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Friday, July 16, 2010

300 followers- a Friday ADHD moment

Just because...

Pics from my camera that was lost for a week! These you might recognize from my Wild Texas Review Giveaway (STILL OPEN) I feel so incredibly goofy taking pics of myself (Don't you be rolling your eyes at me), but I was being a good sport. Still, I could not bring myself to post the smiling "posed" pics...I figured I would share the "not so good" moments of my "shoot" <--- yeah right!

You too could look this bitchin' in this Texas T! har har...BTW my hair is wet in the pic, not crunchy from too much mousse and hairspray. I'm not THAT kind of Latina.

Happy Friday Free2bmommies! Sooooo, I have been sort of MIA since my dad was in the hospital. To make a really long story short, he went in for a routine doctors visit and ended up in the hospital having surgery on his intestine. Yummy huh? No but in all seriousness, he was really sick. He is still in the hospital following the operation, and is to be released (fingers crossed) Sunday! Daddy has 8 lives left now.

I have been chugging along here in the 200 field of followers for a while now. I know more read and just don't follow (we have had this convo before), because I find myself in situations were, people cannot remember if I told them something or if they read it on my blog. Anyway, I have decided to do a giveaway a day starting on Tuesday (Monday = Mean B_tch Monday) if I reach 300 followers over the weekend. Cool stuff for readers, and a shameless way to catch up on reviews and giveaways that have been backing up. <---good problem to have right? Let me tell you! I have saved some pretty awesome prizes for last! I will be slowing down after this week of giveaways, because my Just Between Friends event will be rearing it's head in Sept. and trust me, my events are demanding. I love it though! I will still be sharing my random self absorbed drama, but without the review and giveaway hoopla. Okay since I know you may have already zoned out (losers!) I am going to end this misery.


  1. hahaha the crunchy hair comment made me laugh! i know sooooo many chicks who still do that.. so stereotypical! blah.

  2. Oh my goodness, cute cute CUTE!!! (Not the intenstine part, but I wish your dad the best on that too ;)).

  3. I'm your newest follower from the Blog Hops! Come visit me sometime at Starting Monday I will have a "Meet Me Monday" Blog Hop. Be sure to join in. Have a great weekend!


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