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Thursday, June 3, 2010

We were tree huggin for a whole weekend!

Here are some pics that I finally downloaded from our trip to Glen Rose Texas for a fossil dig and a visit to the Dinosaur Valley State Park! Whoooo hooooo!

I am totally outdoorsey! No not really, but Monkey is our future paleontologist.

Seriously, she loves dinosaurs more then barbies, polly pocket, and other kids. HA!
Kinda sucks when you're the one taking the pictures!
P-Bear looks particularly gangsta! (not his usual haircut)

I even included a bonus feature video at the end!! whoooo hoooo! High techin it now!

I can't even talk about the population!

@ the hotel! okay so we skipped the camping part!

Dinosaur Train!!! No? Okay.

The park natives. Har har har....snort!

Dino Track

Hmmmm....maybe Iguanadon?

Too cute for words. Big boy and lil boy!


The Brazos River? I think...

How in the h-e-double hockey sticks, did Bean get up there?!

More tracks in the river bed

P-Bear and Bean getting the full experience!

@ the fossil dig

Getting down and dirty at the dig

Don't ya just luuuuv Beans Trucker Hat? Soooo Classssssy!

Crack kills Monkey! Guess no one told her.

P-Bear being manly and trying to break a fossil free from the sediment.

The freaking real deal Monkey found herself! Cool huh? I told you!

Don't be afraid P-Bear!

Prepping to feed the giraffe! P-Bear has all those pics on his camera!

Will post later! I know you are dying to see them!

The ones where the giraffe put its head in the sun roof!!
What Monkey looked like at the end of the dig...

and what Bean looked like at the end of the dig.
Press PLAY!!!


  1. Great post, it looks like y'all had fun!!

  2. Looks like fun! I need a vaca BAD! =)

  3. and I thought for a minute you were sleepin in the Looks like fun!

  4. fun fun! I remember when my two boys were very much into dinosaurs, I painted one on the bedroom wall!

  5. It was a lot of fun! More then I expected. More educational then vacation like, so momma is still waiting on that vacation on the beach! haha!


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