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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday 6 - FMK

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If you dont understand what is going on shouldnt be reading!! hahahaha!! Click Sat. 6 for the 411.

1. F-Dane Cook, M-George, K-Fred Durst. <---and no one would even notice he was gone!
2. F-Megan Fox, M-Jessica Simpson, K-Angelina. <---no apologies
3. F-Charlie Hunnam, M-Alexander Skarsgard, K-Kyle Busch.
4. F-Scarlet, Jennifer Love-Jo, K- Anna. <---not cute
5. F-Nicki, <---she just seemed the skank of the 3! M-Selma, K-Gwen <----overrated.
6. F- T.I. <---cant talk about it! Whooo! M-Dax, K-Marilyn Manson <--dont think he would care!


  1. Lmao @ Manson not caring!! Dope answers!

  2. You're funny! I think Scarlet's the only one I could manage...


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