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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is it bitchy to...

It is 4pm in Houston Texas on a Friday. Anyone who has ever visited Houston knows how utterly helpless the traffic is on any given day much less a Friday. You honestly can not get out early enough to beat the traffic. So, today while on my way home from the Dr. I get stuck in the all to predictable slow traffic merging to enter another freeway. I am trying to remain calm and positive thinking that before I know it, I will be free moving. That is when I notice as I near the merge, that there are tons of cars that are bypassing the long line just to cut in last minute with hopes that some idiot "do gooder" will not see their evil plot for what it really is! How crappy is that? What makes these individuals think that their arrival to wherever they are going, is any more important then the next person? When did we stop being embarrassed by laziness and lack of courtesy? I have to say that I did not let anyone cut me off. I really did not care if they were able to get somebody ahead of me to let them in, I was making a point damnit! I even gestured a couple of times for them to "get to the end of the line." My only hope is that the next time they try to pull a stunt like that, they will think twice and actually be embarrassed to cut people. Who am I kidding?

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