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Friday, January 29, 2010


In a recent article I was reading in Women's Health Magazine, I can across their list of the 10 best and worst cities for Women. Check it out and see where your bitty city ranked.

1.) San Jose, CA
San Jose was chosen based on facts such as them having the second-lowest depression rate in the nation and the the average woman living in San Jose working out at least TWICE a week! Workouts equal endorphins that help relieve depression.

2.) Madison, WI
3.) Seattle, WA
4.) Aurora, CO
5.) Minneapolis, MN
6.) Fargo, ND
7.) San Francisco, CA
8.) Lincoln, NE
9.) Salt Lake City, UT
10.) Colorado Springs, CO

Worst (hey not according to me)
1.) New Orleans, LA
2.) Baltimore, MD
3.) Jacksonville, FL
4.) Oklahoma City, OK
5.) Toledo, OH
6.) St. Louis, MO
7.) Detroit, MI
8.) Memphis, MI
9.) Birmingham, AL
10.) Philadelphia, PA

Check out Women's Health Magazine for more details and how they came up with their list.

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