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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Latina mommy troubles...

When I started this blog a few months ago, it was initially with the purpose to represent motherhood and what that meant in my life. The truth is that being a Mexican-American mommy is only a drop of what makes me....well me. My original thought for the name of the blog was "Brown Sugar Mommy," and I had hoped to shed light on Latino families and link with other Latina bloggers. This "blog project" was also to help me transition through a rough time between working full time and balancing a small business along with being a mommy and my new life as a WAHM and leaving my full time secure "safe" job. It has become an animal of its own and it makes me want to pour everything into it and make it the best I can. I changed my original name because I wanted for my blog to not only interest Latina mommies, not even just moms, but people. I was scared then that if I named it "Brown Sugar Momma" I would lose readers who might think that was "all the blog was about." I stand behind my choice of Free2bMommy, because it really encompasses who I am, but I sometimes wonder if I would have been better off with my first choice. Just thought I would share some honesty with you.

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