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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anything but freaking ordinary- makings of a little psycho?!

Yes he is 22 months old and still has his "chuppy" and what biotches?! Say something, I dare you! I am pretty gangster. har har har snort!

Urgh! My head is killing me, and I really want to take my tot, place him in a box, and send him to the Antarctica! He is our "screamer." AHHHH! Take me out of my misery!!! He screams sooooo loud!!! Why is he screaming? Well because I am getting after him for slapping me in the face! He has become this little monster!! He hits, punches, backhands, bites, and pinches. Where in the world did he learn this from? He is not even in school! I am going to keep an eye out and make sure I don't catch him torturing little animals or playing with matches.

The weird thing is how creepy he is about it sometimes. He comes up all sweet looking so you let him get close thinking he might give you a besito (little kiss) then he swings his head back and head butts you!!

Don't get me wrong he is also really sweet and loving. His mean side I will call T-Rex and his sweet side I will call Bean. When Bean is around, he love you and hugs you. He gives you kisses and comes up to you and hugs you, just for no reason at all. When T-Rex is around, all hell breaks loose!

It seems that yet again, the word "no" does not seem to be working in my family. Now I will go cry in the corner in the fetal position rocking back and forth until I can make sense of all this madness!


  1. Really couldn't pay attention to your post because he is so freakin' cute ;)!!

  2. LMAO!!!!!!!! I had a 7 year old niece stay with me for a month and she is the same way only it's big time drama with a 7 year old girl. When she's being a little cabroncita she attacks her 14 year old brother and tells him to get the F out of her room and calls him devil child and says he ruined her life by being born. Maybe now you will feel better about your little T-Rex.LOL

  3. He'd fit right in w/ my And dont worry bout his pacifier Hev still has her blankey and sucks on that

  4. Hugs, it is rough when they start behaviors that we can't get them to stop. Just keep working with him, and stay as patient as you can. In time he'll learn it's not nice.

    My daughter is 18 months and sucks her thumb, everyone keeps telling me I need to break her from it. Which I to do try, but not as forcefully as people would like...I say screw them, are they the parent?? NOPE.

  5. Thanks Peryl!

    @Esteemarlu- I do feel better actually! haha!

    @Crissy and Nikki- I dont push my kids to hurry up and reach certain milestones by certain ages, no matter what anyone says. Unless it gets he wont start kinder still sucking on that thing! haha!!

    I did start telling him that once he turns two, we might try a day without it, and he just laughed!! haha!


  6. On an unrelated topic, ;) I found you on Twitter!

  7. Hopefully this will pass quickly.

  8. I left you an award on my blog!


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