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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Because im a post w_ore!

Things in my house have been interesting lately to say the least. We are doing major rearranging and getting rid of tons of stuff we just don't have room for anymore. An extra kid will do that to ya. Monkey is hell on wheels. She talks back, yells, slams doors, and is sneaky. Sometimes while talking to her, I wonder if she understands what I am saying at all! This is the behavior from a child with major panic attach disorder and is medicated to control attacks. I feel like I have traded out one evil for another. I find myself telling her things like "will you shut up already?!" and "Do you freaking understand what the f_ck I am saying??!!" I know that I should not cuss while talking to her, but sometimes I feel that is the only way she knows I am serious. The hubby and I will tell her nicely many times, then once we are at the end of our rope, we resort to harsher language although never directed at her, just within the convo.

What are your parenting styles? What is your discipline style for your children around this age?


Well we have to be doing a better job at parenting than these fools! These parents are harsh! I really wanted to reach in the screen and choke these people!!

Toddlers are geniuses! I have decided to take advise from them.

This video explains what I will say next time I get nasty emails from "readers!"

This one is just freaking hilarious! One of my favorite youtube videos of all time!! Smart freaking kid! Thats right little girl, preemptive strike!

...and lastly, how I feel right now about my family! hahaha!!


  1. OMG that first video broke my heart. How could parent be so evil?!

  2. Newest follower!

  3. I drop the F bomb when I'm mad too. If I sit down w/ JJ and tell him why he shouldn't be doing it, 10 mins later he's doin it again. If I curse then he knows I'm not messin around. As for Heaven I'm at a loss. My husband said yesterday he don't know what to do w/

  4. OMG that first video was just horrible. The rest made me giggle, though.

    I too end up raising my voice and using harsh words with my son (he's 5), usually its after about 10 time-outs and a swat or two. We've taken away toys, taken away TV and game time, etc. but the thing that works the best is time-out....but it doesn't last long. Good luck figuring out what works best for Monkey.

  5. OMG, the first one really broke my heart. I was hoping they'd end up bringing out the real gift.

  6. That first one was awful!! Really? That was soo mean!! Those others crack me up!

  7. I'd like to pass this award on to you...

    Check it out here!

    Sunshine Award

  8. Seriously, that first video made me so sad I couldn't even finish it! I want to go buy that poor kid an xbox 360 just to make up for that horrible trick. Not even funny.


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