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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I might just slap a bleeeeeep! Dont be mad at me! JMO!

A little late, but you know I had to share my two cents!

I will let you be the judge on this one. My cousin (HPD) officer and I were having a heartfelt discussion this past weekend on the issue regarding the video below. Of course in true police fashion (I love you Angela) she was totally open on her opinion of not having a problem with the punch. Her reasoning was that if she was resisting arrest, and or attacking the officer, he has the right to defend himself in a situation where he felt threatened.

Fair enough...I would have to agree on this particular one, I mean, come on! How ghetto do you have to be, to get gangsta on a cop when he tries to issue a citation for jay walking?! Seriously? To me the lady was acting wild and uncontrollable, and I did indeed see the need for them to be subdued in one way or another. Sucks that is had to be the friend who was punched, but she should have listend to her man, and stayed out of it.

There I said it, sorry but it's the way I feel. My feelings are not for any racial reasons...before you go reasons are based on the fact that if it were my husband or father and he was being attacked in such a way, I would have wanted him to take control of the situation. He was losing grounds and control of the situation, as you can clearly see as more and more people start coming up to "get involved." Was a punch necessary, I don't know, but it appeared nothing else was working. She still kept mouthing off until the very end.

If you act like an idiot, you should be treated like one JMO.

One more thing...yes dude, he was freaking serious! hahaha!!

What do you think? Maybe I will be lucky enough to get my cousin to chime in.

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  1. I have to agree with you on this one. I know I'd want my husband to defend himself if he felt threatened.

  2. wow! I am so appalled by her behavior.

  3. I think he should have used more force. Look how long it took him to subdue that woman....he obviously was restraining himself. As far as the punch...whatever...the lady deserved it. In fact, they both did.

  4. im surprised he didnt throw another punch. maybe because of all the ridiculous cell phone cameras?
    i kept hearing about that video but had yet to see it.. thanks for posting.

  5. I am glad I am not alone on this one, I was having a bit of "posting remorse" and thought of tayloring it a bit, but its my honest opinion and I am glad I decided to share.


  6. I agree I watched this last week and felt the same

  7. I had just seen clips of this til now. Wow! I don't know if he should have punched her but she was definitely out of control! Ridiculous that it had to go that far (on her part). I wasn't sure what to think at first but pointing out the obvious he was surrounded by people that were making it a lot worse. Craziness!

  8. My initial thought was does he need to go back to school to figure out what to do until he punch her lol then that thought was gone.

  9. @Jennifer- I was the same when I first saw the video. Our first reaction is to assume the police are abusing their power, but once I thought about it, I was on the fence. Again,not sure if he should have punched her, but I understand why. If that makes sense.

  10. Dee, I agree! She did deserve it but still . . not sure what was really right in that situation. haha it's still kind of funny.

  11. Well, I'm black and I also agree with you. Not that it should matter, but I know a lot of people who were upset just because she was black and he was white. I think the punch was a little much too, but when I think of the alternative, like her getting to his gun or him pulling his gun and I think a punch was the lesser of the two. Don't resist arrest and keep your hands off the police.

  12. @ Mita- That really is the bottom line right? Just dont resist arrest! Seems simple enough, guess not to everyone.


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