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Friday, February 12, 2010

Frienemy? Really?

My eight year old Monkey was talking to me during one of our trips from meemaws to our home, and she mentioned that there was this one girl in her class that was "sometimes nice but sometimes mean." As I listened I became confused as to whether or not Monkey actually knows what a "real" friend is. I mentioned to her that I was confused because if this girl is sometimes her friend and sometimes not, why was she still considered a friend? She responded by saying, "well mommy we are more like frienemies." I can only imagine how I looked and was relieved that Monkey was in the back seat and could not see my stunned expression. Frienemies at 8 years old. Really??!!

So once I got on my "frienemies kick" I was curious to see if the term was actually defined somewhere online. Turns out it appears in sources such as Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary (ok so not the MOST reliable sources but a start.) The Urban Dictionary gave the most clear definition.

Seems pretty clear cut to me, and apparently I was under the impression that 8 year old's would have no reason to use the term. I guess I was wrong. I wonder who my frienemies are??

Here is what it said!

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