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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Friday ADHD Moment

Its Friday and that means that my mind has attempted to absorb a weeks worth of details, all of which I have forgotten at this point. So, lately I have been using Friday to share my random ADHD meaningless fragments of thought. Hey, they make sense to me!

Apparently a certain credit card company is not too happy with me calling them stalkers and telling their collection people to "get a real job!" They sent me some not so nice paperwork that would appear that they mean business. Whatever.

Went to the dentist today, only to find out that I need $1000 worth of work...that is my portion only! I grind my teeth. I know many of you most likely grind too, but do you grind your teeth so bad that they start falling apart? Didn't think so. I'm such a freak.

I could cry with the amount of stress I am in deciding what to do with my we stay in a home that we pay a crap load to live in and have NO space, or do we sell and find something much larger for less money somewhere else? I hate having to make decisions that I don't want to make.

My son creeps me case you didn't read my last post. He hit me last night like 10 times when I was trying to get him to go to sleep early and because I said "no" to the midnight Oreo just last night. I think he was pissed about the post. Maybe one of his playground buddies sold me out.

Prescription costs can drive you into needing more pills and drinking. Its a freaking pharmaceutical conspiracy!

My mom is impossible.

The Boost my mom gave me for "natural energy" made my belly hurt like, "alien tearing out of my stomach in a diner", hurt! <---I know she secretly wants someone to "whack me." HAHAHA!! Someone watched Goodfellas last night!! hahaha!!

I have said this once and I will say it again. I hate gossip, just call me and ask me. SHIT!


  1. AMEN sista!

    I TOTALLY know what you mean on those dental fees!! arggggg!!

  2. I know this sounds non caring, but I'm glad I'm not alone. I hate that you're going through all of that. The stress has to be unbearable, I know it is here. And the dentist! I think they're mafia run!

  3. It is hard and I cried for like 10 minutes earlier for no reason at all. When it rains it pours, but like the hubby keeps telling me, lots of people are having tough times, and not to beat myself up for it.

    HAHAHA! about the dentist! I do not heart them!!

  4. Girl, you need a drink after all that!

  5. i am a new follower, and coming in to a load of stress on your part!
    im sorry to hear all that and i hope things work their way out!

  6. I found your blog through two or three clicks from my brother-in-law's and I'm sitting here cracking up at this post (and yes, I can totally relate). I really needed this today so thanks! I'm bookmarking this blog...

  7. @Sky is the limit- Glad you stopped by. I felt much better after a good vent...but I do that often. hahaha!

    @Old Man C- Sooooo glad to have you reading! I love to hear that I make people laugh. It helps my self esteem. hahaha! No, but really, happy to have you reading!


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