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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mexican Hunting...what would you do?

Okay, so I saw this episode of "What would you do?" on TV last night. You know the show with the creepy guy who sets up all the scenarios to see how people would react, and then we all just end up feeling shitty or pissed off about humanity?

The guy who the story is originally about was an Equadorian man in New Jersey who was beat to death for being ASSumed as Mexican. The practice is called "Mexican Hunting/hopping." It is the hate crime act of seeking out Mexicans to beat brutally. Why? Start honky hillbilly voice here---> For being Mescan and if they are Mescan or look Mescan, they must be illegal right?

Maybe here in Houston you can ASSume that most brown people that you see are Mexican or of Mexican decent. That is plain old geographics and you would have to be an idiot to not know that Texas is one of the most highly Latino populated states. Specifically Mexicans.

These high schoolers decided to go Mexican Hunting and found the Ecuadorian man. They brutally kicked his ass, while screaming out racial slurs. What type of people spawn these losers?

I have a message for you "Mexican Hunters"

I have something for you to hunt...HUNT THIS! Bitches! Ariba ariba! haha! (sorry momma)


  1. SICK, thanks for posting though. People have no idea, including myself, that half this sh** is going on!

  2. Wow that's messed up...

    LMFAO though at your ending I'm still laughin

  3. haha! I promised myself that even though some of the things that I post might be serious, I will still make light of it. Dont want to be a total buzz kill, but sometimes I just want to share!!

  4. Wow! That is crazy. I live 2 miles from the border (near Tijuana) and I had no idea stuff like this happened. Most of my roommates have been Mexican. Fun bunch (except when you're trying to sleep to get up early for work on Fight Night but that's my fault for not asking for that day off...) and the food SO GOOD!

    I'm not pro-illegals or anything... in general I'm against anything that's "illegal" but I don't believe in killing or judging anyone just because they're trying to do better for their families the only way they know how. People are sick. But then again, this IS New Jersey we're talking about.

  5. hahaha!!! I too am not pro-immigration, but beating people up because you think that they might be illegal because they are brown??!! Actually beating up anyone just because you dont like them is lame. You are right though, New Jersey. Nuff said! hehe!


  6. Oh my gosh! Thats crazy! I so would have jumped in!

  7. I just want to curse. I have nothing coherent to say just a bunch of four letter words running through my head.


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