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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I meant to say is...yay for dorky mom stuff!

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What I said: I love play dates!
What I meant: I would rather sort my shoes.

What I said: Monkey, please clean your room.
What I meant: If you dont clean your room, I am going to pack up your stuff and place it on the corner.

What I said: Oh you want a bandaid too Bean?
What I mean: Crap, wasting bandaids again on "fake" booboos!!

What I said: Monkey please sit right.
What I meant: Please stop showing the goods for all the world to see!

What I said: I like you and really enjoy reading your blog
What I meant: I think your blog rocks and I actually think its worth my time to read it.


  1. I don't do the play date thing that often

  2. lmbo ok the stop showing goodies makes me ever so grateful I have boys lol. My biggest issue is PULL up your dang pants..I don't wanna see your boxers..

  3. haha playdates can be alright sometimes but id rather clean my toilets than have one at my house bahahaha

  4. Ahh yes..bandaids for the phantom ouchies...I know all about that!

  5. I agree with all of those! Sometimes playdates aren't as much fun as i build them up to be! I think the time away from home excites me too much! haha

  6. Ha!
    Funny. I like the goods one. I find myself saying some of the same things. *sigh*
    Thanks for joining!

  7. Loved these!! I remember asking my mom for bandaids for boo boos that didn't exist! :P

    Hope you find time to sort your shoes and thanks for playing! :)


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