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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some really cool stuff for you to check out!

I was honored to be given the opportunity to review Jet Set Babies!!

Who like packing for a trip? If you are like me, you do not look forward to all the things that you are going to pack for your baby. You never know what they might need and frankly, it just uses up more space in your baggage!

Jet Set Babies will take the frustration out of getting everything you need for your babys trip!

Because they said it best...
"When it comes to traveling with a baby or young child, we have thought of everything – no matter what part of the globe you are visiting. Whether your trip is to the beach, a hotel with a pool, camping in the woods or taking to the ski slopes, we offer specialized packages to meet all of your baby’s needs for a long weekend, or a full week. From diapers and baby food to booster seats and portable beds, we ship and track your package to make sure it’s waiting for you when you reach your destination – anywhere in the world.

So, order all your baby travel supplies from Jet Set Babies and say goodbye to jam-packed luggage and excessive airline baggage fees and enjoy the relaxing convenience of finding everything your baby needs, waiting for you at your destination. Guess what? Home Delivery is also available!

Since my kiddos were going to be spending a week at their meemaw and peepaw's house, I chose the "Week at the Pool" package. My parents have a swimming pool, and even though my mom has some things for my son, there were lots of things that they were still going to need for his "mini vaca"

What I think:
I really like that they have different brands and varieties to chose from when placing your order. When you go to order the diapers for instance, you get to choose between a few brands and of course the size. There were even options for the suncreen brand, Take and Toss items, and wipes! I loved that you are given the option to do "add ons" consisting of product extras! I chose the Burt's Baby Travel Kit and love it! I actually had fun shopping online with Jet Set Babies and I think that you will too! <----seriously!

Here is what my son received!
Two jumbo package of diapers in your choice of brand and size
Two tubs of wipes in your choice of brand
Disposable changing pads
Disposable diaper sacks
Beach Ball
2 Squirting toys
Tube or can of sunscreen - I picked the Coppertone 50 Spray
Package of swimmers
Choice of The First Years 6 - 7 oz. disposable spill proof cups, 4 - 10 oz. disposable cups, or 4 - disposable straw cups
Choice of utensils including The First Years set of Take & Toss Spoon/Fork
The First Years Take & Toss Bowls w/lids (6 count)
Pampers Bibsters (32 count)
Wet Ones Singles (24 count)
Choice of baby bath/shampoo
Munchkin Bath Tub (baby not included) (tub not intended for use as a pool toy)

You will really have to check it out yourself to see how awesome the service is!
They have an great blog to check out to!

Guess what? Jet Set Babies has agreed to offer a 15% off your purchase with the code: free2bmommy and the free shipping on orders $75 and up!
Thank you to Jet Set Babies for being awesome enough to let us review an awesome service! We were given no monetary compensation for this review. Everything in this review is 100% true based on my personal experience.


  1. Thanks Girlie! I learned from the best! hehe!

  2. Hey that really is AWESOME! I am looking at the website now :)
    I follow your resin making blog and didn't know u had a personal blog too :)

  3. Glad that you checked out Free2bMommy too!!! Thanks!!



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