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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is anyone else freaked out by this? Big Brother?

You know the BlogFrog little widget that allows you to see your recent fellow blogfrog visitors on your blog? Yeah, it sort of freaks me out. Now how am I going to stalk you more then once a day without you knowing? Urgh! You should really think about that! Now, when I visit, I feel like I have to leave some sort of comment or else you might think "WTF! That little blogging b_tch, visited my blog and didnt even bother to participate!" Cant have that! If you notice that this happens, it is most likely because I was not so compelled to comment on anything that you shared, although I am more then sure I loved it! Maybe.


  1. Stalk me! Stalk me! Stalk me! I would love it! But I don't expect comments. I'm just happy someone came by. BTW, I do look for one certain stalker. I'd love to catch her.

  2. I've always been curious how that works but havent tried it yet.


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