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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The long post about nothing

I have to admit lately I have been coming up sort of blank when thinking of posting topics, it could also be the severe allergies screwing with my mental creative juices. Who knows, but I figured the best way to get out of the rut, is to just start typing and see what comes to me.

Today was my moms birthday, I will not tell you how old though...she reads this. I made total Tex-Mex enchiladas, beans and rice. How predictable right? Anyway, my sister and I went and bought all the ingredients this afternoon and we even bought her a cake and ice cream! Big Spenders! Not really, daddy paid, but it was the thought and effort that counted right? Hey, I was rolling what felt like a thousand corn tortillas with just the right amount of cheese in them for what felt like forever!

No, I am not going to post a picture of what I made, because in case you have not freaking noticed, this is not that type of blog. Not that I have any issues with those "recipe" and "what's for dinner" blogs, but they are just not MY style. I do read them from time to time and they always do the same thing to me...make me freaking hungry.

Anyway, while at the grocery store this little old lady almost ran me over with her cart. People always think that old people are all sweet and gentle, but they are not! She gave me the ugliest look and sort of made a face like she wanted to tell me to take my Mexican butt back to the other side of the border and take my cheap enchilada sauce with me. Old biddy b_tch.

Why are old people grouchy anyway? What is there to be mad about? Sure their skin is loose and saggy and people like me poke fun at them from time to time, but what really do old people have to complain about? They are alive arnt they? Geeze! How ungrateful! haha! snort!

Blog ADD party for one! Huh? Oh yeah!

Back to the subject, we as a family were able to celebrate one more year of my mothers life, and I could not be more thankful. Sure she sometimes makes me want to scream and commit homicide, but I love her and I can only imagine what she must feel like when the date of her own mothers birthday comes and goes without the chance to celebrate with her.

I have tons of problems and issues that plague me daily, but I often have to remind myself that they only scratch the surface in terms of how bad things could really be. It is days like today that remind me of what this wicked thing we call life is really all about, and that my fellow bloggers, is that life is about enjoying it and living it.

Consider yourself enlightened.


  1. i'm enlightened !!!
    happy bday for you mom. it's lucky to have mom always on your side.

    3 weeks ago was my mom's birthday, but i even could't hug her or cook for her. we are separated miles away. I just phoned her saying happy birthday, how cruel i was !!

    btw thank you for visiting me
    i'm following you back

  2. I am sure that the call was still awesome for her! Moms love to know we are thinking about them always...even when our lives are ridiculously busy.


  3. just given you the sunshine award at my page ... because you add a bit of sunshine to my day!!! thanks for being you!!!


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