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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Friday ADHD might be wondering...

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You may be wondering or criticizing how I can post about homeschool and my kids in one post, then turn around and post "Mean B_tch Monday" in the next. Well the answer is is possible to love your children unconditionally and be willing to sacrifice everything for them, all while remaining a person with a personality and attitude all of your own.

That's a nutshell. Not really, but it sounded cool.

My kids don't read my blog, and that is the point. Its my time to really be me, and damn it, I LOVE ME! All my thoughts and opinions are not always rated G? See where I'm going here?

Bean seriously hit me in the eye with scissors and he put his chewed gum under the lamp shade! Time out time....wait, how does that work again?

The man at the homeschool store looks really scary and mean, but he is soooo incredibly nice and helpful. The store still creeps me out though, its really small and books are up to the ceiling! Dee needs her personal space...wait, why am I talking about myself in the third person?

I ate 1 slice of margarita pizza and my breath smelled for the rest of the day...there were actual chunks of garlic in it! Tasted good at the time...

Whatever you do this weekend, just remember to be safe, and if you cant seem to be safe for yourself, do it for all the other people out there, who like to play it safe.


  1. I want to go to the chool store so bad, I'll get there 1 Sucks for the lamp shade and gum though

  2. stopping by to say hey! I added your button on my blog too!
    I am finding that my blog is more about me now...its my for my time!

    Crap how I love garlic but damn it stays with you for days!

  3. Wait, what?? Margarita pizza???? =)

  4. It is yummy! Pizza with tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella, and olive oil.


  5. Its also spelled Margherita pizza.

  6. I have a question for you chica!

    How many times a day does your hubs tell you to "focus?"
    Why can't mine let me have my moments-lol

  7. hahahaha!!! Never really, but he does say "babe...really? hahahaha!!!

  8. Hey D-bo Just cause it's Labor Day dont be thinkin you have the day off..waitin on my mean bitch of these days you should guest it on my page...maybe even today hint

  9. FOR SURE going to have to make that pizza!

    Oh and I'm with crisc23, we need MBM!! heehee


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