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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The mommy shark tank

With the end of my full time job nearing, I am reminded of the "mommy shark tank" and my complete lack of ability to swim in it. You know, the same moms that actually have time to take their kids to Gymboree and play groups on a regular basis. The moms who get to wake up in a good mood because they have not been up all night worrying about how they are going to complete that budget proposal in time to leave early enough and make it just in time to see their 8 year old take the lead in the school play! Whew! I am tired just typing it! These are the moms that actually get to casually drop off their older kids at school wearing work out clothes, and carrying their morning coffee mug, while pushing an expensive jogging stroller. Oh, you know the ones, and if you don''s most likely you.

In contrast, I am the type of mom who is always stressed. I forget permission slips, get confused as to when teacher conferences are, allow just enough time to get up and out the door, and thinks poptarts for breakfast are...not that bad.

When Monkey started school, I got the first glimpse of how much I was not going to be able to "swim." I started to dread birthday parties, school events, and any other activity that involved me having to be in the same room with these moms. My attempts to start conversations with these moms proved to be pointless, and would often lead to an awkward silence. I finally X'ed these activities all together and would make either my mom or my "everybody loves Juan" husband go in my place.

I actually created my blog name in light of these interactions. Free2bMommy. People often ask me where I came up with it. It represents to me all the moms who do not fit into a specific mold, and are not afraid to express creative differences, admit imperfections, and questionable style choices. haha!

Who are we if we are not ourselves? It sucks but its true. We are constantly trying to conform to the mommy norm in order to not feel so damn awkward in situations with other parents. Who cares? You may be thinking to yourself "well I don't ever do that." Think again. We are all guilty of it...even me.

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