging or menus but beyond that it is our responsibility. I love me a double quarter pounder with cheese meal...I don't eat it all the time. Now that the nutritional info is on the package at least I know how many meals I have to skimp on or how much more I need to exercise for the next week. You have to teach your kids about food and protect them while you can from being obese and unhealthy. If they grow up and want to be big fat pigs then that is their right, while they are under your roof it is you who decides how fat they will become.


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