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Monday, June 21, 2010

Time for random ramblings!

We had french fries and pizza for dinner tonight! Sooooo healthy and super classy! Oh well, momma just needed a break from the kitchen. Well actually they were oven fries and pizza, but you get the point.

Bean had waaaaay too much tot juice today. Have you ever been so incredibly busy, that you agree to juice boxes every time your toddler brings one to you? Crickets?? Okay, Okay maybe I am the only one.

Please make sure to enter my baby dipper giveaway! Please don't let me look like a weirdo to Baby Dipper by not having many entries! <---insert tears and snot inducing sobs here!

For my 80's mommas! Some of my favorite 80's song/videos! Enjoy!! Share some of your favorites too!


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