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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Screw the roses! Bring on the orchids!

My gift from my hubby and kiddos for an early Valentines surprise! Sorry so blurry...took it with my iphone (we all know how great those pics turn out)

On this Valentines weekend I could not help but see the large masses of red roses flying out of grocery stores, online sites, and street corners. I do not hide my disgust for red roses, especially when given on Valentines day. If you get red roses, you MUST be loved. Right? My view is simple. A rose is the most common, cliche, and ordinary flower you could ever find! There is nothing original about it. Why would you want to show your love how you feel for them by giving them such a mediocre flower? It makes no sense to me. The orchid on the other hand is timeless, classy, and delicate. So which would you prefer? Common, cliche, and ordinary? Timeless, classy, and delicate? Just a little something to taint your thoughts when you receive your flowers this year. You have to admit, that I present a very valid argurment. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

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