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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Don't hate me cause you aint me!

Why does everyone all of a sudden think that they have what it takes to be an "edgy" "anti-mommy blog" blogger?! <---I just made that up. har har!

You just cant say your usual crap and throw a cuss word in here and there to be a "bad girl" Dig it?

Here are my rules and/or suggestions to doing it the right way. Pay attention freaks!

1. You should NEVER apologize or act on post remorse! It is what it with it!

2. Learn to use the profanity with grace and street cred suckas! TAKE SOME TIPS FROM CB! You know how some things just sound hilarious coming out of some peoples mouth? Blogging is sort of like that too.

3. Take what your fellow "blog frenemies" say with a grain of BS salt. I hear your sarcasm calling...and I love it!

4. Who gives a shit about making sense?! Do I care that your eye brows are all crunched up and my posts sometimes leave you scratching your head? Nope.

5. I blog for me, selfish as it might sound, and have always said that if people enjoy reading and interacting with me in the bloggy world then that's a bonus...if they don't like reading and do not heart me then they can suck it. A tootsie roll tootsie pop that is...and let me know how many licks it really does take.

This moment of random honesty was brought to you by Dee @ Free2bMommy

YES, YES, YES....I know, I'm sooooo inappropriate! You know you love it! I sure as hell do.


  1. LMAO love it =)

    And I'll take some sunshine over what seems to be close to snow any

  2. I had to come back cause now I have this song in my head

  3. NICE! I think as a blogger you gotta have SUBSTANCE, whether it makes sense or not! You got it all girl! Thats what makes me come back for more! ;P

  4. Lub yall! You all get me revved up to blog it up! My family gives me pretty good material too!


  5. HAHAHA!! LOVE IT!!! I forgot about that soooon and I LOVE TI!!!! Yummy!!!

    Hey I aint trippin cuz the truth is really,
    you dont know me
    Yeah you know they call me T.I.
    but you dont know me
    You be hatin an i see why
    cause you dont know me

    So gangsta! hahahahaha!!! I love that word!!!

  6. Yeah...I rode the short bus...sorry CB!! I put CM!! What a loser!!!


  7. I fucking love you bitch!

    I did a post about wanna be bitches a couple months ago! Do you know there are currently FIVE
    "Another Crazy Brunette' s???

    What. The. Fuck.


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