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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday- beef you are annoying

Mean B_tch Monday is the one day of the week that you get to share one nasty post for the entire week, then you can go back to being the amazingly sweet blogger we all know you really are. <-Wink! Check out my archive for past posts.
Feel free to have your own Mean B_tch Monday too! Just make sure to link the image back to Free2bMommy. Please do not be inspired enough to do something similar to Mean B_tch Monday only naming it something else. Its insulting and bloggy robbery.

I was thinking all day today (Sunday) on a topic for Mean B_tch Monday and I just kept hitting blocks. What kept popping into my head was something I saw this morning on This Week. It was a clip that I missed from last week of the governor of Arizona - Brewer and her babblings. So I started to think that a post of my beefs would be fun!

Beef: What I think about the Arizona 1070 law is irrelevant for this post. My beef lies with Jan Brewer stating her opinion as fact. What decade are we in? If I could speak to is what I would say...

Hi Jan! You're a freaking idiot.

Beef: People who read my blog but don't follow. WTF is that all about? At least when you are a follower or subscriber, I know you are reading, otherwise it just feels like creepy lurking. Kind of like that feeling you get when you are changing and you just know there is someone in your closet watching and waiting to slice you up, only to open your closet with a kitchen knife and discover that there is no one there and you are just a moron? Yeah, it sort of feels like that.

Beef: Offering extra entries on your giveaways for "voting for you on top mommy blogs." I won't lie, I have done it a couple of times, and then felt super dirty for it. I understand your motivation, but it's sort of lame. Please don't take offense. Some of my favorite bloggers do this. It just seems like cyber mommy bribery.

Beef: multi-tweeters that post like 10 tweets in a row. WTF? First of all, how do you manage to type that fast, and secondly, why?

Beef: Lady staring at me as I open the container of fruit at the grocery store for my hungry tot. Look lady, I am sorry if you are bothered by me needing to keep my kid busy while I shop. Its either the fruit or a screaming kid. Its not like I am going to let him finish it and then place the empty container back on the shelf. I am planning on paying for it, so just keep walking with your fugly self.

Beef: DMV workers all over the nation, would it kill you to ever do a little more then just your job description? Would it kill you to offer up a smile and some information instead of just staring at me like I am an idiot? You are the one that works for the DMV, not me! I would like to work for the DMV, but apparently there is a lazy b_tch requirement that I am not quit sure I qualify for.

Beef: Barney. I hate that I have to endure that purple nuisance because my child thinks that he is the coolest thing since the invention of the paci! Ok, Barney, I will tolerate you for now, but make no mistake about it, I don't trust you and I am watching your bouncy goofy ass.

Until next Monday friends!


  1. Love it.
    You have such a good sense of humour. I love reading your blog it makes me feel that im not the only mum who is not perfect xx
    PS my Beef
    Other people telling me my son should be out of nappies by now. So hes 2 not 12 so relax and mind your own business.

  2. I was wondering how the people got like 300 votes on TMB...I mean shit it was just

    I'm a food opener too..I get the dirty looks. I almost opened milk the other day to fill her cup

  3. lmaaaao. oh my goodness girl, you crack me UP!

    i totally agree with you on all these points. esp having lurkers who refuse to make a simple click & follow your blog, so stupid to me.

    haha this definitely made my day! soo funny & true.

  4. I *heart* Mean B*tch Monday's!! =) OMG don't get me started on DMV and "other" types of workers! You are so right on!

    Another beef to add is the "unfollowing" on twitter! UGH if you didn't wanna follow me WHY the hell did you click follow in the first place?? You can clearly see on my page what I tweet and what I'm about!! UGH Thanks for lettin me get that out! haha

  5. Glad to hear it! I had a ball writing it last night! hahaha!! Sooooo great to hear such a great response! Thanks y'all! You made MY day!


  6. I would guess most of the top ones are due to giveaway voters. I have never signed up for that site actually. I looked at it yesterday as a matter of fact but couldn't figure out what the benefit of it was. LOL But I'm gonna vote for you because I can.

    And why doesn't the grocery lady just worry about her own life? Goodness!

  7. HAH HA! Those last three???? Yeah...I couldn't have said it better myself! LOL ALL those things bug the crap outta me!

  8. That was so funny, I love it!!

    I think I posted my nasty post late last night. Maybe it was after midnight so maybe it It wasn't really nasty, just frustrating.

    Anyway I nominated you to a blogger In3Dee for a bloggy interview. She should be emailing you in the next few weeks so be on the lookout for her email.

    I'm glad you got all that out. I think I need a post like that!


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