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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Follow Back Mafia!!!!

Hey y'all!

I was inspired to create a Follow Back Mafia list on Twitter. Jealous? Want to know how to get in on the action? Help me to get it off the ground fellow Twitter blogistas and friends!

How? Click HERE and "follow the list," you will then be officially initiated into the Follow Back Mafia, and you will be connnected to tons of peeps who "follow back."

Others have used and been really successful creating a follow back list, help make Follow Back Mafia a success too!

Thanks Ciaobella50 for the inspiration! Follow her "follow back list for even more twitter friends!"


  1. Hey!! Following you from Social Parade!! I hope you decide to stop by my blog and do the same!! :)

  2. following you back here. Thanks for the visit.


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