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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sponge Bob goes cross cultural! Ha! too

So, who doesnt like Sponge Bob right? Okay, don't answer that.

I love him when I have the tolerance for his annoying voice!
I personally love Patrick the most!

Picture Source: Animation Central

Anyway, P-Bear and I have this joke about all things American translated into Spanish, and how freaking hilarious the translation ends up sounding! My mother and father in law only speak Spanish, and one day while visiting we overheard the theme song for Spongebob, and saw Monkey glued to the TV. She was watching the show in Spanish and it even translated the song!! Hilarious! Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself below! haha!

¿Estan listos chicos?
¡si capitan, estamos listos!
¡No los escucho!
¡Si capitán, estamos listos!
Vive en una piña debajo del mar
Bob Esponja
su cuerpo absorbe y sin estallar
Bob Esponja
el mejor amigo que podrías desear
Bob Esponja
y como aun pez le es fácil flotar
Bob Esponja
Bob Esponja
Bob Esponja
Bob Esponja
Bob Esponja!


  1. LOL when Hev watches Dora she says "mom-in-os" for "Vámonos"

  2. LOL I love it!! How you doin, girl? Sorry I haven't been around...was in the hospital a few days and will be having surgery next month (those lovely female issues)! Thanks for stopping by my blog to check on me! :)

  3. HAHA!!! The Captain's voice is sooooo funny!!

  4. I left you 2 awards on my blog =)

  5. hi. I'm not a mom, I'm an aunt, which i guess is like a mom in training, but your heading to your blog is just so flipping funny I couldn't help but to be interested so I had to pop in and see what you had to say. You're pretty dang funny!
    Thanks for sharing your fun and cute stories :)

    Have a fantastic day :)

  6. Oh yea...

    Those spanish translations drive me nuts especially when you watch action movies.It makes every single character sound SO fruitacious even in their most serious scenes....

    It just makes them look so oddly strange :/

  7. @ LisaC I am soooooo incredibly glad to have you comment! It is great to know that my blog is more then just "mommy related" humor! Luv it!

    @Momarchy_Speaks- yes it is hilarious, I dont understand why they get the corniest voices to do the voice overs!


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