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Monday, September 13, 2010

I will be back soon! I promise!

I will be back soon! I am still suffering from a sinus headache, that I swear turned into a migraine 3 days ago! This is day 5 and I plan on seeing an ear, nose, and throat doc, ASAP.

Just had to share something that I shared on my fb with family and friends!

Nissan messed up when they failed to knock on my door and get the real "devil in disguise" to star in this video! The hubs and I crack up laughing everytime we see this commercial!! We are both thinking the same thing!! BEAN!!


  1. I shit you not bitch... I have been sick for like a week in a half!!!! Bullshit!

  2. Oh, poor you! Migraines are miserable. You need yourself some good painkillers - and a vacation!


  3. take care. take your meds. I had bronchitis for 3 weeks and an still up coughing and can;t get over being tired!

  4. It's lonely w/out you =(

    LMFAO at the video though I can def relate Hev to that lil gremlin

  5. Hey yall!!! Wow!Thanks for all the kind words!! I visited the ear, nose, and throat doc, and he referred me to a neurologist! One cool thing is that I got to see down my nose...waaaaay down my nose!! hahaha!!



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