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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random stolen insanity

Here is the article online for better viewing

I stole this from one of I my favorite blogs I Could be Fake and think that if you dont steal it from me or at least read it, you are crazy!


  1. I am totally amazed by this article. I work from home and don't have any kids, but honestly am very busy day in and day out. I don't have anymore time during the day than when I worked outside the home. I can only imagine how much crazier it would be with kids. I think this lady is jealous of the kids or something. Or, maybe her friend isn't such a good friend. Or, maybe her friend is like my and just isn't a phone person. Text me, send me an e-mail, but I really don't want to gab on the phone for hours with you. No offense, but only my mom gets that privilege or right as it may be. Power to all the stay at home moms...I know you are busy.

  2. WOW! I have no kids, and work all day. But have friends and family memebers with children and know what there day consist of. Just babysitting for a few hours is a dose of any moms hard working day.
    How immature and kinda of snobbish of this lady to write in and say those things...well thats my opinion at least, which im entiltled too.

  3. No one truly understands the demands of SAHM until they do it. It's crazy and energy draining all day and night when the kids don't sleep.


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