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Friday, July 9, 2010

More then guacamole

I never realized how many Mexican products I regularly buy until recently. Don't ask me what prompted me to realize this. I always want to try foods or snacks from different ethnicity's, but I am always afraid to just grab something and look like a complete idiot. To who? I don't know, just go with it.

I am going to save you from this humiliation and I am going to suggest some items that Mexicans and Mexican-Americans think are yummy! Think of how popular you are going to be! (assuming you are not Mexican or Mexican American.)

Here are some of my favorite Hecho en Mexico (made in Mexico) items that you don't have to be afraid to pick up in the "Mexican" "Latin" or "ethnic foods" aisle of your supermarket. If where you live, they don't have an ethnic section at the grocery store,I am afraid of you, and you should consider moving. harhar! No but seriously! Creepy! Houston is sooooo diverse that just about every local grocery store carries many of the popular ethnic products.

Let me know what you think if you do try any out.

Pics from:

Topo Chico! This drink is my absolute top favorite when it comes to mineral water/club soda/seltzer. I am a fanatic! I have tried many types of mineral water, and this tops all with its super carbonation kick! I usually add lemon and a sprinkle of salt over ice. My freaking mouth is watering!

On that same note (salt and lemon) these are peanuts covered with a lemon and salt mix. They are a dry snack, but after a while you will still be licking your fingers! Now why does that sound nasty?

Jarritos are the King of Mexican sodas, in my opinion! They are all yummy, but Tutifruti (fruit punch) is my favorite! The Mandarin (Mandarin Orange) and Fresa (Strawberry) flavors are good too.

If you like jalapenos, these are a family favorite. Watch out, they kick back! Gurggle...

Most cookies by Gamesa are yummy, but these are the yummiest to me! I am a choco chip lover! They come in a box with packages of 4 and I always open the silver package and actually believe that I will only eat 2 and save the other 2 for later. Riiiiiight. I am such a fat kid!

I LOVE GANSITOS!!! These are my personal weakness. They should have horns! Gansitos are twinkie like but the cake inside is more cake like, and are covered with strawberry jam and cream. Then as if that was not rich enough, they are dipped in a chocolate shell with chocolate sprinkles. These are the things that I have to sneak into the shopping cart, so P-Bear wont make fun of me! Watch out though, they replenish these regularly. It is best to get them soon after they have been put out for the best result. The longer they have been out on the shelf the harder the cake filling is. I personally, eat them either way!

Finally Barritas Fresa (strawberry) are cookies that resemble cookies you may have seen with the shortbread type cookie and the strawberry strip down the middle, but these are super delish! The cookie part is super crumbly but it's still a crowd pleaser.


  1. Those last two look so good! I have a weakness for sweets.

  2. I MUST try the Topo Chico!! I've been looking for a "better tasting" soda water. OH AND ♥ those jalapeno's!! We have ALOT of diversity in our grocery stores too, heck there's a mexican market in every neighborhood (best place to get the carne and pollo for the weekend BBQ's). The WORST place to wander into is a Mexican bakery!! SOOO many goodies to choose from... Ok I'm gonna go eat now! teehee

  3. My parents buy all this stuff, but my favorites are definitely the gansitos! I bought some for my husband to try when we were in Acapulco a few years ago, and he hated them. I couldn't believe it!

  4. Where's the Lucas chili?!! lol...or the Sabritas Pork Grinds lol

  5. I grew up in El Paso, bordertown to Cuidad Juarez Mexico (yes, the one *always* in the news lol). I regularly beg my friends and family back home to send me these treats. Gansitos are *the bomb*, and my favorite semi-sweet, non-chocolate nummy is Pelon Pelo Rico, tamarind candy. AND, there is nothing, NOTHING, like a Mexican Coke!!!!

    You can also go to the website to order all this good stuff and more online :). Gosh I love the internet lol!

    Penny \IiiI


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