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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How a bad boss can equal good management skills

When you are managed by a "bad boss" you are often inclined to notice the areas where they could improve or how "you would do it." I think that this is a very healthy way of learning. How? Let's use the case of "Anna." Anna works for a female boss who is both condescending and demanding of respect, yet never takes the time to get to know Anna in order to earn that Respect. Think of the last person you respected that treated you like dirt?

One key element to management is the ability to not assign anything to your staff that you yourself would not be willing to do. How many in management actually do this? It is often masked behind what they perceive to be "delegation." Anna, being in the early stages of her career learns first hand what works and what does not work in dealing with staff from simple observation.

Some of the best bosses I personally ever had, were bosses who had at one point or another had done my exact job. Is it a coincidence that these bosses were just natural leaders? Maybe. Most likely their skills were fostered by observation as the "Anna" early in their career.

FINAL NOTE: Something to think about when you want to strangle your boss with her fancy scarf...use it as a learning experience and take note. In the future, you may actually be thanking her.

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