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Friday, June 11, 2010

I love Friday!

I work up this morning after a night of not really being able to sleep. I am afraid that I had a day when I let others influence how I feel. I had a moment of weakness and am all better now.

I really do love blogging and sharing, but I know that not everyone is going to agree with or even like the way that I write. That is okay, and that is the shear beauty of the blog world, and one that I respect and love.

Hey, we all have moments of seriousness and "not so nice" moments, "unlady like" some might say, but venting and blogging about them helps me to feel sooooo much better and prevent me from carrying over frustrations into "real life."

I appreciate all of the readers/followers of this blog and I love following back and reading all of your awesome stuff!

Have a kick ass weekend and do not let anyone make you feel any less then what you truly are.


  1. you said it sista! shrug it off, we love ya!!

  2. I feel you. Sometimes I read my own blog posts and I say to myself, "Damn woman. You come off REALLY negative," because it's always my first instinct to use my blogging, as you said, as a way to "vent". Totally. By the way, the mom's that have the way too smiley, happy, "no one ever gets me down" blogs, are the ones who beat their kids and cheat on their husbands. Just sayin'.

    But, truth is, it makes us feel better, allows us to be more balanced for our children, and other mom's (unless their weird) generally like to see that someone else has dark, insecure, unsure moments too. You seem like such a fun, upbeat, smiley mom from your posts and the videos I've seen, don't let anyone get you down!

  3. @mom vs boys - thanks! I usually do shrug it off, but sometimes...your blood just boils! haha!

    @Mrs. Beer- Thanks for your words. I started to feel really bad and a little embarassed for letting something so dumb as a random email get the best of me. You really made my evening with your comment. Thanks and have an awesome weekend!


  4. So...I'm totally in love with your blog! I have no idea how I stumbled over here, but I am officially a new follower! And I love your tagline--that is me in a nutshell!

    I could write a ton more b/c we pretty much have a ton in common but I'll stop here!

    I can't wait to keep reading!

  5. I hope you have a kick ass weekend!

  6. Your blog is AWESOME! Keep up the great work!

  7. Thanks yall! Today has been a trying one, and I just felt soooooo much more positive after reading your comments!


  8. I just wanted to let you know that i left you a special award on my blog!

    Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas


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