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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lady Gaga makes me want to do not so nice things!

I know that I am getting up there when it has taken me so incredibly long to see the most recent POS that GAGA has put out there, but I just saw the video for Alejandro...

Ummm...WTF? Call it what you want, but I am often super open about freedom of expression and to each their own bla...bla...bla, but I have to tell you I am not a fan of this video. I actually have to be honest and say that I have never really been a fan, and I honestly feel like she is just a knockoff Madonna wannabe, that does anything for some sort of "wow" factor.

Spare me the "its a free country" and "but it's art" crap too. My issue is with the fact that there are certain things that artists are not able to mock, yet Gaga gets to p_ss on christianity in her videos without any backlash? Pop culture as a whole has taken a turn for the worst, and freaking lame.

I can honestly say that a couple of times while watching the video, my face actually crunched up and I threw up in my mouth a little. Personally, I understand and see the value in artist and their individual style of expression, however I was actually grossed out while watching her shimmy in her nude panties and bra on her beyond pasty white glue skin(sorry super white folks) but she just looked dirty to me.

I feel a little dirtier and dummer<---see what I mean, having watched this video. Thank you Lady CACA.


  1. I have to say I love her music. I own both of her cd's. Her videos have never made much sense to me and this one if particularly disturbing.

  2. She's Heavens My husband says shes really a man =)

  3. She thinks she's being original, gimme a break!

    She's a cross between Madonna, Boy George, Grace Jones! and they ALL called and want their wardrobe back!!!


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  5. Uh......Yea...Prettttty disturbing

    But why lie wasted at a club with the husband, you'll find both of us dancing to her music.

    Sober though it gets overplayed real quick. The videos are poorly choreographed since I remembered those same moves from the last video & it's dragged out to the point which you kinda gotta refocus in order to finish watching her video.

  6. I will not lie either, I have totally danced drunk to her music too!!! haha!! I was looking at her older videos and I really thought they were pretty entertaining, but this one...

    @Sailors wife- I agree! I feel like everyone calls her so orginal, but she really is just a remix of tons of things we have all seen before.


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